Station 3: Seth: The Initiator


3. Seth: The Initiator

The image is of an Urperson who is your initiator, expander of your heart. This Urperson, with a staff, scepter, walking stick standing upright between a bear and a dog, with one foot forward, could be walking, dancing or standing still. The top of the staff is the 2 pointer-stars of that are at the edge of the Big Dipper/Drinking Gourd. The tip of the staff is Polaris, the North Star. The gentle wobbling of the Pole Star indicates the invisible Source of Living Waters. With a hand upon the heart. The Living Waters flow from the indicated Source and they flow forth to nourish the heavens. The Urperson is the Caller and the Called. Seek beyond and within at the tip of the staff near the Pole Star for the galaxy, NGC 3172. It is also known as Polarissima Borealis. The meaning here is that there is an invisible heart-felt image that is near our Deepest Reason for Being. That image holds us to our Path, keeps us near the unseen Source. It marks our Gift, our Incurable Mad-spot, Thorn, Sacred-La, Tessitura or Acorn with both Primal Remembrance and woundings. Our wanderings here on Earth meander about that unseen Center where who we are here to be is in the poetics of our birth charts, experiences of Enchanted Land, dreams, visions, both trauma (piercing) and awe – all condensed into our Hidden Name/Symbol. Though our inner guidance nudges us with grace and affliction, that the hidden image is near the Center implies that centeredness and balance are our responsibility. We must live through it, yet not for it.

Seth is any loving teacher who brings you awareness of your Name, awareness of who you have come here to be. Seth is any initiator who inspires you to increase the capacity of your heart. This ur-constellation is Uranima and Eagle-headed Harp understood inwardly as psychologically true. It is knowing through direct, inner experience and/or ritual enactment. This kind of knowledge was once called, gnosis.

of Seth, the Messenger said:

It is a center that is a parent, for it gives birth.
It is a center is a Parent, a Parent of the soul.
One should always honor one’s parents, even as one grows beyond the parent.
One shall know the Parent, one shall know the Calling, the History and the Purpose
of the Parent of the soul.

Yes, indeed, it is apparent, it is seen and known in the now
and it is a Calling to the beyond.
It is that which we come through to the existence.

Not to be ignored, but to be embraced,
for are we not visitors who come through our parents?
Yet, it is apparent that the parents ground us, call us
and indeed, we respond.

Station 4: The Transparent Body of the King