The Magnification: To Walk Again into a Beautiful World, Chapter 10

To Walk Again into a Beautiful World

x_04_V1-3-cosmosCosmos by Hildegard of Bingen

Christopher Reynolds, c. 1990

Down below my Monticello
Is a grey-lit temple underground
Tall totem on the doorway mirror
Where there stands a stag-horned baboon God

Down below my Monticello
On graphite stone black walls is write
A hymn in painted gold inscription
A hymn Hermetic, a living myth

Down below my Monticello
Issues forth a vital Stream
Where there was Dreaming of Jefferson
Before Jefferson could ever dream.

Down below my Monticello
If dreaming be my only Gift
Then some incurable mad-spot we all suffer,
Each tiny Point to light the Earth.

As I write today, March 10, 2017, the teepees from Standing Rock are raised in Washington D. C. The 2016 book, What is Reality?: The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness by Ervin Laszlo, arrived for me at the library. Personally, I am preparing a first healing concert in the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center planetarium dedicated to enacting the ideas in this writing. At home, I watched the film, Lincoln, again. In the film, Lincoln dreams of the passage of the 13th amendment to abolish American slavery. The American Dream is inviting us to evolve by joining the dreaming, by joining in to sing along with the Great Song of the Earth.

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cosmic background1280px-hubbledeepfield-800pxgalactic center new

The Sun is the Secret of Sanity
The Moon is the Secret of Happiness
There are at least 64 gender phases of the masculine Mars.
There are at least 64 gender phases of the feminine Venus.
Human beings are a wholeness of all of them.
Human beings can love in many, many shapes and forms.

Lovingly, clearly express these values in all of your communications (Mercury)
Use the stars to set your cultural Saturn’s clock for the imagination of time
Offer 4 times the Jovian (Jupiter’s) abundance of your cultural imagination to all peoples.
This is the harvest of the Immortals and the days of the feasts are all re-declared.

Dissolve immortality in the evolutionary sacred marriage of the Eternal and the Time-bound.
As you travel through the galaxy, know this pattern as you move from planet to planet.
For other “Earths” beyond number are spread far and wide.
Your own Sacred Home, therefore, is also what you have called, a ‘celestial archetype’.
May you always know how beautiful you are and ever remind each other.