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My mission is wage creativity, healing and peace through music, writings, ritual, healing concerts, workshops and retreats.

Healing Concerts and Workshops

Knowledge is the Anti-Drug

The essence of my mission is to bring awareness. That awareness is important because we are living in the largest shift in human consciousness – ever. There have never been times like the present.

Theologian Thomas Berry wrote:

We are just emerging from a technological entrancement. During this period, the human mind has been placed within the narrowest confines it has experienced since consciousness emerged from its Paleolithic phase.

To bring awareness is at the root of the word, educate – educare. Educare means, to lead out from. My passion is to lead as many as possible out of the confines within which out late-modern minds have been placed.

It is possible to become aware of the “technological entrancements” that have held consciousness prisoner the past 400 years. Once aware, it is possible to choose to no longer participate.

As we gain freedom from the entrancements that bind us, it becomes possible to co-dream, to co-create together a whole and beautiful future for our children and grandchildren.

During my concerts and workshops, the shared goal is to enter into and participate in a No Man’s Land of receptivity and creativity for the good of future generations. By a No Man’s Land, I am rooting what we do in the No Man’s Land of the 1914 Christmas Truce. December 24, 1914, was a model for all the cherished virtues of humanity: integrity, generosity, wisdom, love, creativity, authenticity, healing, harmony, truth.

No single human faith, nation or ideology has any claim, text or ritual that entitles its followers to privilege over others. Virtue like Earth, is possessed by no one – our entire planet belongs to all, not just human beings — all living things – all Creation is no man’s land.

Many cultures of the world feature persons who engage in this style. The oldest examples are persons living throughout Africa called, griots, who remain active to this day as story-tellers, teachers, and most importantly, singers. Because of my Irish roots, I feel like I am enacting a democratized form of the fili of Ireland. The fili were the singers, poets, story-tellers and ritual teachers who were the stewards of the Beauty of the ancient traditions of the land.

The common knowledge we are now remembering is that all humanity is of the same species. There is no us and them. We are all ‘us’. The flourishing of each individual living is necessary to the emergent participatory world view in which we now live.

The challenge is to have the courage to walk the path of the orphan soul and open our hearts to being broken open to feel our planetary sorrow. We are called to move beneath the colonial grids placed over the land, the sky and ourselves and to re-indigenize right where we live. To re-indigenize is to return to a sacred relationship with each other, our ecosystems, our Ancestors, the cosmos and to BE the Ancestors to the Earths to come now. We are called to atonement. To atone with means to make amends to and to reconcile with all life in all times and places. To atone means to harmonize together in order to cocreate a future worthy of the coming generations. I have a particular interest in separating masculinity from patriarchy. Je parle francais aussi.

The period of Western history in which we are living is Age of Magnification. It began in 1610 with the publication of Galileo’s book, Starry Messenger. Our age is a rite of passage into a culture that knows we live as bi-polar souls upon a bi-polar planet in a bi-polar solar system in a bi-polar galaxy among millions of othes in an ever-expanding bi-polar cosmos. We are moving out from beneath the ecocidal atmosphere of the late-modern world view and into the revelatory solid transparency of the emerging participatory world view. Ours is a crucial time because to collectively and unconsciously continue in the late-modern world view is to degrade the life-sustaining capacity of the Earth for future generations.

It’s no longer a time for the goal of our souls to get pure and high.
It’s time for our souls to be balanced and whole as we participate in the evolution of life — fully embodied and simultaneously embedded in the consciousness and cosmos that sustain

De-colonizing and re-indigenizing can be imagined as crossing a bridge. The 2 sides of the bridge are expressed in the cover art from A Suburban Nigredo (1991) and from Unio Corporalis (2015). A Suburban Nigredo features the image of one of Michelangelo’s unfinished slaves. It represents of state of being isolated, blocked and arrested in development.


Unio Corporalis has an image created by Diane Pinchot in response to the music on the cd. It offers an image of the goal. This represents what it looks like to feel into the Earth, the spirits who own the land, the Ancestors, the wisdom of those who have suffered, and the cosmos. Unio Corporalis also shows what it looks like to Be the Ancestors who nurture all life lovingly. This is a symbol to encourage us to recollect how we are loved and held now by all those who live, have lived and will live with the same generosity of heart.


Though there is a linearity about the images — 2 sides of a bridge of transition through the 25 years and the music, it is also helpful to think of them in a circular way, as 2 of the 4 Directions of the Medicine Wheel. Suburban Nigredo describes the West and Unio Corporalis describes the South.

To complete the Wheel, North, in my music is in the surrender of 1997’s Released from the Past Untitled

and 1999’s Unio Mentalis. 10

The East begins to appear in 2001 in The New Heavens and the New Earth newheaven

and 2008’s Lamp of the Archer. archerw180h180

We are being invited to courageously imagine our capacity of heart to be mirrored by the galactic center and know a reverence and awe for life unknown in the past.

There is an initial transition of going across the bridge, however, once across, may we always joyfully return to where we started and know it in new ways. May we always arrive home to feel new depths of relationship to the All.

May we dare to be enduring, wise and generous stewards of Creation.


Discography from 1978-present:

1978 HOTROX Smashed Again by HOTROX

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