Station 5: Dragon Dissolved: Cities of Light Appearing



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5. Dragon Dissolved: Cities of Light Appearing

This ur-constellation is a symbolic placing of the dragon into the abyss, partially, an urrealist’s response to the dragon that appears in the Bible’s stormy Book of Revelations. The living and singing imaginal waters flowing once again through the starry heavens pierced by Galileo’s sketches of Orion and the Pleiades in 1610, surround and submerge our inherited constellation Draco. The gaze of Uranima sees through the dissolving hegemonic body and 9 distant galaxies held within the leviathan’s body become visible. Those galaxies are NGC3654, NGC3879, NGC3961, NGC4034, NGC5413, NGC6479, NGC6454, NGC6459, NCG4666. The matters of our world only beget terror when the Depths are not seen within and beyond the apparent.

Our 13.82 billion year old cosmos with billions of galaxies is the revelatory transparent physicality that used to be called, the sphere of Earth. The realities that were once thought to begin at the sphere of the Moon, the ancient Heavens where the Heavenly Hosts and God once dwelled, have fallen or moved beyond, through and within the material world. There are 2 ways to ascend. There is an ascending off of the planet Earth into the literal expanse of the heavens. There is also an Ascending in the ancient sense of the word, which is an expansion of consciousness through and into the layers of meaning or 10 dimensions that are woven through and beyond the waking, blue-sky mind and sensual world.

With due respect to John’s visions on Potmos, in our Age, we have to take into consideration our cosmology and make the appropriate shifts in text. Anything that John saw coming down from Heaven now comes through the material world from within and beyond, Likewise, any move into the Abyss or bottomless pit, is a movement of dissolution of the literal into ever-deepening metaphor.

Where the visionary abyss is understood, the sacred vision informs, inspires, confirms, the good in our cultural ways. Heavenly influence participates in the world as Grace. Inspired visions of the Unity are more properly translated as acts and relationships of atonement, as Joseph Campbell enjoyed saying, At-One-Ment. Inspired visions of the Unity are more properly translated as art that attunes the culture to the universal. As the transparency to the timeless embodies in human communities, so the stars ‘thrown to Earth by the dragon’s tail’ will have done the work of atonement.

Of Dragon Dissolved, the Messenger said:

You must see through and beyond the dragon,
Through and beyond the limitations
Through and beyond the ruptures in the fabric.

Yes, at the foundation of matters, the primal chaos exists,
the Void, the emptiness at the Foundation of matters
and yet, Creator makes of it something Glorious,
despite the limitations, within the limitations.

You live in the limitation.
You live in the physical.

Is it a dragon?
Is this limitation a dragon?

Only if you allow it to be so.
Only if you do not see through it.
Yes, you can rile against the dragon.
You can be angry at the mess.

You can say, Why is the limitation here?
Who put it here?

I tell you this, that you can see beyond it and through it.

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