Station 4: The Transparent Body of the King




4. Transparent Body of the King

Beyond and within the constellation of Cepheus, within the tilted house, are three galaxies and one nebula. They are, IC5132, IC5133, IC5134, and NGC7133, respectively. As in the Eagle-headed Harp, what first appears as one becomes fourfold when magnified. For the individual, this means that you will recognize fellow travelers by the knowledge of your heart. There is a mirroring, a spark of awakeness, a heart response of those awake in creation. There is also a heart’s desire to be in community. Knowing your reason for being is incomplete without community where you can give completely and receive completely. The Transparent Body of the King represents any healing concert, ritual, temporary festival, retreat, seminar or teach-in, or structures like the Chapel of the Unspoken Word, in Porterville, Mississippi, where such hearts can gather.

It also represents the temporal clarity, the synchronicity, that forms around such relationships. Any ritual space where care of soul is the intent is an example of this ur-constellation. The urreality of 2 who converse artfully, who affirm and awaken the with the dream to see through to the dreaming edge, is yet another example. This body of the seeing through of the order of love has many other names: Font, Conjugal Love, House where Ancestors Commune, Coniunctio, 3+4, 5 Dogs Walking, Convergence, Fuel Cell, Philosopher’s Mirror, Mediation, Alternation, Tent of tents, Matrix and Patrix, where 2 or more are gathered in His Name, Heart of Elders holding Council Fire, Sun Dance, Palace of the Merrie Monarch, Communitas, Peace Shield.

Come together,
right now
over me.

sang Lennon prophetically.

The Messenger says of this,

In isolation, there is no strength, there is no comfort,
there is no stability, there is no safety. But in the family
there is all of this and more. For when there is comfort and
stability and safety there is expansion. When there is isolation,
there is fear.

Come into the family, says the stars, into relation.

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