Station 7: Lamp of the Archer






Can you see that Lamp that lights the way?
Follow the Dreaming Gourd.
Release and receive that invisible Flame.
Follow the Dreaming Gourd.
Follow the Dreaming Gourd.

1. The Lamp of the Archer(Sagittarius with the Galactic Center) was created in 2003.

I put forth the Lamp of the Archer, a Light for our world now, a Light showing the Cultural Foundation, the initiation and the Blossoming of the West in the Age of Magnification.

Delight in Being! Delight in being in relationship at the growing edge or the marriage bed where the Timeless merges with life in the phenomenal world. This is the Coronation of Matter. The Eternal expands and is transformed by every individual living in the phenomenal universe. The Un-created finds Its Delight and Self-reflection where the Eternal and space-time intermingle and become what-has-never-been. That is to say that the Un-created Delights in Creation. The Original Being Delights in our being original when its rooted in Sacred Purpose. Such is the meaning of the word, incarnation. Every individual has a birth-right to this Delight.

To re-set the sky to fit these times, form the ur-constellation of Lamp of the Archer by including the galactic center, a black hole named Sagittarius A*, by cosmologists to the constellation of Sagittarius. Although Sagittarius was imagined as a centaur drawing an arrow in its bow, the stars of our inherited constellation have the appearance of a tea pot. Just beyond the tip of the tea pot/arrow is where the center of our galaxy is located. According to Wiki, Karl Jansky was the first person to determine that a radio signal was coming from a location at the center of the Milky Way, in the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius. Sgr A* was discovered on February 13 and 15, 1974, by astronomers Bruce Balick and Robert Brown using the baseline interferometer of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.The name Sgr A* was coined by Brown in a 1982 paper because the radio source was “exciting”, and excited states of atoms are denoted with asterisks.

Sagittarius A* is a black hole with the mass of 400 million suns, a dark center that can be perceived only by magnification through a radio telescope, for it is clouded over to in the visual spectrum of human eyes. Only by hearing within and beyond the invisible. More than 100 billion suns orbit that Center, whirling in the Flow in the circulation of the complexity of this recently realized Center. Our sun and family of planets are soaring through the heavens at 135 miles per second, but not unguided. we are orbiting Sagittarius A* once every 226 million years. That visible Center’s emergence into human awareness mirrors an expansive potential for inner awareness or magnification for the West.

The shift from the sun as the source of cosmic order to the galactic center as the source of cosmic order is a symbolic rendering of our culture’s rite of passage and new Foundation. Completion of our Passage shall be symbolized by the 100 billion suns and black hole of the galactic center. The metaphor of light now available to individual consciousness indicates access to higher levels of energy, information and relations within and beyond, both psychological as well as galactic and literal. The magnified awareness shall be known and felt. Feel it lead us beyond ourselves though it surpasses all description.

Let us face the ordeal of the release. That task is for our souls to surrender, as flying arrows surrender to the Direction of their flight (Lucretius) and awaken within the evolving goal of the expanding universe. Pain and joy both are part of the passing through as we approach and understand the new Center. Let us laughingly, humbly realize that our inner our outer possession of one truth, one law, one divinity was too small, grim and mean, only a seed of the Divine. Let us realize that our historic sense of magnitude in the West was quite miserly compared to the generous abundance of the 13.82 billion year old universe that magnification has revealed.

Let us no longer be satisfied by the isolation of absolutism. Let us seek instead, the embracing of a unity of relatedness. Let us no longer be satisfied by the destruction and degradation of the wholly other. Let us be moved to the give and take, the respiration of the unity of rhythm, of playfulness. May our hearts now prefer the Glow, Warmth and Closeness of the 100 billion.

The many lights are sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, Messengers, guides – all fellow Travelers on the Journey. Let us no longer fear big numbers of distance, of speed, of size, of energy, nor of age. Even the decoding of the human genome shows that we are more alike than we are different. I am re-presenting an old pattern that assumes the passage of individual consciousness to the realization that it is one among many, at home in its universe and reconciled to its own Source, reconciled to its Beginning, Purpose and End.

A way to imagine our cultural, even planetary rite of passage is a collective shift from the sun as the image of a guiding and illuminating center to the galactic center as the guiding, illuminating center. Imagine that the loving capacity of the human heart is much more complex, intricate, enduring, guiding and generous than ever imagined in the past. We are all capable of this kind of expansive, mutually respectful love and culture. Each human can tap into this kind of depth and when lived, you can recognize it by the gentleness, peace, healing, music, art, culture, and justice. We are at a time of the Coronation of Matter, the time when she who was crownless has been crowned.

Of the Coronation of Matter, the Messenger has said:

Coronation is when the Spirit of the Center comes to the now, embodies the now, embraces the now, called forth by the needs of the many, Called forth and summoned, the Spirit of the Center shall bring to you, a Center, a visible Center, a visible Sign to show that which cannot be shown, to speak that which beyond language, to sing that which is of now sound. The Spirit of the Center shall bring a Coronation of the Matter Within which is also a reflection of the Spirit Beyond.

To release to that which is greater than “I” is the fulfillment of all that is.
The release is to the Spirit of the Center as a Spirit in the Center. Here-in lies a central dilemma. The multitude of Lights, the multitude of Spirits, revolve around the Spirit of the Center and yet, those who live on the plane of existence where you are seek the Lights themselves and not the Spirit of the Center.

I shall tell you this quite plainly.

A center that is in and of itself, is no Spiritual Center.

For all True Centers lead to the Great Spirit of the Center. They lead to embracing, to calling, to wholeness.

When we allow into our cultural mythology the “M” variable to equal the “E” variable in worth, as in our E=MC2 equation, there is a new possibility for a lot more Joy in life. For Earth is not an endpoint of an incarnation of Spirit, but a Revolutionary Ground that creates Spirit. If you read, A Fish Made of Water, by Michael Olin Hitt, you’ll find an elaboration on this idea.

What I mean is that spirituality and sexuality can once again return as a viable and worthy dimension of our cultural round. In the dream I shared earlier when the nihilism was removed from me by the Spirits of the West in my Hanbleycha (Vision Quest), I shared how the former young man who came to me to tell me he was changed told me, It was Hindu. After centuries of the men all dying young, I am living into a masculinity for which there is no recent pattern. All the men die after retiring in my family, on both sides, on back into the occlusion of the past. As I have looked again at the Hindu pattern, their 4 Sutras look a lot to me like the seasons of life as expressed in the Medicine Wheel. In that case, I think the time after retirement is a time of Kama Sutra. With all the baggage of that, I think that when lived in proper order, meaning that Kama Sutra comes after Dharma Sutra duties have been served, the cultivation of the Joy of Beauty and deeper embodiment into feeling, opens the way and is, in fact, a practice that prepares one for the annihilation of Moksha, or liberation, which at the final season of life is the conjugal union with Eternity.


The day Jung died, Mary Louise Von Franz often shared how they saw 3 weddings while they were driving. His last words were, famously that he would like a good, red wine for the evening. That his death was a Loving Embrace and Surrender is evidence that there is something to this.

In returning to the Grail thread that runs through to the Urground, the cultivation of a healing and courteous speech is perhaps the key, to the invitation for the Grail to return to the West. It takes only a simple shift in language to move from using the word, conversation, to the word, intercourse. A Surrender to a Sacred Intercourse that heals, strengthens, brings wisdom, delights, removes pain and suffering, brings clarity and a direct, whole experience of that which is beyond “I”, is how our Ancestors are cheering us forward to live in a better way our seasons of life. David Deida’s book, Finding God Through Sex: Awakening the One of Spirit Through the Two of Flesh is a good book to enter more deeply into the subject.


Linda Sussman’s The Speech of the Grail: A Journey toward Speaking that Heals & Transforms restores to us the path of the heart of speech that is followed by Gawain in the Grail mythology. Perceval as action and Gawain as heart help complete the wholeness as regards the Quest.


For those of us with any history of colonialism, it’s important to discern the experience of the One of Spirit that is of two from the experience of the One of Spirit that is of one. This is to draw apart knowing divinity through the second chakra and knowing divinity through the first, or the root.

Joseph Campbell in his Creative Mythology did not make this distinction. However, Marie-Louis von Franz, in her book, Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales, does touch on this idea in reminding us that part of the Grail Quest included finding the head of a stag that had been nailed to an oak tree. She wrote:

Perceval has to find not only the Grail containing Christ’s blood but also the stag, or the stag’s head, nailed to an oak tree, from which he has to take it down. IN the main legend, he does not forget and he finds the Grail before finding the stag’s head and brings it to a divine female figure. (p. 46-47)

Von Franz goes on from this point to associate the stag with arrogance and the shadow of the Christian principal. I agree with that part of her interpretation. However, in writing that the antlers of the stag where beautiful, but an un-necessary decoration, she went off track. The Christian shadow is in the decapitation of the stag, which, is the split from knowing that Earth and nature are inherently sacred, full of wisdom. For the Christian to truly recover, there is not only the honoring of the divine feminine, but also the atonement for decapitation of the sacred mind of nature and the forest.

This is a helpful way to discern sacred knowing of the second chakra from the first – of knowing the difference between the union of two that are One and the union of one with the Wisdom of Earth.

Station 8: Recollector