My Mission and Discography

My mission is to sing the dream of Earth onward through songs, writings, ritual, healing concerts, workshops and retreats.

Healing Concerts and Workshops

Earthbriety: Knowledge is the Anti-Drug

We are living in the largest shift in human consciousness – ever. There have never been times like the present. Ours is an Age of Magnification. It began in 1610 with the publication of Galileo’s book, Starry Messenger. We are participating in a rite of passage that an be described by our cosmology. The sphere in the image below represents our inherited idea of the cosmos. Inside that dome are 6000 stars visible to the naked eye. We have yet to complete our birth out of this starry-uterus in place the past 5000 years:


We are slowing awakening and returning into a participatory culture that remembers all life is sacred, that knows we participate best as bi-polar seasonal souls upon a bi-polar planet in a bi-polar solar system in a bi-polar galaxy among millions of others in an ever-expanding bi-polar cosmos. We are moving out from beneath the ecocidal atmosphere of the late-modern world view and into the revelatory solid transparency of the emerging participatory world view. Ours is a crucial time because to collectively and unconsciously continue in the late-modern world view is to degrade the life-sustaining capacity of the Earth for future generations.

We are all trying to return to right planetary relationship and to awaken in the cosmos that magnification has revealed:


The wholeness where I have lived with the circles here in northeast Ohio can be imagined in this way:


Music that invites, invokes and sustains this wholeness is Ethical Music or Ethical Folk Music. I have borrowed the term, ‘ethical’, from Marie Battiste’s definition of Ethical Space in her 2013 book, Decolonzing Education. She defined Ethical Space as:

…the in-between space that connects Indigenous
and Eurocentric knowledge systems…the space that is created
when Indigenous and Western thought are brought together…
It is not a merge or a clash, but a space that is new, electrifying,
even contentious, but ultimately has the potential for an interchange
or dialogue of the assumptions, values and interest each holds.
Adding ethics to this space entertains our personal capacity and
our integrity to stand up for our cherished notions of good,
responsibility, and duty.
(p. 105)

Ethical Music is simultaneously the music of Ethical Space as well as the music that invites, evokes, invokes the conscious awareness that promotes Ethical Space – Ethical Culture. In-between, in this case, also includes initiatory, liminal space.

Ethical Music

The music and songs that connect Indigenous and Eurocentric singing with the Dream of the Earth. Ethical music invokes, invites, and encourages ethical spaces. It is the expression of the de-colonized/re-indigenized state of conscious awareness in singing where local ecosystems, Indigenous and Western sounds are brought together. Ethical Music is biocratic music, a music of Recovery, that is new, inspiring, affirming of co-creation and co-revelation that has the potential for improvisation or innovation to know the assumptions, values and intent of all. Adding ethics to the music entertains our personal capacity and our integrity to stand up for our cherished values of good, responsibility and our collective biocratic stewardship of the future of Earth at home in an ever-evolving 13,82 billion years old cosmos.

The theoretical support for the mind of the music, if you will, is archetypal ecology:

Archetypal ecology is the uniting of Jungian psychology, transpersonal psychology, archetypal psychology, archetypal cosmology, spiritual psychology, eco-psychology, creativity-studies, evolutionary astrology, Hermeticism, and Indigenous wisdom. In particular, it includes our planet as Gaia to the family of celestial archetypes found in archetypal cosmology. Gaia is an archetype of archetypes, which includes celestial woman and celestial man, a re-storation of the sacred in all of the planet’s indigenous wisdom, called the ethnosphere. A bi-polar and seasonally affected conscious, life-engendering planet has been a reality in our cosmos since 1992 with the discovery of the first habitable exoplanet.

May we dare to be enduring, wise and generous stewards of Creation and take care of each other. A name for this kind of living for Western persons is Earthbriety:

Earthbriety is a unification of the Recovery Movement and environmental movement with Indigenous wisdom. It allows them all to join forces to work together for the future generations. In particular, using the idea that in our trauma is our curriculum, the work together is to carefully unpack what caused us harm, locate or create a healing curriculum/art/music/response to offer the children and grandchildren so that the cycle of violence ends with our generation.

signal tree


Discography from 1978-present:

1978 HOTROX Smashed Again by HOTROX

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2018 Dreaminggourd The Age of Magnification: MESOCOSMOS