Station 1: Uranima




2. Uranima introduces the idea that our world presents itself as a revelatory solid transparency. She is the prompt who invites us in. We have an unconscious that we are all invited to enter. It can be by observing our own hearts’ recurring desires and terrors. The word association test was one of the first tools that could be used to prove the existence of the unconscious. It is worth considering as a doorway into relationship with our own unknowing. The study of one’s own dreams and to take a page from Hillman, who took a page from Jung, who took a page from Freud, approaching the holes in our lives, those places where symptoms afflict us, also open into the dark.

The West has a tradition of a light within that drives us to deeper awareness. This hidden guide we know by heart is known as the Daimon. (In the work Jane Piirto and I did on depth psychology and giftedness, we used the name, Thorn.) Uranima is a response to the issue Hillman raised in Re-Visioning Psychology:

…without ideas the soul is a victim of literal appearances
and is satisfied with things just as they present themselves.
It has no idea of anything further, is without doubt or prompting to
see through.

The inspiration to do this requires the archetypal person of many names, but She is sometimes known as Anima. When we begin a story, as I have heard story-tellers begin, One upon a time, once under a time, once above a time, once in a time where this is always true….we are crossing into Her realm. I can do no better than Hillman, just add into the Mystery of the the cosmos to his definition

To experience imaginal reality, a psychic function, the specific function of the imaginal soul–must be active. This soul person is the person of our moods, self-reflections, and reveries, of our sensuous longing beyond the sensately concrete, the spinner of fantasy who is the personification of all unknown psychic capacities that lie waiting, drawing us seductively, uncannily inward to the dark of the uncut forest and the deeps below the waves, into the Mystery of the cosmos. Anima means both psyche and soul, and we meet her in her numerous embodiments as soul of waters without whom we dry, as soul of vegetation who greens our hope or blights with symptoms, as Lady of the Beasts riding our passions…

The first ur-constellation is a prompt to begin. To the constellation, Cassiopeia, a queen sitting in a chair, seek beyond and within for star SAO 21415 at the place of the heart, between the stars, Schedar and Caph. She offers a Call for consciousness to enter into relationship with the unconscious, for the daytime mind to enter into deeper relationship with intuition and imagination in order to gain the symbolic life of the nighttime mind. Andre Breton said our work is to deepen the foundations of the real.

Learning your family history, your national history, your environmental history,
geological and cosmological history takes you beyond yourself and into relationship
with time. Using tools like the Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, or any psychological
instrument takes you beyond yourself and into relation with the deeper layers of
your consciousness. Dreams and creativity that inspire, that expand consciousness
in the direction of the unconscious correspond to the heavenly heart of Uranima.

Our Sky-woman reveals knowledge of the manifest and the hidden, meaning that consciousness and the unconscious, material and spiritual are to be brought into relationship with the wisdom of the thought of the heart (myth), the heart of image (symbol).

She represents the capacity for perceiving and producing the beauty of heart’s desire. Queen of the Heavens, Invitation and Fulfillment both. The Ur-image is the seeing through of a queen in touch with her heart. Her name, Uranima, Soul of Ur (primal wholeness), indicates not only the material and physical power to produce and nurture singular beauty as Cassiopeia did with Andromeda, but also the soul capacity for seeing through, now called for by the times.

The unseen light beyond and within, star SAO 21415, is the anchor for our soul’s Purpose that is secreted away in the unconscious beneath the surface concerns of waking life. (Daemon) The recurring inclinations of our heart’s terrors and fascinations, our nightly dreams, symptoms and visions are all available to us if we consciously enter into relationship with our own unconscious, allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable to the piercing of our hearts that is falling in love.

In this is a revisioning of The Fall, for this 4.3 billion year old Earth and the
surrounding 13.82 billion year old, ever-expanding cosmos, came into being
through an act of sacrifice due to Love’s Longing.

In the Beginning,
A Lonesome Singer
Became the Creator
Because He was
In Love with You.”

— Reynolds, in the song, Creation
Lastly, the Myth of the West is the mythology devoted to Sovereignty, which
Campbell stressed was the Grail mythos.


The West has paid dearly for this contribution.
First appearing in the 1200’s out of Provence (Occitanie), the
story is a path of the Heart to the Beloved, for it ends in a
marriage and the restoration of the Cup. The path to walk is
to begin where the way seems darkest, and this entry-point is
as unique as each individual. There is a light that will
guide you within and through the darkness. This is poetry
for the prompt to enter into the darkness of your unconscious.

As with the poetics of our Age, surface and depth are seamless.
This means that the entry point presents itself in
the apparent. The psychological clue is to look at
your symptoms, suffering, addictions, numbness, yet
also your moments of awe, falling into and risking all
in laboring for Love. Bring your mind to your heart,
ask inside yourself – What ails thee?

The Messenger says of Uranima:
One must embrace the power of the woman,
the heart of the woman. One must embrace
the powerful heart of the Woman in the Sky.
The heart is known by its rhythm.
It is felt by the hand.

Press your heart to the heart
and you shall hear the rhythm of the expansion
Come to the power of the woman,
the heart of the woman.

What is the unique element of this heart, this center?
The unique element is sacrifice, sacrifice in expansion.
From the self, comes the other.

A sacred image you have found.
A sacred image you have named.
A sacred image you have called.

The image of the center and the heart,
the Unseen and the Known,
the felt, the Call to the sacrifice of the expansion.

Set aside the self and know the expansion.
Go to the within and discover the Beyond
and know the Fulfillment.”

Uranima invites us to once again fall in love with the night.


Station 2: Eagle-headed Harp: Vision Through Music