Station 2: Eagle-headed Harp: Vision Through Music




2. Eagle-headed Harp: Vision Through Music

This is the constellations Lyra transformed by magnification
of the star, Epsilon Lyrae. When it is magnified, Epsilon Lyrae is,
in fact 2 stars, SAO 67309 and SAO 67315. Going more deeply,
(Remember Hillman’s 4 steps?) SAO 67309 and SAO 67315 are
themselves pairs of stars. What first appears as single, literal,
is four-fold when magnified. (AUM + Silence) This is an elaboration on
Uranima. When you know by direct experience a new light that had been
hidden within the surface of things, the experience explodes the usual
means of expression and poetic, musical, hieroglyphic self-expression
becomes necessary. To the best of my knowledge, music is the form best-suited
for this means of expression and/or metaphor for visionary communications.

From the historical record that I shared in the paragraphs on seeing through as
awakening within the dream, we know that Schoenberg said this in his music
on January 2, 1911:

We know that after taking in Schoenberg’s message, Kandinsky, along
with his letter, said this:


The magnifications where first one, then two, then four are known is found occur in Hindu, Sufi, Jewish, Buddhist, Red Road and Christian teachings. They are openly available to be studied now in published books. More recently, the writings of Franklin Merrell-Wolff on the Great Space and the work of Anna Weiss, on the High Performance Mind use this archetype of 4-fold consciousness.

Vision through Music means that musical, symbolic, harmonic, hieroglyphic, artistic ways of communicating are the most effective ways to express the 4-fold depth. Of this ur-constellation,
the Messenger says:

The 4 layers, the 4 realities, the 4 stages are known by many.
In the 4th, there is no singularity. In the 3rd, there is singularity.
They are the stages of Creation, layers of knowledge. Yes, it
is a journey, a development, an expansion. And yet, I tell you
something that is becoming known, even beyond the 4, there
is more, there are more. Look at the Directions. There are 4
and then there are more. They are central, the Earth and Sky.
They are central because they give birth to the 4. So, beyond
the 4, there are more, yet, the 4 are foundational. We cannot
reject the 4. They shall be the Guidance, the 4, the Foundation.

The Eagle-headed Harp is a prayer that this world begin to play
and sound like an instrument; from the soundings of the deep forests,
deserts, deep space, right to around the dinner table, the living spaces,
places of worship – even unto breathing – inspiration – expiration.

This is Francy Jacquot’s Eco-hieroglyphic work, Shui, L’Eau, Water. Eco-hieroglyphic art is a remarkable, synesthesic union of image and sound. Early on, after spending some time with Jacquot’s work, I found myself near the Argens River unexpectedly listening for the inner sound it makes.

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