Ethical Culture is the Anti-Drug

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Ethical Culture is the Anti-drug is a class that teaches ways to push back on the opioid/heroin epidemic.

Letter to the Editor
Medina Gazette

Addiction is a symptom of a culture that has paved over originality. The Latin, dict, in the word, addict, also found as diction, dictate, implies voice. The ad, in addict, means, to give over or to surrender.

An addict has surrendered her voice.

If you look at American maps over the centuries, you will see an ever-expanding grid of organization, control, and economic interests placed over forests, prairies, mountains, rivers and lakes.

In indigenous cultures, all the creatures of the ecosystems we have colonized have their own voices, songs, stories, teachings, wisdom, ancestors, medicines, dreams, and souls. Every human being is imagined in the same way.

Each has a one-of-kind original voice, song, story, teaching, wisdom, ancestors, medicine, dream, creativity, soul. Our paving over the wilds mirrors the organizational, controlling, economically-based grid within which we have all been placed. It is a grid that we have inherited from 2500 years of patriarchy. It’s important to imagine recovery as a collective cultural transformation.

Our generation is called to learn once again how to hear and understand the many voices — all the souls of Earth. We cause harm if we think healing is helping victims fit back into the grid. A good place to enter this magnitude of holistic healing is Thomas Berry’s book, The Dream of the Earth.

F. Christopher Reynolds, M.Ed.

Collective Cultural Transformation

In my letter to the editor above, I shared the working hypothesis for the way forward together into a healed and whole culture. The basic tenets found in Berry’s Dream of the Earth are the direct inspiration for the course-work found in Ethical Culture is the Anti-drug.

Ethical Culture is the Anti-drug is a 2-hour evening musical program or 4-hour workshop or 8 hour week-end retreat or 12 hour staff-development series or 1 graduate hour credit course through Ashland University.

Knowledge of holistic wisdom found when you combine Eurocentric teachings with Indigenous Wisdom brings new choices that offer an unexpected anti-drug. The making of ethical culture empowers us revision our understanding of the suffering of the opioid epidemic. Ours is a culture in labor to birth the new. It is possible to transform what troubles us into a new cultural way forward together.

Come learn about ethical culture and practice strategies from archetypal ecology which unites Jungian psychology, transpersonal psychology, archetypal psychology, archetypal cosmology, spiritual psychology, eco-psychology, creativity-studies and indigenous rites of passage.

Community healing and cultural renewal become possible when the approach is holistic, meaning whole in the deepest sense – body, mind, spirit, soul, and Earth. The goal is for individuals to recover a balanced relationship with self, community and nature as they participate in birthing the new.

Ethical culture is the new way of life being created through ethical spaces and ethical music. Ethical, in this case, is a term from the work of Marie Battiste’s Decolonizing Education, published in 2013.


She described ethical space as:

…the in-between space that connects Indigenous
and Eurocentric knowledge systems…the space that is created
when Indigenous and Western thought are brought together…
It is not a merge or a clash, but a space that is new, electrifying,
even contentious, but ultimately has the potential for an interchange
or dialogue of the assumptions, values and interest each holds.
Adding ethics to this space entertains our personal capacity and
our integrity to stand up for our cherished notions of good,
responsibility, and duty. (p. 105)

I define ethical culture as:

The new, electifying, even contentious, yet more peaceful and creative culture that results when Indigenous and Eurocentric knowledge combine and bring forth new ways of life.

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