The Magnification: Her Robe is Spread, Chapter 3



cosmic backgroundThis map shows the oldest light in our universe, as detected with the greatest precision yet by the Planck mission. The ancient light, called the cosmic microwave background, was imprinted on the sky when the universe was 370,000 years old. It shows tiny temperature fluctuations that correspond to regions of slightly different densities, representing the seeds of all future structure: the stars and galaxies of today.


Everything I am writing in this essay is contained in the Youtube clip below. It features R. Brent Tully’s rendering of our current stellar map and my song, The Highway Home. We are all invited into a re-newed Spirit of Adventure into the Mystery of Life in a way that requires us to recollect that we have hearts and souls made for a cosmic, trillion year mythic and literal odyssey. Be sure to notice where his images begin, into and through Orion – the same entry-point as Starry Messenger.


The Highway Home
music and lyrics F. Christopher Reynolds, c. 2010
video by R Brent Tully

Follow the path past the trees
Climb the wire fence that leads
Down the hill and through the grass,
A plywood cross in your childhood hands.

See your painted words that tell
Of your best friend in the Otherworld
Watch the colored ribbons fly
In the rush of traffic passing by.

Highway, Highway, O
Highway, Highway Home

Roll on past the exit ramp
And the road signs selling gas.
Ease your foot up from the pace
And go more slowly as you pass.

Two feet back off the berm
As you come out of the turn,
O’er the diamonds of shattered glass
Falls the shadow of Remembrance.

Highway, Highway, O
Highway, Highway Home

The red sunlight is on the bridge,
The sweetness of this evening’s edge,
The fireflies rise in the fields.
These roads are strung with tolling bells.

They ring for Love that was lost.
They ring for Those we treasure most.
They ring for Those we hope to see.
My friend, these Bells toll for thee.

Highway, Highway, O
Highway, Highway Home


The Age of Magnification began on March 13, 1610, in Venice.

It was on that day that Galileo’s Sidereus NunciasStarry Messenger was published. Attention was paid to the rough lunar surface, and the moons (Medician Stars) of Jupiter, his book also contained drawings of a newly dawned reality that we are still laboring to bring into daylight. The 2 images above show Ptolemy’s constellations of Orion and the Pleiades along with previously unknown stars that had been invisible to the naked eye before the telescope.


The stars that are traced with outlines are the ones you can see without a telescope, the rest are stars that are behind and within the field of vision in and around Orion and the Pleiades. From 1610 onward:

The mythology of magnification, including the poetics and metaphors of magnifying, became the burden of Western culture. To magnify means to see through the apparent to the depths within, beneath and beyond, to amplify, to understand more deeply, to celebrate and acknowledge what was, is, and is coming to be, to awaken together in the dream. The West now requires a participatory archetypal psychology, cosmology and ecology that invite us to co-create and deepen the foundations of the real.

For us, the real is a bi-polar rotating planet wrapped in an atmosphere that is orbiting a bi-polar sun. Our sun is a star at the center of a solar-system in inside one of the arms of a bi-polar galaxy. Our guiding star is in a 226 million year orbit around a galactic center, the heart of which is a supermassive bi-polar black hole. Our galaxy is a conglomerate of a larger galaxy that is currently incorporating 2 dwarf galaxies. In our reality, we are in a galaxy with many Earth-like exoplanets that is in motion with millions of other galaxies, in a cosmos of 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies.

Ours is a chronically expanding quantum cosmos so vast that all descriptions of it fail to encompass its Mystery.

Archetypal psychology already exists and archetypal cosmology came forth with Richard Tarnas’ book, Cosmos and Psyche, in 2006. Archetypal ecology is coming forth. So far as I know, Becca Segall Tarnas was first to publish and use the term in 2015. However, the concepts of a sacred Earth weave through the work of Rupert Sheldrake in the morphogenic field and in the work of transpersonal psychology, in particular, through Chris Bache, in his work with the collective consciousness of the species mind. I consider this writing to be a foundational text for an archetypal ecology. All 4 of these archetypal ways of knowing endure and can be found in indigenous wisdom and cultures.

The 1610 spreading of the nature/garment of reality – the reality of our nature – was foreshadowed in its wholeness by Pico de Mirandola’s, Oration on the Dignity of Man, in 1486.


The transforming Expander/expanding Transformer of the cosmos, the Evolver, if you will, Pico announced that to our First Man, Creator said:

…you may have and possess, according to your desire and judgement, whatever place, whatever form, and whatever function you desire.

Galileo’s star images are sketches of the revelatory solid transparency that has mirrored psychic reality of the West ever since. By psychic, I mean the world view in the Western tradition, described earlier, where the delight of soul is our reason for being. As expressions of the reality of psyche, since 1610, when we truly take in the awe and beauty of the starry nighttime sky, we are looking at permutations of:

The is that is, that was,
and the never-was-nor-will-be-again, all coming to be.

What I mean by revelatory solid transparency is that we are invited to participate in the revealing.

The essence of the participatory world view is reflected back to us by our image of the night sky. We are reminded about the need for Seeing through by the new models of Orion and Pleiades. We are ever reminded of the heart of the depth psychology, knowledge of archetypal psychology, cosmology and ecology that mature humanity requires. We are looking at a structure that reflects how it could be that- consciousness rests upon a self-sustaining and imagining substrate.

Our nighttime sky has literally been, is, and will be showing us the past/present/future — simultaneously. Our ‘Eternal now’, collective unconscious, Akashic, cosmic ground of Memory, Cosmic Sky, has an evolutionary arc. Galileo’s killing move made it impossible from 1610 onward for Europeans and European colonists to be intellectually honest and assert the Judeo-Christian Mythology as literally true and superior to all others.



After the publication of Starry Messenger, there has been a psychological requirement for the mature human being to be able to see through the most cherished cultural beliefs and stories as particular inflections of the archetypes that all humanity shares. They may at times be theophanic – displays of divinity. However, Western adults are now required to be cognizant of Hillman’s reminder to us of how archetypes have emotional possessive effect and bedazzle consciousness. When we are mindful how consciousness can become blind to its own stance, we are up to the task of accepting our most preciously held cultural narratives are symbolic myths to live by. Like all naked-eye starry constellations of humanity, those of the West are also the forms of all human culture. Cultural equilibrium rests upon endless expansive depth shared by all.

The journey from beneath the 6000 stars of Ptolemy’s non-changing firmament into the participatory cosmos of 2 trillion galaxies has been described in varying ways. Notably, there was no actual vault of fixed stars above which dwelt the Heavenly Hosts and Trinity, no pillars holding up the sky for the angry God to shake. The apostle Paul’s Third Heaven was not up there. There were ‘innumerable stars’. When Galileo published his findings they did not include observations of a Throne, nor angels through his telescope. In a private letter, he wrote (Graney, 2015) of the notion of the firmament:

I do not believe that the stars are spread over a spherical surface at
equal distances from the center; I suppose their distances from us vary
so much that some are 2 or 3 times as remote as others.

Here is a map of the actual location of the stars of our Big Dipper constellation that bears out Galileo’s understanding:


By direct observation of the material heavens, the West was de-sacralized, disenchanted. By de-sacralized and disenchanted, I mean that for the West, all the meaning, meaningfulness unto divinity was drained out of the universe. It is possible to unfold the theme to its despairing end-point where all that once was sacred is dead and we are futile creatures in a meaningless and mechanical cosmos. In this line of reasoning, the sketches above mark a primal crime scene and the crime of the West is theocide — God-murder.



Of course, there have been and there are many reactionary ways in which the religious view of the West was re-asserted with the insistence that the Big Guy Upstairs is not deceased, Bible verses are facts and science is suspect. However, as I stated in the introduction, it is through soul that we re-link to eternity — seeing through is required since 1610 to insure soul’s priority:

Hillman described the seeing through of our religious literalism into numinous myths as a primary the activity of soul:

“…(In religion), Gods are believed in and approached with religious methods. In archetypal psychology Gods are imagined. They are approached through psychological methods of personifying, pathologizing, and psychologizing. They are formulated ambiguously, as metaphors for modes of experience and as numinous borderline persons. They are cosmic perspectives in which the soul participates. They are the lords of its realms of being, the patterns for its mimesis. The soul cannot be, except in one of their patterns. All psychic reality is governed by one or another archetypal fantasy, given sanction by a God. I cannot but be in them…Psychologically, the Gods are never dead; and archetypal psychology’s concern is not the revival of religion, but with the survival of soul.”
[Re-Visioning Psychology, pp. 169-170]


It’s crucial to understand that when Hillman wrote that the Gods are imagined in archetypal psychology, he did not mean imagining in the sense of make-believe in something that is not authentically experienced, even though playfulness and humor are part of imaginal capacity. Approach through the psychological methods of personifying, pathologizing and psychologizing, mean that what we are approaching is very much being experienced in a cluster or constellation of a host of events from different areas of life…in behavior…images…style of consciousness…psychopathologies (body symptoms, addictions, codependency, soul suffering in neuroses and psychoses) …attitude.

Here is approach to the suffering of pain based on imagining (as opposed to belief)expressed in indigenous terms by Malidoma Some:

For the Dagara elder, pain is the result of a resistance to something new — something toward which an old dispensation is at odds. We are made of layers of situations or experiences. Each one of them likes to use a specific part of ourselves in which to lodge. It’s like a territory. A new experience that does not have a space to sit in with us will have to kick the old one out. The old one that does not want to leave will resist the new one, and the result is registered by us as pain. This is why the elders call it Tuo. It means invasion, hunting, meeting with a violent edge. It also means boundary. Pain, therefore, is our body complaining about an intruder. Body complaint is understood as the soul’s language relayed to us. A person in pain is being spoken to by that part of himself that knows only how to communicate in this way….In this context, a body in pain is a soul in longing.To shut down the pain is to override the call of the soul.[Ritual, Power, Healing and Ceremony, pp 21-22]

Approaching the mystery of ‘who is behind?’ or ‘what layers of experience are being expressed?’ can only occur through our hearts, through the thought of the heart. What I called, a felt knowing, knowing by feeling into, direct experience, gnosis, in the Introduction, is how Gods are approached by being imagined through soul – that mode that recognizes all realities as relational, primarily symbolic or metaphorical and in service to the relationships by which the past and present are honored and through which the future is brought forth.

Jung described this same approach in this way:

The main interest of my work is not concerned with the treatment of neuroses but rather with the approach to the numinous. But the fact is that the approach to the numinous is the real therapy and inasmuch as you attain the numinous experience you are released from the curse of pathology.

To seek the God in archetypal psychology, gather all the parts that surround your suffering and through the intuition of the heart, like a detective, ask, Who is the person of myth also known for this pattern? When we look at the exact nature of the suffering as poetry, when we look at the images of all connected with the web of symptoms, when we intuit what seems to be the hidden intention behind it all, the attitude in that kind of intention, we are looking for not just a person, but a narrative from myth about, the God in the disease, as Jung would say.

Who is the child being born through all this labor?, the tradition of Sophia would ask.


So, after all these years, who was it that I encountered where the themes of union of Eternity and Time, of Earth and Sky, of deep knowing, and sacred sexuality, are all part of the pattern – for me, I see in my experience of the Canupa – the Sacred Pipe – which is the ancient form of the union of all that is in the universe. My life was called to labor for the birth of a new Canupa, the one that I carry and also the Canupa that I am.

This is not the only way to see through into the archetypal depths at work in this paper since the start. There are lots of ways that the masculine and feminine are in union. This particular myth, the Sacred Pipe, resonates in a way that not only keeps me whole, but also encourages me to grow through sharing this wholeness. It’s vital to keep in mind that seeing through the symbolism of the Canupa does not put an end to my ongoing reflection, life, dreams, as regards my recollection.


What was ‘killed’ was the excuse to remain stuck in shallow dogmatism, either of pretending to know something that you have never experienced, or of purposely not looking more deeply into the most important grace and suffering in our lives. That stuckness is a failure to do our own psychological inner work of dismantling the poisonous effects of the solid unchanging celestial vault – its nihilism. The Ptolemy’s firmament has become a psychic parasite. A flat sky is patriarch’s and nihilist’s lynchpin.


At Standing Rock, Western Clergy offered a copy of the Christian Doctrine of Discovery to a sacred fire, to let it go into the past. At the heart of this is a dawning hope that we can move from a patriarchy bound by senex consciousness into an ever-deepening Earth-based participatory union with the cosmos. We are in a time of a new ‘ruler’.

The ‘ruler’ with which we measure soul is now one that gives priority to deeper participatory union. We are all being invited to check ourselves for shallow psychologically flat narrowness. It is a time to be led out from (in Latin educare=educated=led out from) a habit of surrendering own creative voices (ad-dict) into a new discipline of co-creation.

The signature of shallowness is the cosmos interpreted as basically meaningless or as a fallen place of less meanings. In both, it is a life of neverending threats of oblivion.

The signature of depth is the cosmos interpreted as an ‘ecological meaningful union’ of mutually beneficial complements.

This is very hard inner work to do. There are no longer ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ chakras with the upper as more refined. Now, all chakras are worthy and to be brought into a balanced union where the work is deep participatory awareness, receptivity and creativity — known throughout our being and the world. It’s hard work to let a religiously sanctioned privilege over others pass into that sacred fire with the Doctrine of Discovery.

To read these words now as a fundamentalist of any stripe, even of science, is to miss out on the adventure of your life – a chronopathological missing the mark. The unacknowledged lynchpins that unify fundamentalisms is the inability to deliteralize the all-powerful god and immortality.

The celestial vault, its highest god and its dogma of the immortality of the private soul has hold of the Western patriarchal minds of believers in monotheistic religions. That vault, its god and immortality killed and buried, still has hold of late-modern, scientific atheists. The parasitic quality of our cultural unfinished transformation expresses itself in the theme of the vampiric undead or the machines who suck the blood and brains out of life. It appears in ultimate wars for power over.


In the cosmos where depth is valued over shallowness, Eternity and space-time are a Beloved Couple — Lovers who move to a deep and ever-deepening rhythm. Without a relationship with space-time, Eternity is an unchanging hell, much like that expressed in the play, Waiting for Godot. Without a relationship with Eternity, space-time is a hell of flat meaninglessness. To release the blinding light of the bait of immortality and open to the quadrillions of years of evolutionary adventure is as simple as remembering that soul is the relationship between Eternity and space-time, whose seat as Novalis wrote:

The seat of the soul is there, where the outer and the inner worlds meet.

and soul, in this case, is the same soul as defined earlier. Here’s the definition again:

First, “soul” refers to the deepening of events into experiences; second, the significance soul makes possible whether in love, in receptivity, in creativity or in religious concern, derives from its special relation with death, with birth and with re-birth. And third, by “soul” I mean the imaginative possibilities in our collective and personal natures, the experiencing through reflective speculation, intuition, dream, image, fantasy, and co-creation (co-poesis) – that mode that recognizes all realities as relational, primarily symbolic or metaphorical and in service to the relationships by which the past and present are honored and through which the future is brought forth.

I shared in the opening about how difficult it is the become free of the possessive effects of the teaching of a literal hell if you are raised inside a patriarchal belief based on the fallen world saved by the High God. In the center of our planet — an immortality of divinely sanctioned torture is just as real as the divinely sanctioned immortal reward Above and Beyond. As I shared, as I de-toxed from the possession of the dogma, I would wake up in the middle of the night with terror in my chest – What if I have been tricked by the Devil!?


This is no small thing to pull the lynchpin of the flat sky the binds what turns out to be literalized nihilism – for if you scratch beneath the surface of the most fervent adherents there is the same faithlessness shared by most scientific atheists. It is due to profoundest soul abandonment – and here, I can only speak for myself and for those whose lives have inspired mine. What I mean is feeling like being dropped as an orphan soul onto a frozen granite block and left on your own to survive as best you can.

Many times at gatherings of spirit-loving persons, when it gets quiet, someone sitting near you may whisper – “I want to go home.” What that person means is that s/he finds this life to be hellish and wants to be free of it — dead and in the love of Eternity now. — “I don’t want to be alive here.”

If you sing enough of the old time Christian songs, though they can be uplifting, there is also a nudge that makes you want to be dead and with Jesus. Wanting to be dead is an old habit among Christians. St. Paul models this:

I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart,
and to be with Christ; which is far better:
St. Paul in Philippians 1:23

There tends to be a cycling between wanting to be dead and wanting the end of the world to come which belittles the here and now and the evolutionary becoming.

The centuries-old pattern appears in the songs from the old tent revivals.


In the Sweet By and By

In the Sweet By and By,
We will meet on that Beautiful Shore


By and By Lord, By and By
There’s a better home a waitin’
In the Sky, Lord, In the Sky.


Wayfaring Stranger

I’m going there to see my mother,
She said she’d greet me when I come.
I’m just going over Jordan.
I’m only going over Home.

followed by:

I’ll Fly Away

Just a few more weary days and then,
I’ll fly away.
To that Home where Joy will never end,
I’ll fly away.
I’ll fly away, o Glory! I’ll fly away.
When I die, Halleluia, by and by.
I’ll fly away.


No Depression

I’m going where there’s no depression
to a better land that’s free from care.
I’ll leave this world of toil and trouble
my home’s in Heaven, I’m going there.

Those songs during a hard time can have you longing to be done with this life!


It’s irresponsible to pull the lynchpin without having the evolutionary hinge to replace it.

Let us, then, first deliteralize all fundamentalisms of faith and of science of the existence/non-existence of the all-powerful god and immortality. Let us insist on soul’s perspective. Let us require any person who would speak of divinity and/or immortality must begin to have direct experience of them. By direct experience, I mean in the ways I have defined: numinous, akashic, transpersonal, religious, soul, gnostic, satori, apotheosis experiences of the Holy.

Anyone who would claim to speak about all-powerful God and/or immortality would do so by being experientally rooted in timelessness. Such persons, especially those who have come through a near-death experience, are generally humbled by the transpersonal. Let there be no claim to being able to speak of Mystery in any other way but metaphor, through soul, poetry, art, ritual, song.

It’s one thing to lean back on your armchair and spout off about sharing transpersonal knowing, but, this depth of knowledge is the cause for the many human Masters and Traditions. Jorge Ferrer’s work offers the scholarship from the transpersonal psychology tradition. My own work in Urrealism, which roots itself in the Surrealist ideas of Andre Breton can also help. We are both responding to the same question of how to share transpersonal Truth.

I wrote of this:

…Ferrer’s goal is to liberate spiritual studies from absolutism and relativism by the middle way of participatory vision. In his words, his way through is emphasis on creative and multidimensional human access to reality and stressing and fostering the inexhaustible creative power of Spirit. His profound ocean of relaxed universalism realized through intimate dialogue and communion with other beings and the world is Urrealism’s Urground Railroad. They are both the liberation and expansion of consciousness by means of sharing the power of creativity and receptivity. The individual creative work, individual poesis, is the intimate language by which the intimate dialogue and communion can take place. Such a language is as multidimensional as the reality shared, necessarily a hieroglyphic language of call and answer. [URREALISM AND FERRER’S REVISIONING TRANSPERSONAL THEORY: THE GALACTIC HEART CENTER AND THE OCEAN OF MANY SHORES]

Here are 2 crucial Ferrer texts:

Ferrer participatory

Ferrer raised the question as to why so-called Masters of the many traditions are not able to talk to each other? Of course, much of it is due to their own transpersonal experience. The participatory turn is the invitation to keep the conversation about the nature of the Mystery open and vulnerable – living. I have found that through the use of the Urrealist 4: Reminds me of, occurs to me, art answers art, Silence, the space/time that makes for the Presence of the Living Relationship to Mystery comes forth and participates.

Michael Olin Hitt’s Messenger insisted on this same courtesy of soul – a centerless Center that is honored by devotion to its Freedom and Mystery.

Those who would claim to speak for the One and the All-Mighty are being asked to surrender their certainty. This very question of the all-powerful God, while it’s unexpected, is answered within our own Western tradition of Hermeticism. Hermeticism provides us with a continuity of a participatory cosmos that reaches back into Egypt, if we take the tradition at its word. It is our Western Root for a participatory tradition whereby human beings are active members in the divinity of heaven and earth. It was hidden for many centuries due to fear of persecution and death. Many Hermetic texts now appear on the internet.

Though it still has much of the highest God language in it, the 1985 text, Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism, by Anonymous is a great resource. (not the Guy Fawkes mask group, but an author who prefers the anonymity of a kind Unknown Friend encouraging us from the spirit world.)


Writing with the weight of the time-tested Hermetic tradition, Anonymous reminded readers how the question of an all-powerful God has been worked out for some time now, for many centuries, in fact. In his own words:

…anyone who preaches the pure and simple omnipotence of God sows seeds of atheism for the future. For he makes God responsible for wars, concentration camps, and physical and psychic epidemics from which mankind has suffered and will suffer again.

And sooner or later one arrives at the conclusion that God does not exist because his omnipotence does not manifest where it should without doubt manifest. The contemporary Marxist-communist movement, has, truth to tell, no other argument for the non-existence of God than this lack of direct intervention by the all-powerful divinity.

Anonymous discerned between the invitation to participate in a reign of love as opposed to omnipotence pure and simple.

…it was not omnipotence that was at stake, but rather love…

He continued:

Thus, it is dangerous to preach the omnipotence of God — and then to leave his sheep to extricate themselves from the inner conflicts that experience will sooner or later lead to. The petition of the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” when well understood, guards us from making divine omnipotence a stake of faith. It teaches that divine will is not done on earth as it is in heaven, and that it is necessary for the human will to pray for it, i.e. to unite with it…It is not a unilateral act of divine omnipotence, but rather, an act resulting for the union of two wills — namely, divine will and human will. (p. 573)

To have the courage to let go of belief or disbelief in the Almighty omnipotent God in search of direct experience of the Great Mystery , also has Western roots in Meister Eckart’s prompting:

The ultimate and highest leave taking is leaving God for God, leaving your notion of God for an experience that transcends all notions.

Once you enter this road, a path of the whole of you, then a next step can be taken in the approach to understanding the Eternal through soul.


Metaphors for immortality/Eternal require the most expansive language available and that is why Sky language becomes soul language, experience is comsic sky (Akashic) experience. Cosmology returns to give us the foundational metaphors for participatory co-creation. If we allow experience to be the necessary ingredient, then releasing to the past what turned out to be a very tiny and mean vault of the Heavens, gives way to a mind-blowing new vocabulary of the numinous – a Magnification of Creation.

Moonmothernodes The north and south nodes of the Moon, symbols of re-birth in evolutionary astrology

Second, can we accept we are dealing with our own mythology? Let us accept that our own myths, even that of science, as bedazzling and descriptive of religious experience as they can be, also belong to the ethnosphere – the archetypes of the collective unconscious, cosmic memory field.

Let us de-literalize our cultural archetype of immortality (whether claimed or rejected) to the more comprehensive enduring collective human wisdom from which it arose. Western ideas of immortality belong to larger family constellation of metaphors. Descriptions of and language for ‘final rest’ also belong to Earth-based traditions. Every year, in those places where there are 4 seasons, winter is the resting place. On the Medicine Wheel winter is the Direction of the North. Final rest occurs all the time. This is the ancient wisdom of Earth and Her ‘texts’ everywhere reflect it.

When the dogma of immortality is allowed to return to the teaching that myth is metaphor, then resilience of soul can be accessed. It is in our reach, then, to dare to participate in the Great Journey of Life and Consciousness for trillions of years, through many galaxies, solar-systems, Earth-like planets. We do well to get inside the mind of the oldest being on Earth, a bristlecone pine named Methuselah. Perhaps our wisest living 4795 years old zen Master has always been sharing the open secret?


That we have lived before becomes a way for us to gain insight into whole regions of psychic experience – why do some places seem so familiar, why do we sometimes find learning is like remembering what we once knew?


Indigenous wisdom invites us to imagine that the rhythm of the seasons of the year mirrors the seasons of human lifetimes. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are childhood, adulthood, elderhood and deep rest. In the same way as there is wisdom to live in harmony with the season of the year, there is wisdom to live in harmony of the season of life. In old age/elder years of the autumn or the West of life, we do well to know that eventually we will be invited to surrender to the winter, symbolized by the North. We live wisely knowing at some point all will return to stillness.

Yet, even as we surrender to the rest of the North, the Direction of the East, the Spring, naturally, yet, mysteriously arises from that death. Within the coldest, darkest season, the unexpected ember of the life to come is conceived.

In our own tradition, this same conception is in alchemy. Dennis William Hauck noted that resurrection is woven into the fabric of the universe is carried in the poetics of the element – lead. Another way to imagine this is that the foundational weave of our cosmos ever-unexpectedly conceives and births new life-forms, biological consciousness. All labors for this life together – it is a co-labor-ation.

The regeneartion and rebirth from what at first seemed lifeless is sown through the cosmos. It was announced in 2016 that a first chiral molecule was discovered in interstellar space – opening the way that the building blocks of life are native to the space-time’s past, present and future.


In March, 2017, a 3.5 billion year old microbial community was found. It is dawning that life is inherent to the cosmos, more abundant than ever imagined.




Pictured above is a cle (key) created by French Occitan artist, Nico Tournaire. It is one of 5, part of a larger work dedicated to the unification of peoples in peace and wisdom. Nico, in conversation, shared how he was fascinated by the protective qualities of lead against x-rays and other life-destroying radiation. He also shared how he knows that lead represented the starting element of the Great Work in alchemy.

Le plomb était considéré par les alchimistes comme le point de départ du grand œuvre : ce métal représente donc la base de tout travail spirituel, il est aussi considéré comme un métal divinatoire. La principale caractéristique du plomb, c’est sa lourdeur, et donc, d‘une certaine manière, sa «matérialité». Il n’est donc pas étonnant qu’on le rapproche de la planète Saturne qui est aussi la planète de l’inertie, du temps, de la cristallisation, de la pesanteur, de l’ordre rigide; de la stabilité, de la régularité absolue et de la précision. Ce n’est donc pas par hasard que ce matériau a été utilisé pour la conception de ces clés…

L’objectif pour les rencontres futures est de reformer le cercle, la roue.

(Lead was considered as the beginning of the great work by the alchemists: Therefore, this metal represents the basis of all spiritual work. It is also considered a prophetic metal. Lead’s main characteristic is its heaviness, therefore, in a way of understanding, its “materiality”. Thus, it’s connected to the planet Saturn, planet of inertia, time, crystallization, weight, rigid order, stability, regularity and absolute precision.

It was not an accident that this material was used for the creation of these keys…The objective of future gatherings is to repair the circle, (turn)
the wheel.

I share this now to offer a consciousness of camaraderie. There are many in motion who are moving with a courage and re-newed faith in the care of soul that has always been the hallmark of Earth – the person of Earth, our Mother/Grandmother who values every life, for whom death and re-birth have always been part of the Great Joyous Round of Life. Culturally, it’s time for us to restore reincarnation as native to the soul. Is it that difficult to imagine that, like all Earth, humanity lives 3 seasons and then rests for 1? Is it that difficult to imagine that even though we may go through ego birth, becoming and ego death, our souls have always brought forth re-births out of the deeper story?


It’s important for us to remember how the doctrine of reincarnation was cursed and buried in our own history. The story is openly available all over the internet. Here are quotes from the website, Share International:

The main figure responsible for this change was no churchman but an ambitious, worldly and powerful figure Emperor Justinius. In the year 553, quite independently of the Pope, Justinius had the teachings of the church father Origen (185-253) banned by a synod. Origen had spoken out in unmistakable terms on the question of the repeated incarnations of the soul:

Each soul enters the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defects of its past lives. Its place in this world is determined by past virtues and shortcomings.De Principalis.

Is it not more in accordance with common sense that every soul for reasons unknown — I speak in accordance with the opinions of Pythagoras, Plato and Empedokles — enters the body influenced by its past deeds? The soul has a body at its disposal for a certain period of time which, due to its changeable condition, eventually is no longer suitable for the soul, whereupon it changes that body for another.” Contra Celsum.”

The work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Where Re-incanation and Biology Intersect, is another trust-worthy place to look.

samsara yakkha yama This drawing, initially designed by Buddha himself, is meant to teach Buddhism to followers by FarFlungTravels flickr as farflung 16563299291_921570d0beLifetimes of the Buddha


To move out of the double-bind of immortality claimed or rejected requires us to face the terror of death and its impact on us – especially annihilation and oblivion. As I shared above, the season of winter informs all the metaphors of the Direction of the North in Earth-based wisdom. To re-balance our conception of human being, we remember that eventually we die and all is stripped away. The essential that endures year after year stands forth during a movement of contraction.

Making peace with death and life after death can be found in Chapter 11 of Memories, Dreams, Reflections, by C.G. Jung. Before going into his insights on life after death, consider his words about his life:

I myself am a question which is addressed to the world, and I must communicate my answer, for otherwise, I am dependent upon the world’s answer. That is a suprapersonal life task, which I accomplish only by effort and with difficulty…I try to see the line which leads through my life into the world and out of the world again (p. 318, p. 320)

In some special way every person completes the universe. If he does not play his part, he injures the pattern of all existence. Rabbi Judah Loew (1521-1609)

Here is Jung about continuity of soul after death:

A man should be able to say he has done his best to form a conception of life after death, or to create some image of it–even if he must confess his failure. Not to have done so is a vital loss. For the question that is posed to him is the age-old heritage of humanity: an archetype rich in secret life, which seeks to add itself to our own individual life in order to make it whole..Psychic existence, and above all the inner images with which we are here concerned, supply the material for all mythic speculations about life in the hereafter and I imagine that life as a continuance in in the world of images.

and another:

The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not? That is the telling question of his life. Only if we know that the thing that truly matters is the infinite can we avoid fixing our interest upon futilities…If we understand and feel that here in this life we already have a link with the infinite, desires and attitudes change. In the final analysis, we count for something only because of the essential we embody, and if we do not embody that, life is wasted. In our relationships with other men, too, the crucial question is whether an element of boundlessness is expressed in the relationship. (p. 325)


Underworld, life after death and reincarnation do not require a belief in any doctrine in order to become lived experience. I knew nothing of Cro-magnon initiation, yet had the experience. The case I made above is about open-heartedness to the experience of others. Even without belief, the numinous comes forth – in fact, belief seems to get in the way of the authentic and original divine embrace. None of what I have written requires belief. Without authentic embodied knowing, all is superstition. I am asking for consideration for the possibility that literalisms of faith or science or chronopatholical blending of the two, constrict, cripple and estrange soul from life – like a funeral vault of fixed stars.


In Ervin Laszlo and Anthony Peake’s 2014 book, The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain:

It appears that in near-death experiences, in the perception of apparitions and visions, in after-death communication, in medium- and instrumentally transmitted communication, in past-life recollections, as well as in reincarnation-type experiences, “something” is experienced, contacted and communicated with that appears to be a human consciousness. The evidence tells us that this “something” is not a passive record of the experience of the dead person but a dynamic, intelligent entity that communicates, exchanges information, and my exhibit a desire to communicate…We have good reason to maintain that consciousness persists beyond the brain. (p. 109)

They close the book by proposing the evolutionary time we are in as the move out of an Era of Conscious Mortality. Before reading, it’s important to know that Laszlo used the term, immortality, in his definitions. Here, I think he errs in not discerning immortality from the eternal. Why this is important is that I think he weights the invisible over the sensual. In my experience to date, consciousness has much to offer the eternal. The eternal is learning and evolving from the relationship. Laszlo is aware of this. I think using the term, immortality, because of Western history, sets up a prejudice against embodied life.

Still, what he wrote about evolution into a collective awareness of an immortal mind bears honest consideration:

Modern science held that, of all the things that enter into our experience, only those are real that we can see, hear, touch, and taste. This belief vastly reduced the range of our experience. Many elements and aspects of human existence were ignored, suppressed or discarded. They did not fit into the scientific view of the world, according to which the real world only consists only of matter, and of those things constituted of matter. Soul, spirit, mind, and consciousness are an illusion. The body alone is part of the real world, and the body is mortal.Thus we, as all living organisms, are irreversibly and irrevocably mortal: when our body dies, we die. This was the era of conscious mortality, and in many parts of the world, it lasts to this day. (p147)

amplitudhedronAmplituhedron, the “jewel”, or underlying non-space-time geometrical object, of quantum field theory as of 2013.

Laszlo and Peake invite us to consider an Era of Conscious Immortality:

In this era, we would transcend the still dominant belief system of mainstream modern science and realize that consciousness is a basic and enduring element in the cosmos, and that our own consciousness is an intrinsic part of it.

The era of conscious immortality would change our relations to each other and to nature. We would not become saints and angels, but would evolve into beings who know that they possess an immortal mind. We would no longer live in fear of death, in the fear that our days are numbered and lead to nothingness. We would not be prey to the desperate desire to grab all we can while we can, since, ‘we only live once.”

…Realizing that our consciousness is immortal would give us the assurance we need to experience joy in living and tranquility in dying. It would give us the enduring satisfaction of being able to contribute to a world we can experience and enjoy over and over again, in this life and in lives to come. (p. 148)


The Age of Magnification follows Western culture mythologically and says the same thing as Laszlo and Peake. The only difference is that what they called the Era of Conscious Mortality is defined by modern science alone. The Age of Magnification is defined by myth and the tradition of soul, especially through the Christian mythology and the archetypal person of Mary. The reason this is important is that there is immense value in soul for the individual to move out of the old Magnificat and into the Magnification. In this way, the soul goes into labor – can bring forth from within itself the transformation out of the past and into the future, especially, by dreaming, and creativity – direct participation – in generous, courageous, enduring and loving heart intelligence.


Surprisingly, mythologically speaking, de-literalize and imagine how what at first appeared to the West to be God’s death wounds are, in fact, the location where a form of placental, passive human awareness broke open into a birth canal of participatory archetypal species awareness. That all human beings of the planet are of the same species is now a biological fact. Our task is to be gentler with each other and all life as hemispheres, nations, tribes, clans, families, persons — even gentler with ourselves as individuals — what you do to the least of these, you do to me.


Since 1610, Earth has been spinning on an axis mundi with a north and south pole. Our bi-polar Earth is in orbit as well around a bi-polar star. Our bi-polar moon is orbiting our Earth that is participating in not only day and night, but also in the changes of the seasons. The entire universe is surprisingly bi-polar. Before 1610, Earth was an end-product of a long fall and was a passive subject of the cycles of the sun, moon, seasons, and motions of the constellations through the year.

With the new awareness of the axis mundi, there is no longer any power, divine or otherwise, permitted to impose any teaching, art, music, government, law, that disrespects the soul’s sovereignty. Earth’s axis and atmosphere mean that Earth is participating in the rising and setting of the sun and moon. Earth’s orbit means that our planet is active in the Wisdom of the seasons.

It’s the inclusion of axis, atmosphere, and orbit that form the empirical ground of the participatory world view that the Age of Magnification has been birthing. We are no longer subjects to a royal ruling class or all-powerful sovereign. We are participants – all of us – in the world we bring forth together for our children and grandchildren. We participate in all we experience. This has always been the case, yet now, the emphasis is on becoming conscious, yet decently unconscious agents of Life. The age old wisdom for a chosen few belongs to all. For example, Thou art That – meaning that you, ‘Thou’, are also what you perceive, was more exclusive. Yet, now, we have in within our own sphere of influence more access to this wisdom.

Thou art that. – has evolved into a more involved psychologically aware humanity.

Mayest thou more consciously and less unconsciously participate in that which thou art already.

Emerson strove for this more democratic notion of soul in American transcendentalism:

Trust thyself: Every heart vibrates to that iron string.

Just to be clear, ‘self’ in this sentence does not mean ‘ego’. If you read Emerson, you know he is not saying that a person should just do whatever ego-needs arise. Self, for Emerson, is what puts the ‘transcendental’ in the transcendentalism. There is an inner guidance that is deep within and beyond the human being, in inner divinity indigenous to all humanity. That’s the ‘self’ that is the iron string. When that iron string vibrates it can be felt resonating in our hearts. Not only that, but you can recognize the inner vitality of one who is living a life that is authentic to that inner urge.


Whitman’s message in Leaves of Grass.

You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look
through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self.

In some special way every person completes the universe. If he does not play his part, he injures the pattern of all existence. Rabbi Judah Loew (1521-1609)

In Christian mythology, the immanent yet transcendent guidance comes from Sophia. An aspect of how She is pictured is the starry heavens. Her all-containing vessel of life is also the all-containing vessel into which our awareness descends when we sleep and when we dream. At night, the dream has us and we are inside it. (2 poles of the axis of consciousness)

firstmandalaJung’s first mandala drawing, Red Book

One of Jung’s great gifts to Western culture was the recovery of direct experience of God in dreams – if you spend time studying all the images of God that arise through the dreams of Western persons, images that fall into the category of what Jung named, the Self, you will find an immense treasure-house of soul wealth. By that I mean that dogmatic descriptions of God that have been handed down over the centuries, pale in comparison. Consider Meister Eckhart’s words as a description of what now occurs on a regular basis:

We are all meant to be mothers of God, for God is always needing to be born.


Eckhart’s metaphoric turn of phrase belongs to the realm of Sophia. Announced by Kepler’s Star, from within Galileo’s European Christian culture, the opening our Age of Magnification, was an evolutionary transformation of Catholicism. Copernicus, after all, was a loyal Catholic. It would be through Jesuit institutions over the globe that Starry Messenger and the telescope would travel.

There was a necessarily Catholic and European work in the Christian mythology that has been neglected. Richard W. Pogge gave a sense of the Copernican shift within the Catholic and Christian historical context.

A Brief Note on Religious Objections to Copernicus:

I get asked about this a great deal, in large measure because the common lore is that the Catholic Church immediately condemned Copernicus and his system, while enlightened Protestants eagerly embraced both. In fact, the response from the leading Protestant theologians of Copernicus’ time was swift and negative, though even this response was mostly remarks in passing in conversation or sermons, nothing resembling an organized anti-Copernican campaign. The Catholic Church, despite later official hostility, was largely silent at first. Silence, however, does not necessarily imply approval, as the events of the following century were to so forcefully prove.

The specific response one of the most important contemporaries of Copernicus, Martin Luther, is telling. The quote below is actually in response to the publication of the brief Commentariolus, which appeared a decade before De Revolutionibus. It comes from Luther’s Tablebook (Tischreden), or record of dinner-table conversations:

“There is talk of a new astrologer who wants to prove that the earth moves and goes around instead of the sky, the sun, the moon, just as if somebody were moving in a carriage or ship might hold that he was sitting still and at rest while the earth and the trees walked and moved. But that is how things are nowadays: when a man wishes to be clever he must needs invent something special, and the way he does it must needs be the best! The fool wants to turn the whole art of astronomy upside-down. However, as Holy Scripture tells us, so did Joshua bid the sun to stand still and not the earth.”

The scriptural passage to which Luther refers is Joshua 10:10-15. Elsewhere Luther refers to Copernicus as “a fool who went against Holy Writ”. It is this latter quote that usually makes it into the textbooks.

Despite these more dramatic objections, overall the initial response to Copernicus was somewhat ambivalent. The full implications of his revolutionary ideas only began to sink in over the decades following the publication and slow dissemination of De Revolutionibus. Luther’s sarcastic comments aside, Copernicus’ ideas were seriously discussed in Lutheran as well as Catholic universities during subsequent years, both for and against (though mostly against at first). While in detail Copernicus’ system used more circles than Ptolemy’s, it did not use the equant, which was mathematically more challenging to use in practice. As a consequence, mathematically speaking the Copernican system was relatively easier to use. Indeed, computations based on the Copernican system were used to create accurate tables of planetary positions (the Prutenic Tables computed by Erasmus Reinhold), and Copernical computations were used in part of the Gregorian Calendar Reform of the 1570s. At issue at the time was whether one viewed Copernicus’ Sun-centered system as merely a convenient computational artifice, or whether the Sun and not the Earth really was at the center. Copernicus clearly believed in the latter, but this conviction was muted by Osiander’s preface to De Revolutionibus that suggested otherwise.

In many ways the initial cautious ambivalence of Catholic authorities is unsurprising. Copernicus was a loyal Catholic and a canon of Frauenberg Cathedral, making him a relatively minor member of the Catholic hierarchy. He had followed all of the proper procedures required to secure formal permission from Church authorities to publish his book, and he even dedicated it to the reigning Pope at the time (Paul III). That their response was ambivalent is not to say that the Church did not take the matter seriously, or fail to study it. By all accounts the Church did both. However, in the 16th century the Catholic Church found itself beset by many radical ideas, a number of which were direct and unambiguous frontal assaults upon its spiritual and political authority in Europe. So long as Copernicus’ ideas remained a mathematical argument (in Latin) among scholars and did nothing to threaten either the beliefs of the common man or the Church’s ultimate authority in such matters, the Church had no need to respond.

By the beginning of the 17th century, however, the Church found it could no longer treat these ideas with silence.

The way forward is through what Catholics still call, The Magnificat. Luke 1:46-55 is also known as Mary’s Prayer. If we imagine that the European collective soul is Mary, then Her prayer is a cultural one that announced a new imagining of the abundance of life in our universe, the Voice of Gaia. This is the same as saying that Sophia is the true Patroness of the evolution of consciousness the West is participating in. Sophia is Gaia. In this way, the West at long last can walk again upon the Earth into a Beautiful World that the indigenous have never left and have fiercely given all to protect.

My soul magnifies the Lord,
and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.
For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed.

We have taken on the challenge of becoming compassionate magnifiers as our way of service to the Earth.

What does that even mean?


James Lovelock, author of Gaia explained:

If we are “all creatures great and small,” from bacteria to whales, part of Gaia then we are all of us potentially important to her well being. We knew in our hearts that the destruction of a whole ranges of other species was wrong but now we know why. No longer can we merely regret the passing of one of the great whales, or the blue butterfly, nor even the smallpox virus. When we eliminate one of these from Earth, we may have destroyed a part of ourselves, for we also are a part of Gaia. There are many possibilities for comfort as there are for dismay in contemplating the consequences of our membership in this great commonwealth of living things. It may be that one role we play is as the senses and nervous system for Gaia. Through our eyes she has for the first time seen her very fair face and in our minds become aware of herself. We do indeed belong here. The earth is more than just a home, it’s a living system and we are part of it.
-quoted in Missa Gaia

What does that even mean?

Due to our mythology of magnification, our lives are open to deeper insights using the metaphors from this new way of seeing. In the same way that we have benefitted from literal use of the telescope, we can also benefit in soul when we take up the telescopic glass, lenses, tubes, and mirrors – not literally, but as symbolic modes in order to see beneath flat surfaces. To magnify, then, first begins with glass. What set Galileo apart from his peers was his ability with glass. His skill as a lens-maker was un-surpassed and when the public read Starry Messenger, they were frustrated in that the astronomer kept his lens-making secrets to himself. Skill in glass has an esteemed history in archetypal psychology. James Hillman (1973) wrote:

“Glass in dreams, as windows, panes and mirrors presents the paradox of a solid transparency; its very purpose is to permit seeing through. Glass is the metaphor par excellence for psychic reality, out of life and into image.” (emphasis mine)

Taking up the notion that solid transparency is the metaphor par excellence, we now are required, since 1610, to craft our metaphoric glass to a lens.


In the remarkable 2015 book, Galileo’s Telescope, by Bucciantini, Camerota, Giudice and Bolton (trans.), the concept of our solid transparency transformed into a lens transformed our idea of perception ever since. They wrote:

We grasped that there is another world beyond what had appeared to us for 2000 years. (and soon, with the invention of the microscope, we would learn of yet another beyond what we can touch)…The act of seeing was itself being re-defined and no longer coincided with our natural organ of sight – For this new way of seeing transformed into an act of knowing.


In soul’s terms, transforming glass into lens, where seeing is an act of knowing, means that individual consciousness is a simultaneous act of apperceiving the growing edge of knowledge. Every single light of consciousness is in a constant state of realizing something that was not previously known. Participation in a revelatory solid transparency, is seeing as a simultaneous act of knowing = co-creation.

From within the mythology of Galileo’s Catholicism, it could be said that each life in soul is one of God’s fleshly co-creative incarnations of revelatory perception, reception, new realization – we are God’s hearts, lungs, minds, ears, voices, taste-buds, noses, sensations, intuitions, within whose activity of simultaneous perception/knowing our future is co-created — not only human life, but all biological life. The Mind of God, then, since 1610 became a Zen Beginner’s Mind. The Body of God is our ensouled humanity in living interdepence with all ensould biological life that labors together, helping each other, in the birthing of what has never been, nor has ever been imagined.

With reverence to Mary, an update of Her prayer would be:

I am the Beginner’s BodyMind of the Source of all that is,
I am the Sensual, Beautiful, Immanent Presence faithfully with you.
I am the embodied life who labors to birth what has never been.
I delight each day in the awe of being and I am grateful to live.
May I live in a way that future generations will find worthy.

If you let the words be read to you by an inner feminine voice, you will notice something new. Her words go quite well with the words of Isaiah 35:5

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

In this way of understanding, it is through our willing participation that the Source of all that is has gained sight and hearing. The lens, the lens each of us is, goes in both directions – the Eternal sees rightly, speaks rightly, loves and struggles rightly through the essential character of our individual hearts – through all human beings and all cultures of the planetary ethnosphere. This same magnifying direct knowing is also going on naturally through the consciousness in and throughout nature. As human beings, we are a species for whom this act of loving, loving itself, magnifying is an individual choice - the blessing or burden of free will.

Here’s Emerson again, in a similar spirit:


There (in nature) I feel that nothing can befall me in life, — no disgrace, no calamity, (leaving me my eyes,) which nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground, — my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite spaces, — all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.


I think allowing for the possibility that all humanity participates in how the Mysterious Source sees and hears through it was also in Kepler’s Stella Nova. To turn the West inside out is supposed to mean that we treat others as we have been called to treat ‘insiders’. Persons of all walks of life are compassionate magnifiers when seen with the eyes of soul we are called to be.

Ironically, we have made a giant leap forward back to the start. This same idea is in the ancient word: Namaste. We are all a Holy See. From within the Italian mythos, the upper case, “C” of Catholicism shifted to the common good, catholicism, in the sense of universal — for all. With a tip of the hat to my amis in Occitan, there is no longer a single eye senex power gaze from Roma, but the embodied and loving heart-seeing, reconciling, gaze of Amor. (to un-bury a lost word)

Look at Whitman’s words with an eye for Magnification:

You shall possess the good of the earth and sun, (there are millions of suns left,)
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look
through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self.

When we include the Magnificat in the Magnification to quantum physics, the formula E = MC2 may be magnified. Einstein’s formula is how we understand our universe. Since 1905, matter and energy are two faces of the same space-time reality. The matter we sensually know emerges out of an invisible energetic wave of probability. For naked human perception, energy and matter are two ‘turning points’ that emerge together mirror-like, yin-yang style, from the more comprehensive quantum ground. In quantum physics, the way energy materializes from a probability wave of infinite possibility into a single point based on the observer effect, suggests that matter and energy are interdependent partners – both of them participating in — psyche.


I am aware of the risk I make in weaving psyche with matter and energy. It is because of my experiences with synchronicity that I make this assumption. In doing this, I am placing the mythology of magnification within in the soul tradition of the West. It may be centuries before the material/energetic union with psyche is found. We forget that Galileo insisted in 1610 that Earth was a bi-polar planet turning on an axis mundi before it was the scientific proof of Foucault’s pendulum 240 years later. Same with Einstein’s work which he often intuited the future of theoretical physics many years before the notions were proved.

Laszlo and Peake wrote of this:

Penrose suggests that each quantum collapse introduces an element of consciousness into space-time. If this is the case, we would have a physics-based explanation of how consciousness in the deep dimension enters the manifest world. (p 128)


The paths of the journey of consciousness beyond the body appear to diverge, but ultimately, they may converge. Even if there is a cyclic return to earthly existence through reincarnation, for periods of testing and perfecting, when that cycle is complete, human consciousness returns to where it came from: to the Akasha, the deep dimension and integral consciousness of the cosmos. (p. 143)


I think it’s a safe bet to allow there to be a union of psyche and matter/energy.

The Magnification of E=MC2, then, is to include psyche in the foundational ground of our cosmos. (Cosmos = Psyche)
This is possible because, so far as we know, E=MC2 holds true for all that is.

Psyche = MC2
Energy = PsycheC2
Psyche = PsycheC2
… and as many permutations as are helpful.

Look at Hillman’s psychologizing of glass again with a quantum eye towards death:

psychic reality, out of life and into image

We are now required to complete the circle with a quantum eye towards birth:

Out of image and into life is psychic reality.

complete the formula too with the variables from archetypal psychology where death/birth = birth/death.

C2 = psychic reality.

The reality of psyche and psychic reality as E=MC2 appears in communities where synchonicity is affirmed as participatory and immanent. Synchronistic awareness is the birth-canal through which psychology, cosmology and ecology find their informing Depth.

In the poetics of Christian mythology, the revelatory quality of sensual life is based has a wise rhythm. Invisible direct knowing of Emmanuel: God is with us coincide, constellates, with Sensual, Beautiful, Immanent Presence.

Anima Mundi, Dark Madonna, is in union with Axis Mundi, Emmanuel.

The meaningful, embodied and sensual delight of being human expanded beyond all that was ever imagined 406 years ago for the West. I have named Galileo’s constellations above, proto-ur-constellations. They announced the West’s evolution into more comprehensive and profound imagining of all life and humanity’s role in it. The drawings were adumbrations of what was to come, to what is coming and what shall continue to arrive. According to; adumbrate. v. “to outline, to sketch,” 1580s, from Latin adumbratus “sketched, shadowed in outline,” past participle of adumbrare “to represent (a thing) in outline.”


Once you’ve had the experience of seeing through our literal and mythological telescope, (or microscope), whether in psychologizing or awakening together within the dream, there is a sensual, meaningful pleasure to see, to feel into all of life, all of Earth and Cosmos. This is what I described in the introduction as my Cro-magnon illumination and the brother’s illumination through correctly setting his soul’s clock. There comes a desire to share, and enjoy together with others, the journey of life for trillions of years. Theologian, Thomas Berry, was fond of reminding us that we are here for Wonder, Joy, Beauty and Intimacy.

C. J. Martes describes in her own Akashic experience:

After that day, my whole world shifted dramatically. I could enjoy life again. I returned to my daily activities almost immediately. I was given a great gift that day, and I wanted to share it with others. I told everyone I could what happened. I suppose some believed me and others didn’t. But that no longer mattered to me. The experience recalled my early days in the cathedral. I had finally come back to the comfort of my childhood. I had finally come home. (p.21)

Here is C. J. Martes’ website.

It has been a bit over 146,000 days, but the West is recollecting a foundational value, that our planet is a paradise when we live in right relationship. The slowly dawning heart awareness that for the past 400 years, the West has been degrading, polluting and destroying paradise is emerging in pockets of change here and there since 1992. There is an indigenous teaching that the Earth and the cosmos are praying/singing/praising all the time and it is the unique gift or curse for the human being to have the choice to join into the great pageant of life or not.

Since the the invention of the lens, where seeing became an act of knowing, perhaps the West has offered its own unique perspective to the world, another Holy See for all to experience, another tongue of the praying, singing, glorifying (magnifying), going on all around us. The whole universe is always engaged in revelation and opening its heart to the awe and mystery of being alive. Our problem has been learning how to not impose our single, European eye of the soul upon the many, many Holy Sees, the soul-eyes of the rest of humanity.



The first task in these pages is to show how our current archetypal psychology, ecology and cosmology mirror our knowledge of the universe. Earth and sky, our solar system, galaxy, galactic neighborhood unto the infinite, bottomless, ever-deepening universe reflect for us depth of soul. We are invited to share the deeply meaningful and evolutionary experiences of our Age.

In our participatory world view, Anima Mundi and Axis Mundi are always present wherever there is life. The second task is that once the first is intellectually and experientially established, to gently lead minds out of the imploding patriarchal and late-modern world view (de-colonize). The dying worldview was based on a passive Earth and humanity who were submissive subjects of an all-mighty highest power.

The dawning evolutionary and participatory world view (re-indigenize) features a bi-polar Earth, who by virtue of axis, atmosphere and orbit, actively participates as the homeland for co-creating.


Mirroring, is the profound value of the literal age of the world. When we get Chronos right all the worlds line up. To take up the theme of the mirror in Magnifying, we look to Plato, in the Timaeus. He described the starry heavens as a moving image of eternity. His idea was a 2-step teaching tool whereby, first, the universe can be used as the mirror to help us understand what eternity is like, and second that understanding can be used to apprehend the inherent dignity of own souls. As above, so below.

Now that we can see through the “dome of the fixed stars”,


Our old mirror is permanently dissolved in its own starry background. Our old knowledge of 6000 stars has dissolved into our new knowledge of galaxies. Our awareness has become more fluid and less rigid. This new mirror, the current view of the cosmos, can still be a moving image of eternity, but now, it’s expanded beyond even the Western conception of God. Human knowledge of the cosmos now includes a fluid, adaptable expectation that the universe is infinitely deep with discoveries to be made. The moving image of eternity is an image that is always flowing and in motion.



As odd as it sounds, eternity has gotten a heck of a lot bigger. We hardly remember that one of the early reasons for denying the Copernican shift was that if Copernicus had it right, then the stars must be incredibly huge and distant. The idea was too large and seemed too absurd for minds of the times.


Our predecessors, even the brightest minds of the times, were crippled in their capacity to imagine. Their imaginations were not fluid. Christopher M. Graney’s wonderful 2015 book, Setting Aside All Authority, offered the image above to show how Tycho Brahe imagined the size of the celestial bodies.

Brahe and all the leading minds of the times had star problems. Religious and all institutional authorities had their own motives for rejecting the Copernican cosmos. However, the astronomers of the day rejected Copernicus because if he had it right, the stellar bodies were immense and at huge distances.

It’s funny when you look at his illustration below.


Our cultural rigidity is habitual in imagining the stars. It’s good to remember that the same kind of argument happened as recently as 1920 in what was called the “Great Debate” or the Shapley–Curtis Debate. It was not long ago that we assumed that the Milky Way was the only galaxy in the universe and it was absurd to imagine more.

Stars – their sizes, distances, numbers– are implicated in how our culture imagines life in the universe. Earth-like planets need suns for their lives. During my childhood, there were staunch proponents that Earth was the only Earth-like planet in the entire cosmos. It would not be until 1992 that the fist exo-planets would be detected orbiting a pulsar. Then, famously, in 1995, a massive planet was found orbiting a the star 51 Pegasi. In April, 2007, astronomers found the first Earth-like planet that orbited in the habitable, “Goldilocks Zone” (not to hot, not too cold, just right)

That planet was named, Gliese 581 c. Its discoverers

“We have estimated that the mean temperature of this super-Earth lies between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius, and water would thus be liquid…its radius should be only 1.5 times the Earth’s radius, and models predict that the planet should be either rocky – like our Earth – or fully covered with oceans,”

In February of 2017, astronomers announced seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a star called TRAPPIST-1.

In July, 2017, NASA reported that humanity has reached awareness of 3500 exoplanets and counting.

It is also worth noting the work of HARPS where ESO’s La Silla Observatory is home to one of the most successful planet finders in the history of astronomy: HARPS or High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher and currently, for astronomers, “the” planet hunter of ground-based astronomy.

We have come a long way since 1610, so much magnification has been brought into the public’s awareness. Star sizes even greater than those originally rejected by our Ancestors are now common and un-remarkable. As I stated in the introduction, an expansion in cosmos is an expansion in consciousness. An expansion in consciousness is an expansion in soul. An expansion in soul is an expansion in heart. The literal, scientific understanding of the age of the universe influences on we imagine the infinite.

Our cosmos and consciousness have been expanded. Our archetypal soul wisdom and our hearts are in labor.


In the poetics of magnification, this is a mirror problem – distortion The wrong mirror distorts how we reflect on all that is. The looking glass, too, has an esteemed history in our own mythology. Though it is not often stated, when Perseus defeated the Medusa, his mirror had to properly reflect what he was facing. Otherwise, it would have been just as simple to fight she-who-turns-life-to-stone with his eyes closed and use an ancient form of Jedi mind skill.

In this interpretation, with a bad mirror, we too will become victims of the death-mother, the senex feminine consciousness, which Hillman described as unpleasant, even maleficent, subject to mad moodiness, with peculiar fascinations with the occult, power and possessions, the ‘way out’ of things of prisons, sewerage and magic. We mis-read an obsessive state of mind that is not anima and not feminine as we prettily conceive those notions, the crone side of the mother archetype who whines and needs helping and who uses her infirmity for power.


I suggested above that to heal our cultural soul-mirror means knowing that the starry heavens are not only in rotation as the moving image of Eternity, they are also in constant fluid expansion in depths of knowings. To live well now with the nighttime sky is to carefully consider each discovery that expands and transforms our knowledge of the material world. Using that knowledge, we are called to making it into metaphors for expansion and transformation in all aspects of culture — the mesocosm.

This is crucial in our inherited sacred texts, in America, this is crucial as regards the Bible, which does not feature a solar system, axis mundi = axis of the world, north or south poles, the diurnal rotation of the planet, the yearly orbit around our star, tides caused by the moon, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, spiral galaxy, nebula, black hole, gravity, speed of light, 200 catalogs of celestial objects, a steadily increasing number of Earths — 3500+ Earth-like exo-planets and increasing.

Like early explorers mapping the continents of our globe, astronomers are busy charting the spiral structure of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Using infrared images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that the Milky Way's elegant s

In 2016, it was declared that there are more than 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies with only 10 percent of the known universe accounted for.


The Platonic mirror that is the moving image of eternity appears in Christian mythology as Mary’s garment. The sacred woman adorned with the robe and crown of stars is archetypal, so She appears in many world cultures and times.

black-madonna-600x600 guadalupe_tilma

The Robe of the Black Madonna is the recurring code for starry heavens – our way of saying AkashaCosmic Memory Field. There is a similar oral teaching I learned from the Lakota that the words, Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, is another way of saying the starry heavens. In this magnificat language I’ve been developing, to be whole and healed in soul is to get the time right in this world. We must always use the cosmology of the times as Her sacred garment. In doing so, we honor Mater by seeking to know Her Mystery.

Earlier I wrote:

If we get the time right in this world, all the worlds line up.

In the poetics of our own Western culture, this is not only a statement about Chronos. It is also about Mary’s Robe, which may also be imagined as Mary Magdelene’s Robe for which the Roman soldiers cast lots in the Crucifixion scene in the gospels of Luke and John. We can better imagine Her Majesty, the Awe of her Beloved, and the Glory of what They conceive together and who she births -you and me and all that lives – if we get the right dimensions of Her garment.

As it was in the Beginning,
Her Robe is spread.

cosmic background

Imagine it like this:cosmic background

All She asks for us our best science in order to establish the space-time of our universe. When we create our culture accordingly, Her compassionate depths hold us and we are at Home. Failure to do this results in souls split from the Ground of Being as it is known in our historical moment. When we honor Her, all inner fragmentation finds space, intelligibility, and balance. We tend towards a natural mental and emotional wholeness. Without this care of our collective cultural soul, we suffer a deep-rooted feeling of abandonment and chronic lack of loving relationship. The Comsic Mother becomes a crazy-making material world – schizogenic. It’s as if no matter how hard we try, we can never make it home. Soul Homelessness is felt in the emotion of personal and collective shame. We don’t belong here.

Faced with the choice, may we always choose our best science and most disciplined knowledge of the spread of the cosmic expanse and be at Home. Matthew Fox affirmed this view in chapter 3 of the 2011 book, Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth:

Another connection between Acquinas and Berry…is Acquinas’ observation that “every human person is capax universeri (capable of the universe). That’s who we are as a species. That’s how big we are and neither our souls nor our hearts nor our minds will be satisfied and therefore relieved of temptations to greed and power until they are rest in the context of cosmology and the universe itself.

Ritual care of the Robe of our Cosmic Pregnant Virgin can be taken up again. It’s simple and we do well to return to what is a collective responsibility to the coming generations.

Spread the wholeness of Her Loving Robe.
Her Robe is the 13,820,000,000 light-years wide
cosmic space-time fabric.

You will hear the songs of all worlds.
You will see the worlds lined up with this world.
You will know you are Home.
You will understand the Mystery of your birth.
You will be the Dreaming.

To close, with apologies to the Gospel of Luke:

Blessed be your Presence.
in the space-time fabric of the cosmos,
and blessed is all life that you bring forth.
And whence is this to me, that I would participate with you?
For, lo, as soon as I heard your call, the sacred life in me awakened
And blessed is your knowledge: for there shall be a beautiful future
brought forth in a way that generations to come shall find worthy.


It’s been late in coming, but I understand how the Virgen de Guadelupe was a form of sacred art answering sacred art. She wears the traditional tassel of her people that means she is pregnant. She spoke to Juan Diego not in colonial Spanish, but in his Nuantl language. I think She told the Europeans that She and the Virgin to whom they pray are the same person, a Mother who loves all peoples, every individual human being. I think Her Message has always been and always will be that all cultures share a Cosmic Notre Dame. For you Loving beings who have been waiting for us Westerners to understand – She and our Collecive Unconscious/Cosmic Memory Field are the same Person. We all share the same Beautiful Pregnant Virgin.

guadalupe_tilmacosmic background

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