The Magnification: Scepter, Bi-polar, Bi-axial Seasonal Consciousness in a Bi-polar Cosmos and de-Coronation Chapter 8


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If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

— words of Jesus in saying 70 of the Gospel of Thomas

I am the Beginner’s BodyMind of the Source of all that is,
I am the Sensual, Beautiful, Immanent Presence faithfully with you.
I am the embodied life who labors to birth what has never been.
I delight each day in the awe of being and I am grateful to live.
May I live in a way that future generations will find worthy.

— transformation of Magnificat to Magnification

Since 1610, we live on a bi-polar planet that is turning, therefore participating in the motions of the bi-polar sun, moon, planets and stars overhead and the changing of the seasons, the length of day and night on Earth — all in a bi-polar galaxy, in a cosmos infinitely populated by creatures and shapes bi-polar. The celestial bodies are in revolution, gyres spinning on their invisible axes. Even at the quantum level, there is spin.

juno-jupiterspNorth Pole of Jupiter

south-pole-of-jupiterSouth Pole of Jupiter

solarnorthNorth Pole of the Sun

spsunSouth Pole of the Sun

saturn_north_Pole_vortex-e1364141141213North Pole of Saturn

southpole_cassiniSouth Pole of Saturn

vg2_p34628South Pole of Neptune

NeptuneBi-polar Neptune

Perhaps another way to imagine chronopathology appears in the sheer amount of persons who are now diagnosed with some form of bi-polar disorder and seasonal disorder. If we were to steal soul back from medical psychology, those who suffer bi-polar and seasonal disorders may be suffering because our culture is out of sync with the cosmos, the seasons of Earth and seasons of life, out of sync with day and night. Everything in our science is saying gyration/rotation on an axis while our art, music, and rituals are still speaking of spheres surrounding the unmoving sphere of Earth.

Consider how in New York City, arguably the center of the human world now, as people pass through Grand Central Station, the art overhead remains Ptolemaic – 1800 years out of sync. We have architecture and art who also have bi-polar and seasonal disorder.

ZodiacZodiac (Ptolemaic Map) at Grand Central Station, NYC

Nearly all, especially the Earth-like exoplanets, feature atmospheres surrounding them. We know that the ecosystems of Earth would perish without the protective atmosphere that invisibly envelopes us. Life would find no rest without the gifts of day and night that come with turning on an axis. All life, too, participates in the rhythms of days and nights, of months, of seasons – bringing forth what is within, what has never been.


Where this concerns us is in dreaming. Since 1610, personalized, nightly guidance has come in dreaming. To not bring them forth from the night by recollecting them is to live half a life, to be half out of our minds. To take them up consciously is to take up the scepter of our inner Authority, with the big “A”. I shared earlier how after my dream of cats that I knew deep down that I was not made for wrestling. Taking a step in a new direction was surprisingly effortless, even in the face of all the opposition around me, because I felt solidly grounded in my own Guidance System. I had tapped into my own gyroscope/axis mundi. Recall Monick’s words. There was no need to fear because a primary-process inner connection with phallos had become engaged and dependably functional. Axis mundi, that rigorous, precarious heroism came in dreams as it would for a shaman.

Rotation on an axis is an archetypal theme that runs through our own cultural stories and is most often code for Purpose. The Russian Baba Yaga stories, her home is always moving and when it stands still, it rotates on a single chicken leg. Her home is surrounded by fence posts topped with decapitated heads with an empty post waiting for your head if things do not go well. Her questions, like:

Are you here seeking a task or are you here shirking a task?
Are you here by your own free will or because of compulsion?

are questions about Purpose in life. A right answer has life and humor in it, or it has heart. She also is a stickler for respect and courtesy. Her method of travel, the mortar and pestle, mean that she is the medicine at the same time as knowing the medicine. She has not been afraid be pulverized into dust. She is an image for Grandmother Earth. I think this is Gaia.

In the stories, it’s when you are not aligned to your own axis mundi that you lose your head/opportunity/way.


If she has a ‘husband’, I think he is the whirlwind, tornado, torrent of spinning winds that move over the landscape, scattering everything, imploding the hermitically sealed, and drawing life upward into the sky. In medieval images, Mary is impregnated by a whirlwind, a pillar/ray/beam of light. This invisible space-maker, opener, expander, impregnator, is how a force that gives Purpose moves in our cultural stories.

With our Earth spinning on the bi-polar axis, I think its safe to imagine Purpose using the circling, cycling, medicine truth-testing mode of Baba Yaga/Gaia as one pole.


and the world-expanding, transforming, impregnator, Truth-maker mode of the whirlwind Sky Father, as the other. Earth generates Purpose, births Spirit, and human souls participate in this, adding our humanity to the wholeness of the worlds.


The whole planet is Baba Yaga’s turning hut. The whole planet is the whirling of the winds. That they are both in service to the Principle of the continuity of life is the key to taking the symbols inward. They serve the Dream of life. Inside us, is a deep, sense of direction, of up, down, east,west, north, south. The most power forces that are in service to the Dream of life are inside us and it is not a question of participating or not. We participate in spite of ourselves, even against ourselves. The goal is to participate consciously and with virtue. It is this bi-polar force that will save us if we bring it forth and will destroy us if we do not.


The first time I got drunk when I was 16. My friends and I were able to get older kids to buy us beers. Beers were the worst drink I had tasted to that point. None of us were drinking the brews for the taste. We drank for the buzz, but it was hard work. At one point, I remember, how my head began to turn, just a little. It was like being dizzy. After that, I began to spin and spin. Frankly, the buzz from being dizzy was more enjoyable for me. At one point, a friend told me, Reynolds, I’m not doing that spinning thing anymore. It makes you fake drunk.

I’ve thought about this the rest of my life. Of all the things to do, why spin? It turns out that if you study the first time you get drunk, (and the first time you figure out how to play with your manhood, womanhood, inter- hood), there is unexpected symbolism in it. All over our culture, for many persons, the first time they use alcohol or drugs, the first sensually erotic and joyful play, is during adolescence. Certainly there is a curiosity factor as well as a power and privilege factor – yet, I see in the altered state, the desire for authentic spiritual experience. I also see in it the desire/compulsion to enter into participation with the collective adult world through (an altar-ed state) in a culture that has no initiation.


We are invited to do some deeper seeing, to psychologize, the stories of first times drunk/high, first times taking hold of our own manhood/womanhood/selfhood in such a way that is profoundly pleasurable, humorous, even as audacious and shocking as Coyote, Gifts of Soul await within, beneath, beyond the story lines of those narratives.

That I was spinning in order to get beyond myself, if you use the theme of how that plays out in my life, there is much to it. A spinning Earth is a Spirit-full Earth, a Dreaming Earth inviting us to dream into the Dream already going on.


I respect T. S. Elliot’s description of the dance that can happen only because of the Still Point:

At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

As heretical as this may sound, Elliot, too, has the cultural bi-polar disorder. It is because he is still held captive to the Ptolemaic dome and celestial spheres – within which, a still-point, is possible. These are the days of the axis and the turnings. He left out Baba Yaga and all her medicine, so his poetic imagery is nihilistic. This is what I mean, he is half-born into the new cosmos:

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present

Yes, the above is the image of the new heavens, but then he followed with:

All time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an abstraction
Remaining a perpetual possibility
Only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.


His is the language of the fallen Earth, senex consciousness in both its poles. He came by this honestly, with the immense grief that was his life in the 20th century. I honor him and find in him no fault as a writer because I know the clouds overhead during his life were thick and dark with human atrocity I have never known. In a way, he was unable to see through those clouds what the cosmos has been saying to us during our Age – All time is redeemable.

Perhaps Dante came closer to this, though he did not have the cosmology yet to know that what moves the sun and stars is the participation of the turning Earth, that what makes it possible for us to witness this is the invisible protective atmosphere.


He wrote:

Just so was I on seeing this new vision
I wanted to see how our image fuses
Into the circle and finds its place in it,

Yet my wings were not meant for such a flight —
Except that then my mind was struck by lightning
Through which my longing was at last fulfilled.

Here powers failed my high imagination:
But by now my desire and will were turned,
Like a balanced wheel rotated evenly,

By the Love that moves the sun and the other stars.

To read Dante’s text with Earth-based Wisdom, there is an un-named Divinity in the line:

Except that then my mind was struck by lightning

Mind, lightning strike that brings healing, in the Lakota reading of the Medicine Wheel, are all qualities of the Power of the West. Because the healing that Earth brings is balance, this lightning strike that fulfills his longing mind is the turning point for him to return to a soul equilibrium. Under the old sky with God in the Highest, getting too high was not considered a problem. However, in the Earth-based tradition, too much sky leaves your consciousness floating above your body. (I know this from direct experience by the way) The shocking Power that strikes the mind back into balance with the wholeness of being, especially the heart, is the West – where the Thunderers who cleanse the world are said to dwell.

A wholeness and balance turning in right rhythm is also described by this image, since 1969:


Here powers failed my high imagination:
But by now my desire and will were turned,
Like a balanced wheel rotated evenly,

By the Love that moves the sun and the other stars.


The Love that moves the sun and the other stars is the turning planet Earth, the Mother who has birthed all life and who is protected by a life-giving, sustaining, yet invisible atmosphere, that we could poetically call, Grandfather.

There is a wonderful theme of the pin that occurs in Marion Woodman’s and Robert Bly’s 1998 study of the Russian Maiden King. At first, in the story, the main character is tranquilized by his tutor who was doing the bidding of the character Ivan’s step-mother. Because Ivan falls into a sleep caused by his educator, he misses out on the adventure of his life, to go to the Kingdom 3 x 10 or thrice ten, to be with the Beloved who loves him.

Near the end of the story, in order to learn how to re-connect to his Beloved, who has forgotten her love for him, the Mother of the Woman who lives in the Kingdom 3 x 10 turns Ivan into a pin and sticks him into the wall. She tells him to be quiet and to listen.

This is Baba Yaga in her blessing mode. If you are following the path of your own heart, her powers do not remove your head from your body. Your entire being becomes a Silent axis of listening and receptivity. Her care and affirmation of who you are delivers you to the place where you can root yourself into the vertical. You can become a ‘horizontal experiencer‘, whether it be the capacity to be awake in dreaming, as in lucid dreams, deeply perceptive of the atmosphere/spirit of a space, a union of heart and vulnerable, responsive, Phallos, who listens to the inside private, collective world of the lives of women.

Gaia is on the side of True Lovers and one of her lessons is the receptivity of Earth and the recollection of the love that makes life worthwhile. However, she cannot transform you into what you are not already – in the story, what made it possible for the seeker, Ivan, to be turned into a pin and stuck to the wall, was that he had sufficiently prepared for the moment. If he had not been ready, the same affirming force that delivered him to horizontal experiencing would have torn him to pieces.


This is radical essential receptivity of the gyre of the Sufi Dervish. If I had seen myself getting drunk and spinning in order to become fake drunk, I would have considered that I was witnessing a child seeking to become a pin stuck to the wall, a young man seeking to spin with the wild God-seeking Dervishes. I would have considered that I was seeing a child-man speaking in poetic language at a time in his life when he knew no other way to speak, nor act out, but the literal.


Joseph Campbell in Creative Mythology offered a teaching about the word, AUM from the Mandukya Upanishad. He offered it as a way for us to imagine 4 layers of consciousness – the letter “A” as waking consciousness, the letter “U” as dreaming consciousness, the letter “M” as undreaming consciousness, also known as deep sleep. Campbell described deep sleep as:

the state of the mystical union of the knower and the known,
God and his world brooding seeds and energies of creation.

Yet, we are called to go deeper still, to merge with the depths beyond and within all that is the Silence of the Unbegotten Source out of which all rises and to which it all returns.


The pattern of AUM + Silence as the map of consciousness is mirrored by our knowledge of the sky. Our sky rhythm between night and day, the round of the seasons, is sensually beautiful to behold, we feel it all and we all participate in an emotional climate that sets the tone for being each day and night of the year.

With this pattern in mind, consider the blue sky of day as the space-time of waking consciousness = A.


The dark starry heavens of ur-constellations express the visible lights of dreaming consciousness seamlessly merged with the hidden lights of undreaming consciousness = U & M.


The mysterious ground out of which our universe emerged and into which our universe is expanding is the Unbegotten Source, Cosmic Mother, Cosmic Memory Field = Silence.

cosmic background

In the depth psychology of our day, waking consciousness derives its root from an a personal, familial and cultural dreaming unconscious, which itself is rooted in a universal, archetypal un-dreaming consciousness, which is rooted in the Unbegotten Mystery all around and within – the Cosmic Memory Field.

As a psychological mythology, the entire cosmos is psyche-somatic, which is derived from psyche = soul and soma = body. It is fundamental to the human condition to have an unconscious mind. All persons in all cultures share an archetype of unique and equal access to ‘God and his world of brooding seeds and energies of creation’. (Campbell, 1968) Knowing by direct experience or gnosis that waking consciousness derives its root from an a personal, familial and cultural dreaming unconscious, which itself is rooted in a universal, archetypal un-dreaming consciousness, which is rooted in the Unbegotten Mystery all around and within, returns us to the beginning and the Beginnings.

By this, I mean that I opened these chapters with a story of a gnostic aesthetic arrest before the numinous, aka. an Akashic experience. I also mean Beginnings with the “B” as in Source – psyche somatic, so, yes, psycho-somatic, in the traditional sense of the unconscious manifesting, pathologizing, in a physical symptom, yet, more expanded to include all in which we participate. The more expanded experience of body means that you can feel your own body resonate, take a shape, grow aroused, still, undomesticated, yet Eartlhy-wise.

Psyche-somatic, thus, is a variety of religious experience. (James, 1905) The opening of the heart to the awe to follow the iridescence of a living myth. (Campbell, 1968)

When imaginal archetypal depths are consciously brought to surface awareness, it is as if the archetypal waters of Life reanimate our nighttime sky again. As we enter the daytime arc of our lives, we feel carried wide-awake within the dream with the dreams of the night loyally inside of us. The stars come closer.

The planetary respiration of the video above and our own dreaming share this same rhythm of the year. Our surrender into and our rise from the depths of sleep into the days are also embedded in the archetypal themes of the 4 seasons. Yes, there are times of the year when we surrender to the depths of these stars:


and awake in the morning to find the grasses covered with dew:


And as the season turns, our nights speak in the new poetics of:


We rise from the waters of the night to the give-away of the autumn:


As the time of stars grows longer and our dreaming stretches more deeply:



And the lengthening days bring forth what has never been:



The dreams on Earth, for the West, find their proper home in the beneath. They are of the night within the Underworld. Because the night is full of stars who follow their paths according to the season, dream, starry Underworld and the seasonal mirroring round of birth, becoming and death all resonate together.

Jung wrote:

“The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends.

For all ego-consciousness is isolated; because it separates and discriminates, it knows only particulars, and it sees only those that can be related to the ego. Its essence is limitation, even though it reach to the farthest nebulae among the stars. All consciousness separates; but in dreams we put on the likeness of that more universal, truer, more eternal man dwelling in the darkness of primordial night.

There he is still the whole, and the whole is in him, indistinguishable from nature and bare of all egohood. It is from these all-uniting depths that the dream arises, be it ever so childish, grotesque, and immoral.

And here’s Jospeh Campbell again, along the same lines:

The secret of dreams is that subject and object are the same. The object is self-luminous, fluent in form, multivalent in its meanings. It’s your dream, the manifestation of your will, and yet, you are surprised by it. This is the relationship of ego-consciousness to the unconscious. Ego-consciousness has to learn about the unconscious and dreams are the vocabulary of the unconscious speaking to the conscious mind, yet in dreams and in vision, subject and object are the same. Dream, vision, God–God is a luminous vision.

The image of God is equivalent to the dream vision…Write down your dreams. They are your myths.

(from The Vitality of Myth, 1974)

When I left the possessive effects of the End-times mentality that was caused by the trauma of losing my friend, it was a dream that guided me out:

I am walking in the mountains and they are covered with huge gourds and vines, 8 feet long, football shaped gourds connected with 18 inch thick crusty vines. There were so many that I could hardly make my way. Suddenly, I found myself standing near 2 men all dressed in white robes. In the dream, I knew they were angels. They had come to talk to me.

What are all these plants?, I asked them.

The one angel replied:

This is the fruit of your life.

I knew when I heard the answer that living my life in the present in order to store up treasures in heaven to be enjoyed after I die was confounding my spiritual journey. The dream caused me to shift towards focussing on what was most original in my life, that which would only come into the world or happen because I was alive and participating. A participatory rhythm of the daytime mind into the nighttime mind and back again is a vital clue to taking up your own scepter in life.

It is a turning, that if you choose to participate in it will bring forth what is in you. It is about becoming who has never been and who will never be again in a beautiful, generous, courageous, wise way. I’ve heard Michael Meade describe this as knowing that the question you are asked when you die is,

Did you become yourself?



This is the conversation between the indigenous Chomina and the patriarchal French Fr. Laforgue in the Bruce Beresford film, Black Robe. (1991)

Chomina – Tell me, Black Robe, what does your dream say now?

Fr. Laforgue – I’m too weary for dreams.

Chomina – But you must. If you do not, how do you see the way ahead?

Fr. Laforgue – I put my trust in God. He will guide me all the way to Paradise.

Chomina - But you have not seen this Paradise. No man should welcome death.
This world is a cruel place, but it is the sunlight.

Fr. Laforgue – Do you hear me! My God loves you! All you must do is accept His love
and he will meet you in Paradise!

Chomina – Leave my friend, Leave.

These men represent the value their 2 cultures place on dreaming. Chomina knows that his dreams will show him the way ahead. Black Robe (Fr. Laforgue) seems not to know this, though his is a learned behavior. We are all born dreamers and someone has to teach us to forget. Of course, we participate in the forgetting.


Morton Kelsey’s book, God, Dreams and Revelation, looked at the history of the value placed upon dreaming in Christianity. He wondered why, in modern times, most persons insist that they do not dream and generally place little value upon them?

He cogently showed how St. Jerome, in 405 CE, in his Latin Vulgate Bible, purposely mistranslated the language regarding the study of dreams. In Jerome’s scriptural sleight of hand, the study of dreams and witchcraft were lumped together and condemned. In the original text, this was not so. It would not be until 1960 that the Catholic Church removed this error.


In translating Leviticus 19:26 and Deuteronomy 18:10…Jerome turned the law:

You shall not practice augury or witchcraft. (i.e. soothsaying)

into the prohibition:

“You shall not practice augury nor observe dreams.

Thus, by the authority of the Vulgate, dreams were classed with soothsaying, the practice of listening to them with other superstitious ideas. (p. 155)

James Hillman, in Re-visioning Psychology, reminded us that in 787 CE, the Fathers of the Church gathered at the second council of Nicea and declared –

…the composition of religious imagery is not left to the initiative of artists, but is formed upon principles laid down by the Catholic Church and by religious tradition.

By delineating which images were sacred and which were not, by associating dreaming with witchcraft, there was a grid put over the freedom and mystery, the grotesque and self-luminous and revelational images of dreams. Nearly 8 1/2 centuries later, the grid was still holding the minds of Europeans when they encountered the indigenous across the globe – dramatized by the conversation in Black Robe. In my own lifetime, the same overlooking of the value of dreaming has been the general experience.


To step out of the shells of our now emptied out sacred architecture and touch Earth again, dreaming and undreaming consciousness need to come with us. When we dream, we can see the way ahead. When we awaken from sleep and recollect our dreams, we are not rewinding a tape of what played in the night like a film. When we recollect our dreams in the morning, we are remembering the future in symbolic, metaphoric, mythic language. “Your dreams are your myths.”

Consider the recurring pattern of the future, (world to come) being expressed in symbolic form. I shared above how in the oral tradition, recollecting a story implies the future. Hear again:

1.The telling is for them and him and us an act of “going backward/looking forward,” in which past and future intersect: in which traditional ways (as process) do not imprison but free the mind to knew beginnings and speculations. This is the basis of the “oral” as a liberating possibility: an interplay that preserves the mind’s capacity for transformation — as important as an ecological sense that other preservation (of earth & living forms, etc) that we now recognize not as nostalgia but a necessary tool for human survival. And that capacity is not a blind, collective process then or now — not by a long shot….To get to where those others are, (the indigenous story tellers and the oral tradition) we’ve had to break the mind-set of our culture–doing that to re-invent what is still possible in theirs, adherence through tradition to what Casirer called the “law of metamorphosis in thought and word.”

The going backward/looking forward in which past and future intersect, the law of metamorphosis in thought and word that we reach by breaking the mind-set of our culture appears in many places once you get the hang of it.

2. With the sweat lodge, the way the fire burns is symbolic for how the lodge will go.
3. With vision quest before Sun Dance, the way the vision quest goes is how the Dance will go for the Dancer.
4. With Sun Dance, the way the Sun Dance goes is the way the year to come will unfold.
5. With dreaming, the way the dreaming goes is the symbolic life into the future for the Dreamer
6. With creativity, the images, songs, poetry, all originality from the heart, contain elements that come forth and make sense only in the future, originality is forward-looking and intuitive.

Here’s Jung again as regarding psyche and death:

7. …there are these peculiar faculties of the psyche, that it is not entirely confined to space and time. You can have dreams or visions of the future, you can see around corners, and such things. Only ignorance denies these facts, you know; it’s quite evident that they do exist and have existed always. Now these facts show that the psyche is not under obligation to live in time and space alone, and obviously, it doesn’t, then, to that extent that psyche is not subjected to those laws, and that means a practical continuation of life, of a sort of psychical existence beyond time and space.

This same pattern of laboring to bring forth the future also appears in the work of Malidoma Some as regarding pain and ritual.

8. For the Dagara elder, pain is the result of a resistance to something new — something toward which an old dispensation is at odds. We are made of layers of situations or experiences. Each one of them likes to use a specific part of ourselves in which to lodge. It’s like a territory. A new experience that does not have a space to sit in with us will have to kick the old one out. The old one that does not want to leave will resist the new one, and the result is registered by us as pain. This is why the elders call it Tuo . It means invasion, hunting, meeting with a violent edge. It also means boundary. Pain, therefore, is our body complaining about an intruder. Body complaint is understood as the soul’s language relayed to us. A person in pain is being spoken to by that part of himself that knows only how to communicate in this way….In this context, a body in pain is a soul in longing.To shut down the pain is to override the call of the soul.[Ritual, Power, Healing and Ceremony, pp 21-22]


9. With the stars: At Onandaga Lake, NY, this fall, the Haudenosaunee brought one of the original wampum belts of the Great Peace. It was the one carried by the Tadodaho of the Onandoga People. During the ceremony, an elder taught that the stars were the way to always find home if you were lost in the past. He also shared that the stars always tell you what is to come, especially as concerns the winter. Those who once were the star readers for the tribe have gone missing over the centuries, but he hoped that one day, the gift would return. Persons with the star-seeing gifts would know if the winter days ahead would be harsh or mild – along with other guidance to help the People see the way ahead. This Gift is still living in the navigators Wade Davis called, The Wayfinders.


Hillman described the going backward/looking forward as animistic, subjective, mythical consciousness. He reminded that for Westerners, it is anima, soul, where we find these psychological realities:

So the movement into psychological existence proceeds through her in one form or another. The movement through the constructed world of concepts and dead things into an animistic, subjective, mythical consciousness, where fantasy is alive in a world alive and means “me”, follows anima. She teaches personifying and the very first lesson of her teaching is the reality of her independent personality over and against the habitual modes of experiencing with which we are so identified that they are called ego, I. The second lesson is love; she comes to life through love and insists on it, just as Psyche in the old tale is paired forever with Eros.

Perhaps the loving comes first. Perhaps only through love is it possible to recognize the person of the soul. And the connection between love and psyche means a love for everything psychological, every symptom or habit, finding place for it within the heart of imagination, finding a mythical person who is its supportive ground… this person is indispensable to the notion of human personality.(pp. 43-44)


Three Persons in One Goddess

The working hypothesis for this essay is that because it was through the Western tradition and from within the Christian mythology that the telescope, with its lenses, whereby seeing became a simultaneous act of knowing, that the European collective soul, which at that time in the Catholic Church was carried by the image of Mary – that we are living an evolutionary transformation of Her Magnificat – a Magnification of collective and individual soul. Hillman’s archetypal perspective is the more comprehensive category, but he is referring to the archetypal person of Mary, who is Sophia in the Christian mythos. The mythical person who is the supportive ground, for Westerners, She who is indispensable to the notion of the human personality.



Earlier, I shared about learning the Holy Trinisophia from Robert Sardello, the downward pointing triangle who is the Beloved of the Trinity. The three persons of the Trinisophia are: Mother, Daughter, Holy Soul. Anima, then, is Trinisophia in one of Her forms, though all are implicated. The same Mystery applies to the Trinisophia as to the Trinity, in this. Three Persons in One Goddess.

Look again at the repeating pattern of the examples above where an event, even after it occurs, as you remember it, is a poetic seeing the way forward – future remembered, which I wrote earlier:

We are remembering the future in soul language – metaphors for the horizon of life that is coming to be.

To honor Memory, in Mnemosyne’s case, (we get our Mnemonic of the mnemonic devices that help us remember from her) there are cultural stories that carry wisdom perfected over eons of time. The resurrection of Mnemosyne helps complement and complete the Western Mind by bringing it back into interdependent relationship with the greater, more ancient community of life upon which it depends. Here, Memory, with the capital “M” means more than the recall of data from the past, though that is part of it. Memory, in this case, is the Memory as a power of the imagination that follows its own law that Cassirer called, the law of metamorphosis in thought and word We enact in the name of Mnemosyne when we remember our dreams, visions, and ancestors, when we recollect the narrative of our biography.

In our own tradition of Sophia, Memory or Recollection, as a primal power of imagination is called, Mother, in the Trinisophia as taught by Sardello. Hillman, too, takes this up in Re-Visioning Psychology when he noted how the narratives of repressed memories turned out to be imperfect. As fictions, they still had crucial psychological import, but they were not trustworthy accounts for literal events. They were better understood symbolically. Return of repressed memories, while healing, can also offer storylines that link past to present and future. Their sudden recollection was found to reveal the way forward. Memory is fundamentally imaginal, an activity of soul. Jung in an interview near the end of his life described the future that we remember in dreams as the way psyche can see around corners. In its most essential form, Mnemosyne refers to remembering the personal and cultural dream

In its most essential form, Mnemosyne refers to remembering the personal and cultural dream. When we remember dreams, we are not merely recalling a sequence of chemical events that happened though the night.

yantrasea of no boundaries


Mary, the Mother in particular, the Dark Madonna adorned in her starry robe that is the whole of the cosmos to the oldest age and the greatest space that our science can verify, is our Mnemosyne/Memory. She is pregnant with the future. The Haudenosaunee Chomina, would have his own way of speaking of Her, but you can tell by how he speaks of seeing the way forward in dreams that he knows Her from direct experience, not only in his dreams but also in the living rituals of his people.

Chomina – Tell me, Black Robe, what does your dream say now?

Fr. Laforgue – I’m too weary for dreams.

Chomina – But you must. If you do not, how do you see the way ahead?

Fr. Laforgue – I put my trust in God. He will guide me all the way to Paradise.

Chomina - But you have not seen this Paradise. No man should welcome death.
This world is a cruel place, but it is the sunlight.

Fr. Laforgue – Do you hear me! My God loves you! All you must do is accept His love and he will meet you in Paradise!

Chomina – Leave my friend, Leave.

You can also tell by the Jesuit’s denigration of this possibility that he does not know this Mother. Earlier, I wrote of Jung’s conception of Self, the whole of the psyche, which, to add another insight of his, appears as a mandala of some form that is containing, yet uncontaining – Lee Irwin named this Ur-space, the womb of all becomings, the Spacio-Psychronic Continuum, multiverse. The reason we need this Mother with her robe stretched always to contain within Herself all that is, is because She is our own soul’s moving image of Eternity. She reflects for human beings what their Self-image, with the big “S”, is like. Without Her fully up-to-date cultural awareness, the people of the entire culture suffer a poor Self-image.


There were 2 literalizations that bound Our Mother by a senex feminine curse. The first runs through the New Testament where the question of whether or not the Second Coming was going to happen in the lifetimes of those involved. This was a literalization of the archetype of the End/Re-birth that had gone missing from the culture. The second binding was done by Augustine in the City of God where he, more than others, put to end the idea of the coming Apocalypse and focussed on a virtuous life that will be rewarded by everlasting life with God in Paradise- which, in the conversation above, is the teaching that Father LaForgue is trying to get Chomina to adopt just as he’s about to die. (!)

Earlier still, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, was the curse put on those who soothsay (and those who study dreams, in Jerome’s opinion). All of this is yet another curse of The Mother. Finally, there was the curse put upon the Grandmother and Grandfather in the beginning of the patriarchal West in 500 BCE.

While I was riding on a train through France during my first academic year abroad, (again, thanks to the Drs. Locey) I met a man who had gone on a pilgrimage to pray with the monks at Mount Carmel, in Israel. The monastery is built over the cave reputed to be the one where Elijah prayed. My fellow traveler said that he made it all the way to the monastery and was well received. He was taken up to sit in prayer with one of the respected elders there. He said that they sat in silence for a long time, until finally, the old monk leaned over towards him and whispered: Women are evil. He said he politely thanked the elder, quietly stood up and left. He said he did not look back.

I share this in order to give the context for why Augustine might have an unconscious ax to grind as regards The Mother and the Grandmother. If we take his doctrine of Original Sin to its full stature, then the waters of all of our mothers, of all the mothers and grandmothers of the planet , the womb, the waters of Earth, rivers and rain, are all ‘less than’, all flowing towards the everlasting Lake of Fire, if we take him seriously.


Mni Wiconi.
Water is Life.
We must not forget this truth.

When I was at Standing Rock, November, 2016, the most powerful moments for me where the water ceremony. It was led by women and 2-Spirit persons which is the indigenous name for LGBT individuals. As I walked, I wept, but also felt an deep and ancient anger – it was also my own. If we are truly going to pray with the indigenous, truly de-colonize ourselves, then, if we are of a Christian background, we must repudiate the curse that has been put upon our own Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, all of our women, repudiate the curse put upon all the children that they are Holy and Whole, worthy of life, just as they are. As men, the water of our own blood, of our own Phallos, too, is an image of God for us. Our bodies and Earth, the cosmos, is all Sacred.

I offered my tears to the Cannonball River with the prayer that the curses put upon life be transformed into blessings and 3 – 4 generations of healing, even more, 6-8, more….

The loving poetic horizon of the future days to come, has gone missing. The loving influence that most cultures of the ethnosphere know as The Mother is entombed beneath hierarchy -the patriarchal grid. Her loving labor to birth a beautiful future world to come, in the sense of an ongoing evolution of the adventure of life -for all that lives, was made ‘less than’, ‘worse than’, or in the case of my friend on the train, as a woman, She was made evil.

In the unfolding of the Age of Magnification, that began with Starry Messenger, She was entombed in the sky in the guise of a Coronation, complete with scepter and stars.



As I was passing through Paris on the way to my Christmas Truce pilgrimage, I stopped to light a candle at Notre Dame. The one altar that radiated an energy that washed through my body as warm chills was the altar to Notre Dame de Guadelupe. There are important qualities that separate Her from ideas of the Cigoli’s Virgin above. Essentially, Our Lady of Guadelupe is a Mother of Life, while the traditional Catholic teachings about the Virgin are about a Death Mother. I know, that’s harsh, but its true.

Remeber how Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego and spoke to him in his own Nuantl language? She was dressed as a traditional Azteca royal person with the tassels that mark Her — both as royal and also with child. In the Aztec tradition, women, children, Earth, water are all sacred. It’s the very same teaching that is going on at Standing Rock – Mni Wiconi = Water is Life.

In the tradition of Mary presented as a Death Mother, the waters of the wombs of all women, all children, all waters of the Earth, the Earth and the entire cosmos are all headed to an everlasting Lake of Fire. (Augustine) It is because within the version of Christianity where salvation is required, all life and birth upon the Earth are ‘less than’ and are in need of a Fatherly intervention.


In the Mary of the Coronation on the left, this is Mary being honored after her life on Earth was over. She is being presented as a woman who received her everlasting reward in the Beyond for being the Mother of the Savior. When I prayed at the Cannonball River at the morning Water Ceremony, I offered my tears to the river, with the prayer that the way our culture’s religion has condemned the waters of all women, the Earth, our children, all of us, would be healed. I prayed that blessings and healing would go forth from this place for 6-8 generations in order to unbind the curse of 3-4 generations found in the 1st Commandment.

There are important reasons why the indigenous the world over hold Our Lady of Guadelupe in high regard and honor Her with roses. Her image the loving Madre of birth, life, death, rest – the full cycle of life. She has always been an open secret for the indigenous, their own brown-skinned Cosmic Mother who has continued to care for all even from within the patriarchy.

The Madonna becomes a Death Mother, when the context in which She is placed, assesses the entire cosmos as “less than” and “fallen”. The pregnant Virgin of Guadelupe is a Mother of Life because she belongs to an older context in which the entire cosmos, the waters of all the wombs of women, all children and Earth are sacred. (Yes, men are sacred too, yet belong to the symbolism of the axis mundi and the atmosphere – yes, all that is in between too.)

The Death Mother is not in Herself a problem. She becomes problematic when She is the Only Mother or Highest Mother. There is a season of life when it is time to allow the entire cosmos we know in life to move into the past because it has become less than. During the dying process, it’s helpful to know that it’s ok to let go and move on. She has Her place in the Medicine Wheel — the North , the season of Winter when all previous life of the year returns to the enduring Beauty from which the New Year will be conceived.

There is an interesting mythic key in how both women are standing upon the foundation of the moon – where we live around the Great Lakes, She is the Grandmother Moon.


In our own Western mythology, the Moon is the person of the threshold between life and death – a Birth/Death Mother. Persons with Her Gift I have met are able to tell if a person they are with is moving into life or towards death.

Black Elk had this very Gift where he would look into the cup of water he used to know how to proceed with the person for whom he was caring.

It makes a huge difference to know if you are helping someone live or helping someone die. There are a number of women in our region who have this Gift, who are doulas of both birth and death.

In order for us to fully grasp this time-period we are in, we do well to keep in mind our own tradition of soul:

“the imaginative possibilities in our collective and personal natures, the experiencing through reflective speculation, dream, image, fantasy, and co-creation (co-poesis) – that mode that recognizes all realities as relational, primarily symbolic or metaphorical and in service to the relationships by which the past and present are honored and through which the future is brought forth.”

Next, with this definition in mind, it’s time for us to do more research on death and birth. Read near-death experiences. Read about birth experiences. They shatter whole categories for what most persons think is possible, Just 20 minutes doing this dissolves most of the collective notions that belong to the now-destructive patriarchal late-modern world view that is passing away. The world you feel when you notice how your consciousness has been expanded by learning about NDE and birth, that is the world that is coming to be – The World To Come.

As I wrote before, in Western culture, Earth is a celestial archetype. The entire planet is Holy Water, Holy Land, Holy Atmosphere.

To offer a proper de-Coronation of the literalized Mother of God, the shift is to openly state and affirm that all women who have lived, are living, and who will live, are sacred. All women who were, are and will be be mothers — are mothers of sacred children. It is then to be followed by the implications of this thought that – we were, are and will be children who were born sacred upon a sacred Earth. If our fathers were born of a sacred mothers, then, our father’s too, and sons, — all human beings regardless of gender.

This is to properly honor that the body and blood of who we are was given to us by and through our mothers. That our bodies, too, are sacred. Since 1610, to say otherwise about women and children, thus about all humanity became lunacy. The doctrine of Original Sin is lunacy.

The dis-ease of the moon is lunacy. It is a suffering that is deeply somatic, far below the capabilities of our will and ego. When I wrote that no matter how many years of work I had done to heal my inner curse of the teachings of Original sin, it still had hold of me and I would awake in terror that I had been tricked and was doomed. That’s lunacy. If we bring back the term chronopathology – there is another archetypal power in play, the moon.


A chronopathological culture is also a lunatic culture who is not able to live in right relationship with the seasons and cycles of the day, the night, the month, the year, the human life, all life of Earth, the solar system, etc. – from my experience, it’s a lunacy that drives us to want to end things early – to get the hell out of here. Not only do we think that being dead is where our Home with the Father is, our Abrahamic religious ideas push this concept with both sanctity and threats of wrath divine.


Here is the same idea in, The Woman’s Bible” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton:

I think the doctrine of the Virgin birth as something higher, sweeter, nobler than ordinary motherhood is a slur on all the natural motherhood of the world. I believe that millions of children have been as immaculately conceived, as purely born, as was the Nazarene. Why Not? Out of this doctrine. and that which is akin to it, have sprung all the monasteries and nunneries of the world, which have disgraced and distorted and demoralized manhood and Womanhood for a thousand years. I place beside the false, monkish, unnatural claim of Immaculate Conception my mother, who was as holy in her motherhood as was Mary herself.

When we set aside the literalized Coronation set in place 5 centuries ago and take up the crown of stars of the Magnification, what was once lost can be restored.



To continue, click on the link below:
Chapter 9: The Crownless Shall Be Crowned



dragondissolved copy

5. Dragon Dissolved: Cities of Light Appearing

This ur-constellation is a symbolic placing of the dragon into the abyss, partially, an urrealist’s response to the dragon that appears in the Bible’s stormy Book of Revelations. The living and singing imaginal waters flowing once again through the starry heavens pierced by Galileo’s sketches of Orion and the Pleiades in 1610, surround and submerge our inherited constellation Draco. The gaze of Uranima sees through the dissolving hegemonic body and 9 distant galaxies held within the leviathan’s body become visible. Those galaxies are NGC3654, NGC3879, NGC3961, NGC4034, NGC5413, NGC6479, NGC6454, NGC6459, NCG4666. The matters of our world only beget terror when the Depths are not seen seamlessly with, beneath, within and beyond the apparent.

Our 13.82 billion year old cosmos with 2 trillion galaxies is the revelatory transparent physicality that used to be called, the sphere of Earth. The realities that were once thought to begin at the sphere of the Moon, the ancient Heavens where the Heavenly Hosts and God once dwelled, have fallen or moved beyond, through and within the material world. There are 2 ways to ascend. There is an ascending off of the planet Earth into the literal expanse of the heavens. There is also an Ascending in the ancient sense of the word, which is an expansion of consciousness through and into the layers of meaning or 10 dimensions that are woven through and beyond the waking, blue-sky mind and sensual world.

With due respect to John’s visions on Potmos, in our Age, we have to take into consideration our cosmology and make the appropriate shifts in text. Anything that John saw coming down from Heaven now comes through the material world from within and beyond, Likewise, any move into the Abyss or bottomless pit, is a movement of dissolution of the literal into ever-deepening metaphor.

Where the visionary abyss is understood, the sacred vision informs, inspires, confirms, the good in our cultural ways. Heavenly influence participates in the world as Grace. Inspired visions of the Unity are more properly translated as acts and relationships of atonement, as Joseph Campbell enjoyed saying, At-One-Ment. Inspired visions of the Unity are more properly translated as art that attunes the culture to the universal.

uranimaEagleSethTransparentBodydragondissolved copy