Wednesday, March 21, 7-8:30 PM – Caring for our Common Home, Chapter 4, Integral Ecology and Seasonal Affective Order @ Crown Point Ecology Center, 3220 Ira Road Bath, OH 44210


Integral Ecology and Seasonal Affective Order

In chapter 4 of LAUDATO SI’, Pope Francis uses the term,
integral ecology, to express the idea that all that lives lives in mutually beneficial wholeness. In indigenous wisdom – All Our Relatives - expresses this same reality.

Integral ecology / All Our Relatives is not armchair learning.

Collective care of soul in relation to Earth implies right relationship with the seasonal order of the cycle of the year. Indigenous wisdom includes seasonal rites that connect us to how it feels to live into the season that is approaching while at the same time, honoring and letting go of the season that has passed. We are at time of a rite of spring.

Come to this session on seasonal ceremony. We will explore how
a personal connection to the sacredness of Earth and soul
relate to integral ecology and a rite of spring. You are invited to enact a simple rite of spring.