Station 9: The Highway Home


9. The Highway Home
(Milky Way as the side-on view of the galaxy with 2 galactic remnants)

To transform the Milky Way into the ur-constellation of The Highway Home first, add to it the knowledge that what in the past appeared to be a flat, sky road, heavenly river, bridge or tree, is, in fact, the edge-on view of the billions of stars, nebulae and celestial bodies of our galactic disk. The Highway Home is multi-layered, full of suns and solar systems in all phases of life, in constant revolution and evolution. Our starry road encircles the Earth. Next, add the Sagittarius and Canis Major dwarf galaxies in their respective constellations on either end of the Milky Way. They are both smaller galaxies orbiting and slowly merging with ours. Knowledge of their presence brings awareness that our galaxy is one of 30-some others of our local group. Our local group is in relation with the 2000 galaxies in the region of the Virgo cluster. It is the visible center of the Virgo supercluster. Our galactic home is moving in the current called the Virgo-centric Flow. at the speed of 1,400,000 miles per hour towards the steadily increasing mass of the Virgo supercluster.

The archetype informing cultural understandings of the Milky Way has always included qualities of transition, connection and transfer between the visible and invisible worlds – above and below, beginning and end, between time and no-time. The ur-constellation of The Highway Home is rooted in that same deep source and its themes remain. Yet, at this time in history, the possibilities for soul experience have multiplied because of our increased knowledge of the material universe. In visionary and near-death experience, this means that the journey to the “light of the other side”, remains, but that the light is now found in many directions, in any direction. This is an opportunity to journey, as in flight, out and away from our solar system through the vastness of space-time. This is a Journey of Freedom, Sound and Joy. It is as if new pages have been added to our culture’s Book of the Dead.

There is a likeness of this in the movie, Contact, a scene of sparks moving through the universe following a vast interconnected web.

In dreams, the idea of many times, converging as one, describes a more global sense of wholeness, the freedom of the fourth dimension. From this perspective, all times and places are accessible to imaginal experience, open to conscious exploration and integration. Such experiences are becoming more common. For example, it’s as if the space-time of all history were like a book where you the, the reader, can enter in and experiences any-where, any-when. It’s like a dusty path between all space-times with doorways that can be entered and exited or it’s like being a single point that is the intersection of all planes, all worlds and seeing a particular world is a question of intention, focus and stretching. Other dream motifs are the parade, the procession, the traffic, the migration, the immigration, expatriations, places of transfer, like airports, sea-ports, train stations, exit ramps. In waking life, there is a tremendous sensuality of the invisible, feeling the Presence of Spirit.

The psychological and cultural dark side of this archetype is the theme of entrenchment, shattering of historic references that pit science against faith, dogmatic, isolating tyrannies that pave over all other perspectives and voices. The Earthly highway that brings death through drunk, impaired, distracted driving, through IED-roadside bombs, exploding humans. It appears as cultural egotism that assumes that when our sun and solar system end, the entire universe will end. The Highway Home is mirrored by the many highways of our country lined with roadside memorials to the dead.

Finally, we are not separate from what we perceive in the heavens as the Highway Home. Our home is that same Highway and the path of the Homeless Traveler, is ours. Our Earth is one among many that have been, are and will be hosts of life. The immensity of space ushered in by this new perspective of the Milky Way is an invitation to a deeper soul capacity to know Spirit. In art, urreality, ritual, prayer, institutions, meditations, music, all cultural forms.

The Messenger said of this:

It is possible to gain a perspective beyond perception.
It is a Holy Perspective that allows one to see, to perceive,
to know and to experience that which is beyond both your perception and your perspective.

The journey into the vastness of space is a reflection
of the journey inward to the vastness of the Spirit.

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