Station 6: The Tree of Life: Signal Tree




signal tree

6. The Tree of Life:Signal Tree

The ur-constellation* of The Signal Tree is a transformation of the constellation, Cygnus, the Swan. Located between the 2 arms of the Milky Way, The Signal Tree reflects the Signal Tree just off Peck Road in Akron, Ohio, which marks the portage (place where you carry a canoe from one body of water to another) between the Tuscarawas and Cuyahoga Rivers. The earthly tree is a living witness to the indigenous wisdom of the past when human beings lived here in balance with the ecosystem. The tree in Akron marked as a safe place to move from one river to another. Understood mythically, the theme of a safe place of transition rooted in remembrance of the past symbolizes living through the 4 seasons of life guided by cultural rites of transition: sacred birth, rite of adolescence and adulthood, rite of elderhood, and sacred death. The Signal Tree between the Tuscarawas and Cuyahoga has a shape reminiscent of Cygnus, so, it is not difficult to make the revisionary leap. We are living in a 13.82 billion year old cosmos with souls that have known and shall know the gifts of the seasons of life many, many times.

The heavenly Signal Tree can be imagined with a deep root beneath its single trunk that divides into 3. Above, to the left of the ur-constellation is the North America Nebula (NGC 7000) and just to the right of the North America Nebula is the Pelican Nebula (IC 5070). Beneath the left-hand branch of the Tree is the Veil Nebula, also called, Witch’s Broom or Finger of G-d (NGC 6960). The dark patch that divides the Milky Way is called, The Great Rift, by our culture. For the peoples near the Great Lakes, that dark patch is known as Otter, who not only helped the Wisdom of the 7 Directions return to Earth, but who is also the Helper who accompanies souls to and from life.

The North American Nebula also indicates our location. The Pelican Nebula represents an integration of the best of the European teachings with the greater body of universal Wisdom. In the past, the pelican was imagined to feed its young with the blood from its own body. It is also a location in our galaxy where new stars are being born at this time. The Veil Nebula is the remnant of a super nova. It reminds us that the majority of the substance of Earth and our bodies was gifted to us by stars that lived and sacrificed their lives so we might live. Otter symbolizes the return of awareness of our capacity to move between the apparent surface of life and the hidden depths and that the entire cosmos is made this way, similar to consciousness surrounded in all directions as well as resting within a vast unconsciousness as infinite as space-time. Otter also reminds us of the many medicines living right where we are.

My message to those following the ancient ways is that a new Tree is flowering in the West. The Center of the People is alive, life-preserving and life-giving. What is past can be released. We can be released from the past when we are ready. Let the ‘hoops’ or circles of cultures be linked in wisdom. The awareness I describe here is spiral, evolutionary, involutionary, in the sense that it is both historic and archetypal. With the awareness of a galactic-hearted humanity, a doorway opens to understanding other planetary cultures who would share our galaxy, for they too, would know the experience of the Deeper, Guiding centerless Center. Even those who would travel through interplanetary journeys for 1000s of years would still know the the deeper awareness and enduring consciousness that is reflected in this Tree for reincarnation and biology do intersect in key relationships.

The spiral of Deep Time and Deep Consciousness now occurs in dreams and spiritual experience.

May this heavenly tree be reflected in civil relations where all children can find shelter and play. Let them be safe to develop under the loving care of elders. May those elders know and honor their own lives Purposes. May their Presence bring Delight to the Life’s Purposes of the youth. May this heavenly tree also be reflected in communal caring that honors the cycles of life. May births, deaths and re-births, coming together and separation, all Creation, be Celebrated, Honored, Magnified.

The Messenger said of The Tree:

Four seasons, four realities, four stages of the Journey
and yet, there are cycles and cycles and cycles of four
They reflect the ultimate Four.

The soul is a tree and the individual is a ring in the Tree.
Knowing the Four, knowing the Cycle, feeding the Longevity
which is greater than the ring, it is once again, The Expansion.

Foliage comes forth and the rings of fruitfulness come forth.
Then, there are times of dry seasons.
Will the Tree survive such seasons?

The Strength comes from Beyond.

This is not a dry season, not for you.
Many rings are you, many seasons.

You shall not be cut and counted just yet
You shall not be trimmed just yet.

The paring shall come and you shall know the time of paring.
May you never know the time of cutting.
I think you shall not know that time.
Such is a reckoning, it is a recycling
of the wayward and the dead, the cut off.

But nothing is wasted to the Spirit of the Center.
To the Center, all is brought, all is revealed, all is renewed.
The dead logs come to the Center and those who die are not always dead.
Do you know of what I speak?

Those who die and are not dead are not brought to the Center.
They are Called to the Center. There is a difference.

The Journey is continued based on the Call and Response.

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