The Magnification: Chronopathology or Time-sickness, Chapter. 1


The inability to see with soul or to experience life in a manner supported by the current cosmology causes chronic illness – perhaps literally, but I am speaking here of time sickness – as in problems with Chronos, Father Time.

To suffer the inner division between psychological ideas based on cosmologies from different historical eras and psychological ideas of the current, participatory cosmology is chronopathology.

– F. Christopher Reynolds

Look again at Michelangelo’s Last Judgement. He painted the image of the end of the world, which, in his time, was also the end of the whole cosmos. Souls are flying up to meet Jesus in the air. He illustrated the text from 1 Thessalonians 4: 15-17

15For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. 16For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.


I do need to stress how Michelangelo’s image does retain a numinous value. It continues to offer psychic affirmation for Christian religious experiences. The conversion experience of a returning Christ continues to announce times of re-birth. The psychological realities, akashic experiences, transpersonal awareness of angels, psychic parasites, ancestors and ghosts. It reflects for Christians an imagery for the elation and uplift that come with the numinous experiences of Jesus, Mary, the Saints, and the sacraments.

The time-problem in the image is that while it affirms spiritual dimensions of soul, we are forced to painfully split off from what we actually know about life at this time.

For nearly 4 centuries, the text and images have been chonopathological because of their turning away from the knowledge gained from lived experience — especially the knowledge in physics, biology, culture, cosmology, evolution, consciousness, ecology, geology and the general timeline of our planet, solar system and galaxy. Those texts and images remain chronopathogenic today. They cause chronic illness of life in time.

When you are shown someone dying on television, for example, the path to death is a crossing over, going across. If there is a rising up and out of the body, it would trouble us for a film-maker to have the soul float upward high into the sky. In David Bowie’s swan song, Black Star, he described the path of death as one would expect during the 21st century – up a meter and to the side.

Our human awareness has evolved because we been growing and learning over the past 2000 years. Images like Michelangelo’s Last Judgement and the Biblical text that inspired it do not match our reality. This divide causes mental suffering, the chronic illness, time-sickness that I am describing as chronopathology.

Here is my story:

1966 copy Self-Portrait, Christopher Reynolds, September 1966.

When I was 7 years old in second grade, I remember deeply contemplating what was presented as a sacred fact. That fact was that Jesus is coming soon and that human beings are meant to be happy and in Heaven with him, his mother and his Father. With that idea, I came to the terrible conclusion that if I really loved my family, I would kill them now so they could be with in Heaven sooner. I felt the horror and the mental split between honoring life and wanting Heaven for my family. The out-of-date science seemed to be more in support of a crime against life, so I suffered more in considering what would be my self-sacrifice of trading me going to Hell forever for those I loved most.

I remember clearly the time and place I contemplated contemplating this. In was in Norwalk, Ohio, walking up the steps if my friend’s house on Newton Street. It was terrible and in that moment, it was as if my mind split. I assured myself that even though what I was being taught encouraged violence against life, such thoughts were off-base. Still, the chonopathology around me continued to suggest that death was more important than life – the books, the songs, the teachings, the sacraments. This was no different in the Protestant Christian traditions of my friends.

saturn Chronos, the old man, eating his children

The mental double-bind that I described forced me into a decision against what I was told was Truth with the big “T”. Over the years as I have shared that story, it never helped much to have friends encourage to just forget all that and don’t believe it. To leave my mind aside and stop thinking so much has not been an option for me. Mind-splitting hurts. It hurts now and it has always hurt. It’s hard to heal. It made me feel old before my time.

This experience is not isolated to me alone, nor only familial. This is collective and cultural when you examine the historical record.

Frans_Hals_-_Portret_van_René_DescartesRene Descartes

Rene Descartes had 3 dreams during his youth in 1610. The opening sequence offers a way to imagine chronopathologized souls:

Descartes tells us that when he lay down to sleep on 10 November 1619, he was still filled with enthusiasm and was completely absorbed by the thought of having that day discovered the foundations of a ‘marvelous science.’ During the night he had three consecutive dreams, which he thought could only have been inspired by a higher power. Having fallen asleep, he imagined he saw ghosts and was terrified by these appearances. He walked through the streets, and he was so horrified by the visions that he had to bend over on his left side in order to reach his objective, for he felt a great weakness in his right side and was unable to hold himself up. Ashamed at having to walk in this fashion, he made great efforts to straighten himself, but he was struck by a violent wind. The wind seized him like a whirlwind and made him spin round three or four times on his left foot. It was not this, however which frightened him most. He found it was so difficult to advance that he was afraid of falling at every step, until, perceiving the gates to a college standing open on his path, he entered, to seek refuge and help with his affliction. [Dreams by Marie-Louise von Franz, p. 119]

In my opinion, young Rene’s affliction for which he sought help was becoming old before his time, weakened on his right side and unable to walk. This is chronopathologized Descartes at a time when he had no name for what ailed him.

saturn Chronos, the crippled old man with a cane for his weakened right side


woundThe World’s Wound by Birkhauser

The other face of chronopathology in The Last Judgement, is when, in devotion to science, both the chronopathological image as well as the entire psychic reality expressed are rejected together. The measurable material world of cause and effect alone which is the reality of the late-modern or postmodern, world view, denies the numinous.

There is no more heart-breaking example of this world view, the most narrow confines of mind that Thomas Berry complained about than the residential schools for First Nations children. In a world where academy, meetinghouse, courtroom and jail are the pillars, the Beauty that sustains the Earth is cut off. In indigenous wisdom, this kind of world is named the suicide level.

CarlisleCarlisle Indian School

The cutting of the hair of the children, an act reserved only for grieving in indigenous culture, mirrors the chronopathology when it is carried out by secular American culture:



I know from living it how it feels to be loved and sustained from below by the Beauty of the Earth, the Grandmother. I also know how it feels when the wind moves with meaning, how it is that our bodies carry the symptoms of our soul in poetry.

Using Descartes’ 400 year old dream as a message to us as a culture, it seems the pathos in the dream, those ghosts and violent winds are blowing us back to look again for help we needed in college.

Crucial in this return to the question is that in French, college is the schooling of the years of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. College is middle-school or junior high – ages 11-15.


Note again Hillman’s definition of archetype. Imagine archetypally that our culture is blind and manifesting the possessive effects of one of the deepest patterns of psychic functioning, in behavior…images…style of consciousness…psychopathologies…attitude.

Let us imagine that chonopathology/being sickened by Chronos, Kronos or Saturn, is caused by personal and cultural neglect of chronology. We have offended the archetype of time. We have forgotten the archetype of time. You are being called to restore right relationship and recollection of the archetype of time.

An expansion of the timeline of the cosmos forces an expansion in consciousness. An expansion of consciousness is an expansion of soul. An expansion of soul is an expansion of heart. Based on the age of the cosmos that has come forth through Western scientific knowledge, our culture appears to be the culture invited to have the gentlest of hearts and a most generous capacity for compassionate understanding. Are we not called to an appreciation of the fragility and rarity of all life of Earth in proportion to our knowledge that out of 2 trillion galaxies, only one has a solar system with an Earth in one of its arms?

We live here:


and when we look out our nighttime front door, the galactic center in our awareness looks like this:


The All-powerful Father God of all our American branches of Christianity is based on an idea of the cosmos that can be seen with the naked-eye only. It is only a small sphere in part of the arm of our galaxy:


Below is a galactic map of our local group – itself only a small part of the whole we now know:


The whole looks like this:


To make statements about how the almighty power of a King, Judge, Savior, Divine Power, Highest God, who reigns over a tiny arm in one galaxy, or to announce how from that tiny island that the entire cosmos has been condemned because of human beings, that the whole universe going to end with a Second Coming, or to claim that there is no life anywhere else but Earth and its solar system can no longer be honestly spoken or written. All books that we have received, all teachings about the meaning of life and consciousness require an update.

Postmodern criticisms of how the entire cosmos is empty of meaning except those wishes that human beings project onto it, descriptions of reality that ignore, belittle and cripple experience of the mysteries of psychic reality and indigenous wisdom, also require updates.


Throughout Western culture, there is a symptom of compartmentalizing life into separate worldviews from different centuries. Time and timing problems afflict with incurable psychic entrenchment. We live at rhythmic odds with ourselves and each other, feeling born at the wrong time, living in an end time, having, even doing a hard time. We are nervous with internal and external anxieties caused by entire regions of the psyche split off into the past-thought structures, an arrhythmia of soul.

We can silently soldier on with our private compartmentalization and imagine that the suffering of souls in despair belongs to others. At work, we can look at our 21st century i-Pad that works with principles of 20th century quantum physics in microcircuits and at Church, pray with 4th century prayers for Salvation in the Afterlife, with an archaic idea of the structure of the universe set in place 4000 years ago. I did this from childhood into my 20’s. Yes, I have lived with the suffering and still struggle what I am railing about.

The September 11 hijackers flew with 21st century technology strapped to their butts and with 8th century ideology burning in their heads. As I drive across the American continent, preachers calmly describe a 6000 year old Earth in its final days, a 100 million dollar copy of Noah’s Ark opens in Kentucky. At the same time, members of the LGBTQ+ community ask to be accepted. We struggle over how the American Constitution’s language, first ratified in 1788, applies to how many automatic weapons citizens require in 2016. The coast line of Louisiana is disappearing under the sea while Florida’s governor won’t allow the words, global climate-change, to be spoken in the state’s political power centers. Kyrie Irving, the basketball player who made perhaps the most famous shot in NBA history, proudly insists that the Earth is flat as the Bible tells him so.


In a chronopatholigcal culture, the most valuable sacred moments of life are recognized too late because they are misjudged, misunderstood, marginalized, attacked, unacknowledged. The pearls of life become sources of affliction/misunderstanding that drain our lives instead of nourish them. Those persons who would bring us the Light and Love of Eternity into the here and now feel like motherless children who want to get the hell out of here. The old name for this is despair.

It’s similar to PTSD, but the triggering ‘trauma’ is being pierced by a direct experience of awe. It’s PASD – Post-Awe Stress Disorder:

Post-aesthetic arrest, Post-near-death-experience, Post-artistic visualization, Post-creative insight, Post-non-local healing, Post-after-death communication, Post-personal past life recollection, Post-dream, Post-vision, Post-ritual, Post-falling-in-love, Post-co-creativity Stress Disorder.

The fundamental cause of chronopathology is a failure of imagination of cosmic proportions:






Chronos, Saturn, Father Time, in our culture, is the also the divinity associated with the element lead – an element quite often malefic, poisonous and limiting to life. Lead was also the element used to bind curses upon others. To be time-sick is to feel poisoned and cursed. It is also to engage in poisoning and binding curses upon others.


Lead in our water causes birth defects and madness. Chronopathology and weaponizing go hand in hand. How much of American weaponizing has chronopatholical roots? Talk of God and guns seems to coincide with a chronopathologizing consciousness that Hillman named the senex god.

Personifications of this principal appear in the holy or old wise man, the powerful father or grandfather, the great king, ruler, judge, counselor, elder, priest, hermit, outcast and cripple. Some emblems are the rock, the old tree, particularly oak, the scythe or sickle, the time-piece and the skull. Longings for superior knowledge, imperturbability, magnanimity, express seen feelings as does intolerance for that which crosses one’s systems and habits. The senex also shows strongly in ideas and feelings about time, the past and death. Melancholy, anxiety, sadism, paranoia, anality and obsessive memory ruminations reflect this archetype. Moreover, the main image of God in our culture: omniscient, omnipresent, eternal, seated and bearded, a ruler through abstract principal of justice, morality and order, a faith in words yet not given to self-explanation in speech, benevolent, but enraged when his will is crossed, removed from the feminine (wifeless) and the sexual aspect of creation, up high with a geometric world of stars and planets in the cold, distant night of numbers…

The high God of our culture is a senex god; we are created after this image with a consciousness reflecting this structure.
(p. 14)


Limiting our Imago Dei to a wifeless high God of limitations has had a crippling impact on the feminine over the centuries.
strippedBride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors – Marcel Duchamp, 1923

Diane Price Herndl, in her brilliant book, Invalid Women: Figuring Feminine Illness in American Fiction and Culture 1840-1940 reminded us of the way life in a culture ruled by a wifeless patriarchal God made the feminine invalid, meaning not valid or worth as much and at the same time, sick with the crippling illnesses that seem to be in the senex god’s energetic field. She wrote of this:

…illness” is a defining term especially when it involves the categorization of someone as an ‘invalid'; it is a figure for explaining one’s place in society. Representing one’s self as an invalid puts into play a whole structure of care, attention, responsibility and privilege. Defining what counts as illness, setting boundaries around who can and cannot be considered an invalid, however, ‘natural’ these definitions may seem, are functions of ideology; influenced by representation.”

The invalid woman, then, can serve as the focus for questioning the history and the ideological power of representation.


At the same time as John Gast painted the woman of Manifest Destiny in 1872, Herndl reported that American women:

…courted ill health in an attempt to be “beautiful,” eating arsenic to achieve pale skin, wearing corsets, avoiding exercise…What we can know for sure is that in the mid- to late nineteenth century, illness became not only the subject of art, but itself a kind of cosmetic art…

…domesticity urged women to take control of their households, to be moral exemplars for their families, and to establish the home not just as a separate sphere, but a superior one.”

She quoted one of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s woman characters:

…a woman, armed with sick head-aches, nervousness, debility, presentiments, fears, horrors, and all sorts of imaginary and real diseases, has an eternal armory of weapons of subjugation.

Of the feminine inflection of the senex impulse, Hillman continued:

The urge to “build cities” and “mint money”, the deep-seated concretization of the senex impulse may very well be taken as an attribute of this mother-sister-wife complex…this senex preoccupation with property, with the things and matters of the established order, its hoarding, and its greed, derives not from the ‘excess of pneuma’ and the exaggerated irritability of the vis imaginative, that is, Saturn’s own native spirit, but rather from the feminine side of this structure, the earth, and its materialism to which its ties are reinforced in triplicate.

By showing saturnine traits, senex femininity presents unpleasant, even maleficent, aspects of the feminine. Here we meet her mad moodiness, her peculiar fascinations with the occult or with power and possessions, or with the ‘way out’ of things of prisons, sewerage and magic. A state of mind occurs that seems obsessive, not anima and not feminine as we prettily conceive those notions. Senex femininity seems rather the crone side of the mother archetype. As if as we grow older not only do we whine and need helping, but use our infirmity for power. (p.25)

In communities and over the internet, it is a feminine-toned bullying that we call social bullying – not the one on one beat-down, but bullying though instigating a collective shunning, dismissal, or attack targeting one individual. Culturally, this ‘social bullying’ includes collective exploitation, enslavement, degradation, prejudice, not just toward a person, but toward a group considered inferior and criminal.

In dreams, senex femininity of soul appears as in Plato’s Cave of slaves collectively in chains looking at shadows, in militarized or dogmatically bound institutions and communities. The crone side of the mother archetype is the institutional body of the military-industrial complex, the Inquisition, the collective materialism of colonizers and their slave-ships. There’s a great image of this in Star Trek’s Borg and in the Matrix film series. The dreamer is set apart and alien to this collective dream consciousness surrounded by death-threats, persecution and condemnation.


In visionary states, Chris Bache described in his book, Dark Night, Early Dawn, how during his vision sessions, he entered into whole regions of collective suffering, prisons, psych wards, hospitals, war-zones. This, too, a collective body of infirmity for power, to turn the phrase, is senex femininity.


Collective senex possession associated with weaponizing and war has often been a culturally enforced value. It was certainly established in Constantine’s victory where he was told he would be successful in battle if he fought in the name of the high God symbolized by what we call, the Chi Rho.


Later in European history, Clovis, the first king of France, made a similar bargain with that same high God. It is said that in Tolbiac, Clovis prayed to the God of his wife for victory. Upon winning, France became ‘la fille ainee’ de l’Eglise – the eldest daughter of the Church.

To continue now in Western way of life where we are created in the image of a senex god with a consciousness reflecting this structure is not whole. Even in the atheistic late-modern consciousness, the intellectual senex structure remains. The belief in a highest God relies upon a dome of fixed stars above which is His Heavenly Dwelling Place with his Son at His Right Hand. The late modern mind forgoes the good above, but still keeps the flat dome of stars to be used as a pragmatic way to measure and record. Here is our current map of the nighttime sky. Its flatness reflects senex consciousness:


I wrote of this in my song, Creation, which is featured below:

Some people say
That this world was made
Dividing the darkness from the light.

Others disagree
They claim that you and me
Were the accident waiting to strike.

Our culture’s constellation map was completed in 1930. It was done in the same flat-sky-style that Ptolemy used in 150 CE. It is chronopathological with a time-divide 18 centuries wide.

When our sports figures take a knee or point to the sky for gratitude, it is this dome they have in their minds. When our philosophers struggle with meaninglessness and absurdity, they are still under that same old vault. This flat sky is the source of Western culture’s chronopathology. Wade’s alert that we are burning down the enthosphere means that it harms all children of the planet and it poisons the waters, air, ecosystems of Earth.


map 1764

See above Thomas Hutchins’ map for General Bouquet’s 1764 expedition to conquer the mostly Shawnee villages of Ohio. This is an early example of an enthnosphere that’s about to be burned down in the years that follow.


Here is Cleveland in 1801 when the western frontier was the Cuyahoga River.


Above is colonel Edwin Rose’s 1832 map for Black Hawk’s War. Below is St. Joseph, Missouri:


Notice the western boundary of the American project — a project begun by the French, taken over by the English in 1763, and then continued by the Americans from 1776 to present. You can see the encroaching geometric cold and distant world view imposed on what in both cases has been a sacred ground for centuries.

Cleveland is a city that featured numerous mounds, including a huge one at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. St. Joseph’s grid is upon hills were once called, The Gates of Paradise. Here again, its the flatness that is apparent. In Western Christianity, God is on High and the Earth is the ‘fallen’ place where the refuse of the cosmos has settled down. In the late-modern scientific and economic world view, a geometric grid is a pragmatic way to measure, record, buy and sell, that which serves our economic, scientific, technological interests.

The same theme of the imposing of the senex grid continued across the continent. Moving forward in time, this grid-making took on the emblem of Manfiest Destiny.


Standing Rock in 2016 showed how this same colonizing spirit is still very active:


The clash of the two world views is symbolized best with the bridge, 11/21/2016, over the Canonball River, North Dakota:



Because senex consciousness is so well-armed and self-righteous, it’s a very hard juggernaut to face. The continent is strewn with the lives of forgotten millions who died from diseases and war. Below is from Tecumseh’s address to William Henry Harrison on August 21, 1810 in Chillicothe, Ohio:

Tecumseh:..You wish to prevent the indians from uniting and
considering their land the common property of the whole.
I do not see how we can remain at peace with you if you
continue to do so. Brother, this land that was sold and
the goods that were given for it, they were done only by
the few. If you continue to purchase land from those who
have no right to do so, I do not know what will be the
consequence…for Brother, we wish to save this land and
do not want you to take it..

Harrison: The United States has not treated the indians dishonestly,
nor unjustly. Indians are not one nation, nor do they own the land in
common. Has not the Great Spirit given them separate tongues?


At the heart of this disagreement is that, for Tecumseh, homeland and soul were both an individual as well as collective concerns. Soul, that which joins us to the sacred, for the natives, is throughout the Earth and Sky, shared by all. For Harrison, soul was private property and alien to the Earth because its true homeland was outside space and time — high above. For him, the Holy Land was thousands of miles away and he was a pragmatic man with a job to expand his president’s empire of liberty.

In Thomas Power’s book, The Killing of Crazy Horse, the indigenous man, White Bull, can give insight into what may have been Tecumseh’s motives. It’s worth considering that it was more than an ethical question of land-ownership. It was a question of soul-suffering for Tecumseh and those peoples who directly experience the sacredness of earth and sky..


Powers wrote of White Bull:

The spoliation of his country, the driving away of all the game, and the crowding out of his people, White Bull said, “it made his heart heavy and sad to think of those things.” (p. 287)

Look again at the image of the woman who is Manifest Destiny and this time note how her lovely purity nonetheless spoils nature, drives away all game, and crowds out first nations peoples:


Some 58 years after Tecumseh addressed Harrison, White Bull described selling land in the signing the Fort Laramie Treaty in 1868:

The clouds pressed down above me and the earth seemed to tremble when the first paper was signed.


I’ve lived in France and traveled Europe, have been all over Western culture. I have read the histories of Europe’s wars. I have read accounts from prisoners and slaves. Throughout the length of it, there is no acknowledgment that earth and sky are sacred, that they can be experienced in that way. I’ve also sufficiently recovered from colonialism to affirm earth and sky are persons. They are both persons who can heal, who respond to us, see us, recognize us and delight in our lives. Westerners still struggle to understand why those who lived here for thousands of years all say that water is the first medicine.

I have been beyond the grids of the Western mind. To the best of my knowledge, to live inside a materially comfortable, yet chronopathological culture that is unaware of its own tradition of soul is the exception and not the rule for human beings on the planet.

To live beneath this sky grid, whether in a chronopathological world of a senex God on High or a soulless place of measurement, commerce, biological survival,


on this Earth grid, whether it is imagined as ‘fallen’ or ‘nothing but a fortunate and meaningless accident’, or a blend of both,


and stagnating inside a structure of senex consciousness where we harm children, women, annihilate any other culture than our own, where we overlook, moralize, repress, diagnose, imprison, exploit, betray, drug and mock men who do not measure up, where we pollute, deforest, exterminate the planetary ecosystems — need not go any further than your reading this sentence right now.

Our Western soul tradition that teaches that there is a God in the archetypal pattern of chronopathology, also teaches that within the time-pathology, is an unanswered Call by Chronos/Saturn to collective soul service.



It is exhilarating and worth the risk to follow the Call and exit from inside to the outside. We can all recollect and feel the persons of Earth and Sky again. This was the essential Grace I received in the initiation cave at Font-de-Gaume. For the experience to become foundational to living as a human being, however, requires conscious claiming of our own creative capacities, both of how we bring the new out of our own lives and how we each have a one-of-a-kind style of taking in all that occurs around us.

We are meant to be original beings who co-create by, with and through, Original Being – Source. We are meant to live in the fullness of Unus Mundus. The task of taking up our own creative voices and taking on the challenge was once called, The Great Work, Magnum Opus, in Latin. In the alchemical tradition, when individuals accepted the self-discipline of the Great Work, it began through Saturn’s previously-mean-spirited lead. It would be through what once poisoned life that the Gold of the philosophers came forth. The Opus was inauthentic if Saturn/Chronos were excluded. There was a timeline to be honored through the discipline that included our own biography. A cue to begin was whenever the narrative of our life became toxic with inconsolable sadness.

In our own indigenous practice of alchemy, full acceptance of originality and creative capacity could transform what seemed to be a ruined life-line. Gold can come forth — in fact, Gold was present there, even from the Beginning.

Chronos, is not by nature, a poisoning archetype. When we have neglected the care of soul Chronos requires of us, only then does the imbalance poison and consume. Chronos/Saturn, in our culture, is a divinity of harvest and abundance. We honor the collective soul when we get ourselves right with time. It is surely ever-possible to get right with time – the archetype, and enjoy the tremendous blessings of life in relationship that marries both the Eternal and the space-time cycles of life.

Addiction, in the West, is only the manifestation of the deeper soul wound of a culture that has paved over originality. A most intimate expression of our originality is the voice. In French, the word for voice – voix, also means vote. The Latin, dict, in the word, addict, appears in English words such as diction, dictionary, dictate, dictator. They all refer to speech, voice, saying. The ad, in addict, means, to give over, or to surrender, submit to.

The past 400 years there has been a constant pressure to surrender our own originality to some authority that gives us neither voice, nor vote. There is a habit in the air of demeaning soul’s capacities to self-generate dream images, fantasy images, poetic images. White Bull described how it felt in 1868 to enter into our chronopathological world that took his voice and his vote.

The clouds pressed down above me and the earth seemed to tremble when the first paper was signed.

It’s possible to take back our own voices and votes taking some fieldnotes from the alchemists:

Without Divine Inspiration, there is no man who is great.

Neither rashly, nor timidly

That which is wisely tried again will succeed sometime.

Reason” • “Experience.

Make haste slowly

The sacred music

When we attend strictly to our work, God himself will aid us.

Do not speak of God in the darkness” (lit. without light) (Ne loquaris de Deo absque lumine)

Learn to die well

While sleeping, be vigilant.


All the God Saturn asks of us is to enact personal, disciplined recognition of the literal, material age of our cosmos to the best of our knowledge. When we value the timeline our science reveals it is more than good science, it is good psychology, good soul wisdom. The mind-shattering expansion of our timeline from 6000 years is evidence of our evolutionary expansion. In 2012, the Lambda cold dark matter model for judging the age of the cosmos arrived at the number, 13.799 billion years with room for a 21 million year margin of error. In 2013, the European Space Agency’s Planck mission arrived at the number, 13.82 billion years. This kind of careful science as regards time is where the West honors Chronos. It is best to always use the larger number, if a disciplined approach was used. In this case, the Clock of the Western Collective Soul is currently set at 13.820,000,000 years.


This is the cover to my 1997 Cd, Released from the Past. The image is from alchemy and is called, Saturn’s Stone. I chose it to mark the beginning of the Great Work of restoration and renewal of the world. I wrote above that Chronos does not have to be lived as a poisonous life-limiter. Setting the soul’s clock is the necessary first step to bring forth the New Dawning. With this reading, time is ripe for a lot of us to begin the work on our relationship to Chronos, to time. Our sense of time and timing needs to be dissolved into a more beneficial form. The clock on the wall can recover a right relationship with the clock of the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the galactic neighborhood, the cosmos.

When you get Chronos right in this world, all the worlds line up.
Chronos becomes Kairos – the right timing.

This same notion of Chronos and Kairos runs all through the chapters of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, issue 5, Saturn and the Theoretical Foundations of an Emerging Discipline, in 2016.


We are at the new beginning in this reading. Here are the words I wrote in 1997 regarding the work of being released from the past. In my own psychological work, I had reached a point where my relationship with my birth family was healed and I could see how what our family suffered was part of a very long story, much bigger than our personal lives. I wrote:

The release of this Cd marks a threshold. Its title, Released from the Past, resonates at several levels. My greatest wish is that, in some way, the very personal journey traced by this trail of songs will assist in the neo-renaissance now occurring in the postmodern West. Perhaps it’s as if we all need some release from the past, some peace with what is dying away in order to turn full face to the time current coming from the future - that the deed of the son heal the pain of the father. I am not alone or the first to note that the archetype emerging in our midst has a quality of wholeness about it. That it’s like a sacred marriage of deep masculine and feminine or a reunion of long lost companions, that it is being ushered in – light by light, and that it rejoins us to the cosmos in a profouond, participatory way.

Temple_of_Saturn,_RomeSaturn’s Temple, Rome, Italy

Set your soul clock on your wall to 13,820,000,000 years. The consciousness in which you are reading these words is in symbiosis with a infinitely deep consciousness within, beneath, beyond, that from the beginning is with you now. If there remains in you any trace of a Post-Awe Stress Disorder, whether of aesthetic arrest, near-death-experience, artistic visualization, creative insight, non-local healing, after-death communication, personal past life recollection, dream, vision, ritual, or any form not contained in this list, may you know this as a life Calling that has always shown the way forward. May you be free of condemnation or self-condemnation for your expansive awareness May you always remember how you are Eternity. Consider Joseph Campbell’s words:

Eternity isn’t some later time.
Eternity isn’t even a long time.
Eternity has nothing to do with time.
Eternity is that dimension of here and now
that all thinking in temporal terms cuts off…
the experience of eternity right here and now,
in all things, whether thought of as good or as evil,
is the function of life.

It’s time to awaken among friends inside our Age…

c. 2008 F Christopher Reynolds

You got your picture of
The perfect un-touched Love.
You never want to let her go.

That’s how it works,
Heart-scorched holes in your shirts
Those days you feel the over-load.

Lay your starry-blue guitar
Across your fiery, fuming heart
That’s inside you rising like a hill

All at once, the strumming breaks
And your whole body creates
Every kind of creature, large and small

Wild horses, flying birds, Eagle high overhead
Coyote calls out to the Grateful Dead
Enormous whales dive deep
Into your endless sleep
And forests rise from the ashes in your head.
Forests rise from the ashes in your head.

Some people say
That this world was made
Dividing the darkness from the light.

Others disagree
They claim that you and me
Were the accident waiting to strike.

Now, as for me
That’s not how I see.
And I have formed one planet or two.

In the Beginning, a lonesome Singer
Became the Creator
Because He was in Love with You.

Wild horses, flying birds, Eagle high overhead
Coyote calls out to the Grateful Dead
Enormous whales dive deep
Into your endless sleep
And forests rise from the ashes in your head.
Forests rise from the ashes in your head.

Forests rise from the ashes in your head.

Please listen to the song, Creation:

All human beings are one people, not only genetically, but psychologically a whole – “How one of us feels, all of us feel.” and may we once again learn to hear the voices of the children, women, ecosystems, all other cultures. May our hearts be moved by learning the language of the overlooked, moralized, repressed, diagnosed, imprisoned, exploited, betrayed, drugged and mocked, all men and women, any genderforms who do not measure up. Even more, may we learn again to feel deeply into the Beauty of our life on Earth. May we walk ever and ever again into a Beautiful World. May we ever sing of the continuity of cosmos, consciousness, and life, with hearts and souls befitting the full stature of our cosmos. This is the foundation of an archetypal ecology.

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