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F. Christopher Reynolds, M.Ed., is a singer, teacher and community shaman from Cleveland, Ohio. His mission is to sing the dream of Earth onward through No Man’s Folk songs, writings, ritual, healing concerts and workshops. It is an invitation to de-colonize and to enter fully into the emerging participatory world view. He is a singer-songwriter with 15 CDs currently working on his new release, Foreshadow: Mesocosmos and Synkairos.




Chris explains:

All of my mentors, all of my family members, my father, my mother, aunts, uncles, brother, sister, my cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers, my students during 30 years of teaching high school, undergraduate, post-graduate, all of my closest friends, colleagues, conference attendees, teachers, veterans, doctors, lawyers, musicians, psychologists, artists, dancers, philosophers that I know – and I mean All, have suffered because of the awe of mystical experiences and psychological symptoms mis-understood, distorted and mis-valued, mis-diagnosed. All of our cultural institutions I have experienced in my lifetime perpetuate that missing the point.

Western culture is in the midst of the largest transformation in its history. What is passing away is a patriarchal coercive way of life that was set down 5000 years ago in Sumer. Joseph Campbell referred to this (following Frobenius) as the Monumental Stage. Its identifying features have been coercive government, literacy, numeracy, astronomy, astrology, cattle-breeding, agriculture, enslavement, and a patriarchal hierarchy bestowed by all-powerful sovereign on high who gives immortality to a chosen few.

A culture in its monumental stage is split from a feeling the Earth. Its people as a rule are not in relationship with their own ancestors as a spiritual practice. The sense of personal awe before the cosmos is no longer encouraged or nourished. Dreams are of little importance. This condition is called normative dissociation in the work of Jurgen Kremer.

We are emerging into a participatory way of life on Earth that honors all the voices and the dream-lives of every individual of the planet — Theodore Roszak called the collective individuality of voices, The Voice of the Earth. Thomas Berry called the collective individuality of dreams, The Dream of the Earth. This is the Time of the Preparation of the 8th Fire, in the Ojibway/Chippewa Prophecies. I call this, The Magnification.

All of the singing, teaching and healing I do are intended to lead persons out of the Monumental world view and its normative dissociation. My work intends to invite individuals into the Participatory world view of a New Earth and New Heavens.

Christopher is also the founder of Urrealism, No Man’s Folk Music and Earthbriety. He is a co-founder of archetypal ecology. Mr. Reynolds is an adjunct professor in Art and Religious Studies at Ursuline College. He is an adjunct professor in Creativity Studies for the Gifted at Ashland University. He works with Warriors Journey Home to assist communities to welcome veterans home from military service.


We are all trying to return to right planetary relationship and to awaken in the cosmos that magnification has revealed:


The wholeness where I have lived with the circles here in northeast Ohio can be imagined in this way:


And a new soul-image we have been birthing can be imagined like this:



Discography and publications from 1978-present:

1978 HOTROX Smashed Again by HOTROX

1981 c3 Some Songs, solo release

1982 c1 chrisdog Eclipse, Signs of Life

1984 Untitled-2 Those Guys, Reunion Show

1991 14 Those Guys, A Suburban Nigredo

1994 15Christopher/Those Guys, Ex Una Plura: Out of One Come Many

1996 c4Christopher, Aquarium of the Amphibian

1995 Orfeo and Monticello in Alexandria 3 alexandria

1997 Untitled Released from the Past

1998 c2 Life Goes On, feat. Matt Poole, artist Dan Poole

1999 10 Unio Mentalis: The Mind of the Land

2000 18 Christopher live at Governer’s Institute, Urfeo in the Urground

2001 6 Creation: The Pyramid and the Suns

2001 newheaven The New Heavens and the New Earth: The Urground Railroad

2001 c5 Places Sacred with Jane Piirto’s Sacred Places

2004 archerw180h180 The Age of Magnification: The Lamp of the Archer with Michael Olin Hitt

2005 A Gathering of Orphans in Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Educationholistic

2005 Depth Psychology and Giftedness, (with Jane Piirto) in Roeper Review roeper

2007 600x600

2007 Honoring and Suffering the Thorn, Depth Psych 2 (with Jane Piirto) in Roeper vol 29 roeper

2009 Depth Psychology and Integrity (with Jane Piirto) in Morality, Ethics, and Gifted Minds morality

2010 17 The Age of Magnification: The Highway Home

2013 Phallos and the First Gulf War, pt 1, in Firestories fire-stories-cover-200x300

2014 Uniocorporalis Unio Corporalis: Flesh Made Words

2014 Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do in Organic Creativity organic

2016 callingcard copy Calling Card: The Singer

2016 Healing Concert in Freemont Ohio, St. Paul’s (with Lisa O’Rear) church


Remembrance of the 1914 Christmas Truce: It’s Our Turn Now


This is an account of a pilgrimage in remembrance of the 1914 Christmas Truce. In World War I, enemy forces left the safety of the trenches to the song “Silent Night” in their own language. Soldiers; sons, husbands, fathers wanted the peace beyond understanding. You are invited to follow the author’s pilgrimage to renew how we imagine the meaning of Christmas. Noel “New Sun” in Gaelic, has always been the unexpected birth of New Life in a most degraded, forgotten, even despised place. In our traditional telling, the savior was born into a forsaken shelter surrounded by animals. In the early 20th century, that unexpected location was No Man’s Land — the devastated landscape between the enemy trenches. This book is a recollection of the past in order to bring forth a more peaceful future.

2018 Dreaminggourd Foreshadow: Synkairos and Mesocosmos