The Way Out is the Way In

c. 2017 F. Christopher Reynolds, M.Ed.

It is also characteristic of our soul that it is concerned not only for its own body, but for the bodies of all earthly things and for earth itself, to cultivate them, to further them.

–Marsilio Ficino, in Liber Vita, 1489

resurrectionwindow Ursuline College as the ground for the sidereal constellation, Resurrection Window: Justice Transformed, by F. Christopher Reynolds


We are living in the largest shift in human consciousness – ever. There have never been times like the present. Author, Joanna Macy, named this largest shift, The Great Turning. Eco-spiritual theologian, Thomas Berry, called it, the opening into the environmental age. Our times are called, Preparation for the time of the 8th Fire, in the Ojibwa / Chippewa Prophecies. Joseph Campbell took his cue from the work of Leo Frobenius who described the period we are currently exiting, The Monumental Stage. He called the emerging world view, World Culture. In 1986, He wrote in The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and Religion:


The new mythology, therefore, which is rapidly becoming a social as well as spiritual necessity as the monadic structures of the past dissolve, is already implicit among us as knowledge a priori, native to the mind. Its images, recognized with rapture as radiant of that greatness which is below, above, to the west, to the east, to the south, and to the north of this whole new universe and of all things, will be derived from contemporary life, thought and experience, anywhere and everywhere, and the moral order to the support of which they are to be brought shall be the monad of mankind. (p. 19)

It is a time when all the previous, separate cultural monads – meaning the models of reality of all previous generations, are melting and merging. Ours is a time of global climate change when we are individually called to fully participate and be aware of our roles in the mental, emotional, biological, spiritual, cultural environment of Earth.

Facing global climate change is a fitting metaphor for our task. How Western culture can learn to participate with a culture of the human species — to learn to live under the same sky and share the same air — is to live Campbell’s monad of mankind.

If we can imagine students, teachers, staff, and administrators working on classroom and school climate; CEO’s and employees working on building and workplace climate; neighbors, police, city service workers, politicians, artists, educators, healthcare workers, and innovators striving for a healthy, cultural climate – perhaps we can also imagine planetary climate work at a time when the boundaries have ended. Planetary life has forced us to mind how we care for the fundamental elements of that sustain the quality of life — global climate.

We are called to a moral and sustainable relationship with water, air, life-forms, other peoples and with the future generations.

I name our historical period, The Magnification. The reason why is because, more than anything since 1609, magnifying definitively changed our cosmology and has now integrated itself so deeply into our awareness as to make a permanent boundary between the Monumentalism of the past and the magnifying consciousness with which we have been gifted.

The Magnification began was March 13, 1610. It began that day because of Galileo’s publication, The Starry Messenger.


Seeing through the vault of the starry heavens triggered the creation of a split in consciousness. Since 1610, there is a psychologically two-fold consciousness. The psychologically two-fold consciousness is consciousness informed by, surrounded by and participating with the unconscious in life, in death and in re-birth.

We are still struggling to finish the cultural update that the participatory world expects. The evolutionary pressure on each individual has made it adolescent to neglect our own soul work and look to others to do it for us.

The psychic pressure is on each person because no other can do the necessary and challenging work of making the personal unconscious conscious. Failure to do our work binds us us to the collective mass unconsciousness.

I have always been taken by Michelangelo’s unfinished prisoners or slaves, circa 1523, as foreshadowings of the lives of persons who have never done any study of their own unconscious. I used one of them for the cover art in my band, Those Guy’s 1991 cassette, A Suburban Nigredo.

prisoner-awakening Awakening Slave or Prisoner, 1523 by Michelengelo

prisoner-atlasAtlas – Unfinished Work by Michelangelo, 1523 – 14 A Suburban Nigredo – 1991

Jung warned, the crowd, at whose core the working of the unconscious accumulates — first muzzling, then stifling the pleas for reason on the part of the conscious… (which) constitutes a latent danger, like that of piling up dynamite. Because it produces effects that no one wanted and that no one is able to hold in check.

In The Starry Messenger, Galileo reported to our ancestors that there was no authority on high beyond the dome of the stars. He wrote that what he saw was innumerable stars. He drew a new kind of constellation in which he added depths of the sky never-before observed, even by our most-esteemed ancestors:


In the constellation drawings above, the visible stars are outlined. Stars seen only through a telescope are asterisks. I have named the style of constellations drawn by Galileo in Starry Messenger, sidereal constellations, ur-constellations, or sidereal asterisms. Sidereal constellations/asterisms announced to the West that from then on, we would be expected to see througheverything — especially consciousness.

Seeing through the surface to become more aware of the beneath, beyond, and within, is poetry for – become psychological with an eye trained to recognize and see through the constellations of the unconscious Depths. James Hillman called this psychologizing and invited us to recollect how psychologizing is the soul’s main task.

We are only now completing the psychological cartography announced 4 centuries ago in Starry Messenger. Jung was the first to clarify 3 qualities of psychological depth symbolized by the sidereal constellations above: individual conscious, individual unconscious and archetypal or collective unconscious.


In his 2006 book, The Ultimate Journey: Consciousness and the Mystery of Death, Stan Grof dedicated a chapter to offering a cartography of soul that finally mirrors sidereal constellations. In chapter 8, Dimensions of Consciousness: The New Cartography of the Human Psyche, Grof wrote:

Another important insight from studying the biographical level of the psyche during holotropic states (ones that move in the direction of wholeness) of consciousness was the discovery that emotionally relevant memories are not stored in the unconscious as a mosaic of isolated implants, but in the form of complex, dynamic constellations. I have coined for these memory aggregates the name, COEX systems, or “systems of condensed experience.” This concept is of such theoretical and practical importance that it deserves special notice. A COEX system consists of emotionally charged memories from different periods of life that resemble each other in the quality of emotion or physical sensation that they share. Each COEX system has a basic theme, or common denominator, that permeates all its layers. The individual layers then contain memories of events from different periods of the person’s life that represent variations on this basic theme. The number and nature of the COEX constellations vary considerably from one person to another…The experience of biological birth is so complex and rich in emotions and physical sensations that it contains in a prototypical form the elementary themes most conceivable COEX systems. However, a typical COEX constellation reaches even further, and its deepest roots consist of variouss forms of transpersonal elements, such as past-life experiences, Jungian archetypes, conscious identification with various animals and others…The COEX systems play a crucial role in our psychological life: they can influence the way we perceive ourselves, other people, the world, and how we feel and act. They are the dynamic forces behind our emotional and psychosomatic symptoms, difficulties in relationships with other people, and irrational behaviors.
(pp. 128-129)

COEX constellations and sidereal constellations mirror each other:

tumblr_m5a1y3OIdm1qg7x6ho1_500 Model of sidereal constellation in Starry Messenger.

RecollectorTruce Sidereal constellation, named, Recollector, by F. Christopher Reynolds. Recollector draws further on, sees through, Galileo’s sketch by including, The Pillars of Creation, where stars are being born.


When the religious architecture changes, a cultural change is occurring. There was an organic transformation in Christian architecture starting in the 1990’s with the appearance of labyrinths upon the land.

UrsulineLabyrinthUrsuline College, Pepper Pike, Ohio

cpeclabyrinthCrown Point Ecology Center, Bath, Ohio

hofstralabyrinthHofstra University, Long Island, New York

high-park-labyrinth-toronto-city-of-labyrinthsHigh Park, Toronto, Ontario

This movement of labyrinths beyond the walls of the cathedrals was mirrored in our cosmology by the discovery of the first exoplanets – an exoplanet is a planet located outside the Solar System. The first evidence of an exoplanet was noted as early as 1917, but was not recognized.

The first scientific detection of an exoplanet began in 1988. Shortly afterwards, the first confirmed detection came on January 9, 1992, with the discovery of several terrestrial-mass planets orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12.[2] The first confirmation of an exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star was made in 1995, when a giant planet was found in a four-day orbit around the nearby star 51 Pegasi.

51_pegasi_-Seth-Shostak-SPL-e1381016748820 51 Pegasi

In 1240, the labyrinths like those inside Chartres and Amiens Cathedrals represented both a journey to the center of the heart and a journey to the Holy Land.

labyrinth-of-chartresChartres, France

AmiensAmiens, France

In the first half of the 21st century, an outdoor labyrinth is an invitation to realize how, in our times, the journey to the center of the heart needs to include the ecological Holy Lands of the planet right where we live. The bioregion is the floor, the atmosphere and cosmos are the ceiling because the inside out cultural cathedral we share stretches to the global community.

Our Lady, Notre Dame, is the Earth.


The world issues we face require a profound deepening in our capacity to care about all humanity and all life of our Common Home.

Our architecture and cosmos have been calling us to decolonize and re-indigenize all mental structures. We are called to Earth as an organic celestial archetype, a sacred symbiotic being who is a planet. In medicine, human beings are now being imagined as ecosystems – as in the digestive tract where many life forms are required for us to properly digest what we consume.

earthrise_kaguya.jpg.CROP.original-original Earthrise, July, 1969

Our sacred architecture has already declared the invitation to an archetypal ecology through a kenosis — emptying out — of form.– F. Christopher Reynolds

The call to come back down to Earth because the church has emptied of meaning was a central message of Nietzsche’s Gay Science of 1885:


It’s dramatic and harsh, but Nietzsche was trying to move people out under a new horizon when the Madman exclaimed from inside a church:

What after all are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchers of God?

letters and papers

In 1943, Bonhoeffer wrote in his letters from prison of the same transformation using the image of removing the garment of Christianity in order to decently enter into a religionless time:

But if one day it becomes clear that this a priori does not exist at all, but was a historically conditioned and transient form of human self-expression, and if therefore man becomes radically religionless – and I think that that is already more or less the case (else how is it, for example, that this war, in contrast to all previous ones, is not calling forth any ‘religious’ reaction?) – what does that mean for ‘Christianity’? It means that the foundation is taken away from the whole of what has up to now been our ‘Christianity’, and that there remain only a few ‘last survivors of the age of chivalry’, or a few intellectually dishonest people, on whom we can descend as ‘religious’. Are they to be the chosen few? Is it on this dubious group of people that we are to pounce in fervour, pique, or indignation, in order to sell them our goods? Are we to fall upon a few unfortunate people in their hour of need and exercise a sort of religious compulsion on them? If we don’t want to do all that, if our final judgment must be that the western form of Christianity, too, was only a preliminary stage to a complete absence of religion, what kind of situation emerges for us, for the church? How can Christ become the Lord of the religionless as well? Are there religionless Christians? If religion is only a garment of Christianity – and even this garment has looked very different at times – then what is a religionless Christianity?

After suffering a year of imprisonment and interrogation, Bonhoeffer wrote for the first time the words, the profound this-worldliness of Christianity, in a letter to his friend Eberhard. He wrote the letter the day after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler July 20, 1944. This is an example of the Christian movement out of the churches and return to right relationship with the collective human climate and ecological health of the planet.

It is this same prompt that I am singing in my song, The Magnification. (2002)

People come out now from wherever you been
Your comfort’s no longer inside where you live
Be wise near them shallow ones creeping the Earth
Always preaching salvation, always measuring their worth….

There are cathedral teachings that came with the outdoor labyrinths. In the 1100’s gothic architecture appeared out of nowhere. Because it appeared after the First Crusade, there are rumors that the sacred geometry that made the new structures possible was learned in the East from Muslim and Jewish adepts. The first example was at the basilica of St. Denis outside Paris.

The movement of cathedrals into the cities marked an epochal shift in those days because during the preceding centuries, education happened in remote monasteries. To bring cathedrals into the heart of cities was a hope to illuminate everyone. A gothic cathedral was not only a place for worship, healing and learning, it was also a symbolic text. In those days, what was outside the walls came inside.

The movement of labyrinths out onto the land marks another epochal shift. In our times, it is the Earth that is a place for spiritual practice, healing and learning — our planet is a symbiotic, symbolic text. If the labyrinths moved outside in the pre-dawn hours before the millennium, then a profound consideration of what has turned inside out is useful to consider.

crabnebula The Crab Nebula is a pulsar wind nebula associated with the 1054 supernova photo credit, Creative Commons.

We have been offered the way forward by the emptying out and generosity of the Monumental Stage of humanity. The single power imposed from above through coercive monotheism – not only of Christian monotheism, but all monotheisms, has generously given its life, as stars do in supernovae – and we are offered all we need to grow into this next cycle of world culture.


Since the 1990’s the way in has turned inside out to become the way out. The metamorphosis reflected in the architecture encourages us to take a step beyond what we once thought to be the truth. Finding a familiar symbol outside means that we are not leaping out blindly, but merely stepping forward to all that has been prepared by the emptying out of our own tradition. There were many centuries when participating in any other than the Christian creed meant eternal damnation.

The outdoor labyrinths I’m bringing attention to are the ones that once were Catholic. The labyrinth, as an archetype, belongs to no one group. (Most of them across the planet have always been outdoors) No one owns the formerly Catholic labyrinth today. You don’t have to pay Rome in order to build the path of the heart in your own back yard. There are brick companies who sell the pattern.

Catholics do not complain that the labyrinth was appropriated by others who find meaning in them. The labyrinth that was once Catholic is now catholic, universal in the truer sense. With the Path of the Heart outside, Earth is a place for worship, healing and learning with a hope of illuminating everyone. The Holy Land is right here where you walk out beyond where you used to walk.

Turn this welcoming portal inside out and backwards.


This series of figures below is on the left-hand side of the left entrance to Notre Dame de Paris. The third person, St. Denis, who also happens to be decapitated, is someone known as a cephalophore saint. He is carrying his head. In the middle ages, when you would go to Notre Dame as a child, your parents would tell you the odd story of St. Denys.

martyrdom-of-st-denis Le Martyr de St. Dennis, Leon Bonnat

A long time ago, St. Denys was the first Christian bishop of Paris. He was martyred by the Romans. It happened on the hill now called, Montmartre, (mount of the martyr). After his head was chopped off, it bounced down the hill. At each place it struck, a fountain sprang up. His head bounced 7 times. By a miracle, his body got up and went down the hill to retrieve his missing head. He found his head, rinsed it in one of the fountains, held it like you see him in the statue, and then walked north for 6 miles. The whole time, his head preached a sermon. He walked until he finally died at St. Denis, the French village that has his name to this day.


Once you reached the age of reason, the deeper meaning of the story was revealed to you. Angelo, in Latin, means Messenger Notice the gesture that the Messenger on his right makes…

denis (photo from Society of Architectural Historians)

She reminds you of the psychological secret hidden in plain sight. It is the secret that encourages you that only with your heart can you see rightly.

In this way.

She looks to his third eye which has been aligned to his heart. Mind (Intellect/Father/Daytime awareness/Sun) and Somatic Life Emotion/Mother/Nighttime Dreaming Awareness/Moon) require each other. She means here to unify a feeling mind and thinking sensuality through relational, heart intelligence. With this COEX constellation Union with your heart, listen, see, taste, speak, feel, smell, sense, with all you are, use your intuition. In our times, she adds:

Become psychological with archetypal wisdom and see through by psychologizing. All you experience is symbolic.

notredame3 notredame4

The angel on his left, raises his robe and gestures to the entry:


Through this wholeness and special relationship with your own death, it will be revealed, so, enter.

The king who holds the fruit of wisdom also holds the scepter of personal agency:

Thus, you too will wear the crown, bear the scepter and taste the fruit, become royal, sovereign in soul.


There were sound reasons for Jung to write:

Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.

There are versions of how astrology went out of favor in the West. You need to have synchronicity included as part of your world view to understand the workings. You need to have experience in the mythic depths of the collective unconscious to understand the dimension of formal cause in which astrology is one of the ‘languages’. Astrology can live in a quantum, participatory universe. It cannot in atheistic Newtonian physics, nor can astrology make sense when bound by the curse put on it by the Bible in any of the Abrahamic faiths.

During my pilgrimage for the 1914 Christmas Truce in 2014, I visited the Basilique St. Denis and the royal cemetery of the kings and queens of France. I had forgotten that part of the purge during La Revolution was the elimination of all traces of the nobility, Catholic Church and monarchy. The royal burial ground was desecrated and all the bones, France’s own historical memory, their own ‘psychological knowledge of antiquity,’ were thrown outside and buried in mass graves.

This may have seemed like a great victory for the Enlightenment, but for traditional persons, the indigenous Europeans, if you will, this was a trauma. In my opinion, the West’s complete dismantling of the astrological tradition on ‘scientific grounds’ needs to include this history. Astrology marks a place where our own culture has an unspoken intergenerational trauma. In the same way as Indigenous persons can at first feel contempt or nothing for their own lost cultural ways, Western persons have more beneath the surface moving them when they deride astrology on scientific grounds.



There are gifts, like astrology, alchemy, hermeticism, the many sacred caminos or pilgrim roads that weave the holy sites into a unity, all the beauty, craftsmanship and wisdom of the monarchy, aristocracy and theocracy, that are still waiting for us to be claimed within ourselves and carried forward — now as gifts.

I have dear friends whose aristocratic families took the concept of noblesse oblige, quite seriously. Noblesse oblige, from the patriarchal tradition, means that if you experience privilege, it infers that you will act nobly and with generosity to those less fortunate. Their family members during La Revolution did not go to the guillotine due to the gratitude felt towards them by the people after many years of generosity. May we go forth nobly, stewards of the virtues of the past that are blessings for the future. The gift you receive from the passing sovereign is sovereignty. The responsibility is that this gift places a calling to be generous upon you.

These things said, it’s still true that astrologers self-servingly participated with the Church and aristocracy to impose an order upon society using a false authority.

To this day, you will still find astrologers who engage in imposing pompous interpretations. The astrological tradition that was buried with the monarchies was more often complicit in keeping the idea alive that some humans are born better than others, due to their birth charts.


Evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest, calls persons like that, fortune tellers. His 7 precepts of evolutionary astrology are helpful here, so you are aware of the spirit of the art in our day and Age. Forrest calls these his 7 Principles:

1. Astrological symbols are neutral. There are no good ones, no bad ones.
2. Individuals are responsible for the way they embody their birth charts.
3. No astrologer can determine a person’s level of response to his/her birthchart from that birthchart alone.
4. The birthchart is the blueprint for the happiest, most fulfilling, most spiritually creative path of growth available to the individual.
5. All deviations from the ideal growth pattern symbolized by the birthchart are unstable states, usually accompanied by a sense of aimlessness, emptiness and anxiety.
6. Astrology recognizes only 2 absolutes: the irreducible mystery of life, and the uniqueness of each individual viewpoint on that mystery.
7. Astrology suffers when wedded too closely to any philosophy or religion. Nothing in the system matters except the intensification of a person’s self-awareness.
[The Inner Sky, pp. 8-9]

In indigenous wisdom, there are 7 virtues and 7 ‘rascals’ that are associated with the Medicine Wheel. In the Christian labyrinth, you find a similar teaching about 12 virtues and vices. The teachings of both are nuanced. Depending on the tribe, the virtues shift. For the Anishinabe, the 7 Grandfather Teachings are of – Love, Respect, Honesty, Courage, Humility, Truth and Wisdom. The wisdom is that they all need to be united together as one, otherwise, the one that you leave out will become its opposite. Six of the virtues associated with Chartres are: Love, Humility, Courage, Chastity, Patience, and Self-control. Vices come when you miss the mark and go off balance.

In both mythologies, if you add the recent work in evolutionary astrology as regards reincarnation and the nodes of the moon, human beings live many lives as part of the Great Journey of soul that is the life of our cosmos.


In his book, Pipe and Christ, Fr. John Stolzman wrote that he kept asking the shamans if the Lakota Spirits knew Christ.


They kept telling him to ask the Lakota Spirits himself! When he did, they replied,

Mahpiya ekta na maka sitomni.

which means, roughly, “Into heaven (cloud) and throughout the Earth Spirit who travels and helps the people.”

Stolzman interpreted the answer with prejudice because he had trouble putting the Lakota Spirits on the same footing as his own Holy Spirit. However, the answer he received is worth further consideration as an indication of how an already existing tradition integrated the Christ archetype. The Lakota Spirits, as in many traditions, integrated the archetype of the Christ, even as they remained Lakota Spirits. I think this is very important information for Christians. This is because it appears that the message was not the foundation of a new religious empire meant to wipe out all other traditions, but a message to be integrated into already existing sacred ways.

If astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity then the recovery of the logical development of Christianity out of Hellenistic Greek culture becomes accessible. Christos is how the Greeks integrated the archetype that honors the divinity and sovereignty of the individual soul into their sacred ways. Christos is the Greek “Mahpiya ekta na maka sitomni”, native to the ways of the West.


Bart Erhman did a magnificent job in his 2014 book: How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee. So does Dara Malloy in his 2009 book, The Globalisation of God: Celtic Christianity’s Nemesis In both cases, there is a process of transforming Jesus into a God-man that enabled globalization and colonization of the planet.

The living connection to Christianity as a development out of the astrological wisdom tradition of the West can be teased out through David Fideler’s book, Jesus Christ, Sun of God. He demonstrated how the message of Jesus and Mary Magdelene was integrated into the inherited Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. Fideler reminded us how the New Testament is mostly in Greek and that Christianity is essentially a Greek mystery religion.

Through the use of Gematria, sacred writing in which letters are also numbers, (most probably learned from the Hebrew tradition) scholars had to use what is essentially a mis-spelling of the name Jesus, who in his own language was Yeshua or Joshua. They did that so that the name could be included in the numbers associated with the celestial archetype of the sun.

Handed down over the millennia are a series of magic squares that were associated with the patterns of the celestial powers above. How they were developed and received is lost to time. As archetypes, they can be understood as examples of Western cultural understanding of the root patterns of meaning. The symbolism of the magic squares was used with gematria to create the dimensions of temples, art, amulets, prayers and songs. The numbersletters associated with the divinities were imagined as a way to have architecture and life resonate with the divinity in question – as a means to invite powers in the sky down to Earth and to anchor them.


With gratitude to David Fideler’s scholarship, here are the magic squares:













An old version of the magic square of the Sun:


Why would the name, Jesus, be associated with the celestial archetype of the sun? Here are solar numbers derived from its magic square using gematria:

37, 74, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888,

The letters for the name, Jesus, in Greek, add up to the solar number, 888


In this system, Jesus Christ delivers the number, 2368.

Though masterful in math, geometry, architecture, music, and cosmology, Fideler was silent as regarding how the information concerning the sun in Sun of God was fundamental in the astrology of our ancestors.

Since its inception 5000 years ago in Chaldea, when you look at a birth chart – the sun represents the identity, the self, of the individual soul in question.

When integrated into the psychological knowledge handed down from antiquity the Christian message appears to be that carried within each human soul is a potential Christos.

yokoYoko Ono’s Birth Chart

Christos was not a divinity to be praised as the Son of an all-powerful Father who controls the entire universe, but a sacred compassionate, merciful person to integrate into your awareness when you are truly yourself. Participate and Be a Christ. In the same way that all the planets are in the birth-chart, so all the Gods and Goddesses psychologically inform each person in a one-of-kind manner. – Ye are Gods.

This idea concerning the sacredness of individual identity is informs Steven Forrest’s 6th principle, that astrology recognizes only 2 absolutes: the irreducible mystery of life, and the uniqueness of each individual viewpoint on that mystery.

Forrest invoked the sun as identity and moon as soul in his saying:

The sun is the secret of sanity.
The moon is the secret of happiness.

As an evolutionary astrologer, he is referring both to true Identity (sun’s secret) as well as the relational, evolutionary soul-freedom of psychological awareness (moon’s secret) that nourishes and is nourished by that knowing.

Notice the same in-born dignity of identity and soul in Rupert Sander’s film, Ghost in the Shell.




reminds Major that she is not a weapon, but a sacred being:

You are more than a weapon.
You have a soul, a ghost.
When we see our uniqueness as a virtue,
only then do we find peace.

When we can see through Aramaki’s words and recognize the soul-respect he is living, then we, too, are Christian in the indigenous sense of the term. All human beings are capable of this awareness, though for some it comes easier and for some it comes harder. There is no honest way to measure which is which. The Gift of individuality that comes from all these centuries of patriarchy is this fundamental worthiness of each human being, regardless of class, caste, nationality, faith, gender. The end of patriarchy is to know that there is no boundary between one human culture and another – there is no need for any jealous God and Father. All beings are worthy. All beings deserve recognition. All traditions can learn to see through themselves into the sacredness of the others and all life.

The burden on Western persons seems more to do with how we regard others than has to do with claims about ourselves. In mythic thought, to eat and digest is to become. The Eucharist is eaten in the Christian mythology because The Message is not to worship the Christ. The message is — become a Christ yourself, accept help from other beings and help all other beings become who they are.

The lowly manger, neglected by the many and lost out in no man’s land is the human identity. Secreted away within each soul is a new and unforeseen Christ who goes by our own name. Share this and ingest it in community in an atmosphere of Mercy. Live in the world this way.

ulysses unrestored copy

Here’s James Joyce:


Open your gates and sing


(A rocket rushes up the sky and bursts. A white star falls from it, proclaiming the consummation of all things and second coming of Elijah. Along an infinite invisible tightrope taut from zenith to nadir the End of the World, a twoheaded octopus in gillie’s kilts, busby and tartan filibegs, whirls through the murk, head over heels, in the form of the Three Legs of Man.)

THE END OF THE WORLD: (with a Scotch accent) Wha’ll dance the keel row, the keel row, the keel row?

(Over the possing drift and choking breathcoughs, Elijah’s voice, harsh as a corncrake’s, jars on high. Perspiring in a loose lawn surplice with funnel sleeves he is seen, vergerfaced, above a rostrum about which the banner of old glory is draped. He thumps the parapet.)

ELIJAH: No yapping, if you please, in this booth. Jake Crane, Creole Sue, Dove Campbell, Abe Kirschner, do your coughing with your mouths shut. Say, I am operating all this trunk line. Boys, do it now. God’s time is 12.25. Tell mother you’ll be there. Rush your order and you play a slick ace. Join on right here. Book through to eternity junction, the nonstop run. Just one word more. Are you a god or a doggone clod? If the second advent came to Coney Island are we ready? Florry Christ, Stephen Christ, Zoe Christ, Bloom Christ, Kitty Christ, Lynch Christ, it’s up to you to sense that cosmic force. Have we cold feet about the cosmos? No. Be on the side of the angels. Be a prism. You have that something within, the higher self. You can rub shoulders with a Jesus, a Gautama, an Ingersoll. Are you all in this vibration? I say you are. You once nobble that, congregation, and a buck joyride to heaven becomes a back number. You got me? It’s a lifebrightener, sure. The hottest stuff ever was. It’s the whole pie with jam in. It’s just the cutest snappiest line out. It is immense, supersumptuous. It restores. It vibrates. I know and I am some vibrator. Joking apart and, getting down to bedrock, A. J. Christ Dowie and the harmonial philosophy, have you got that? O. K. Seventyseven west sixtyninth street. Got me? That’s it. You call me up by sunphone any old time. Bumboosers, save your stamps. (He shouts) Now then our glory song. All join heartily in the singing. Encore! (He sings)… [Ulysses, 1922]

messines Messines, Belgium, WW1


It’s possible here to see the inherent danger with such a teaching if the understanding is restricted to the personal identity of daytime awareness alone. A person who is in concert with the mass unconsciousnes of a group, can behave like a willful tyrant who has the potential of consuming the whole world — Jung’s concern about the individual becoming possessed by the collective psychic shadow.

cuyahoga-5 Cuyahoga River, 1952

1024px-Mountcarmelfire04-19-93-n Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian Mount Carmel Center Fire, April 19, 1993

Bridge Standing Rock, Bridge over Cannonball River, North Dakota, 2016

This is also James Hillman’s warning about the dangers of monotheism and the literalization of the self at the expesne of soul that he named, Titanism.

Hillman warned:

For to be about the Self is not to be about the Gods. I would not encourage Titanism, a menace far greather than Narcissism, which presents only a pensive pretty-boy compared with the grandiosity of Self.

If language has been cut loose from the signified object of its discourse (as contemporary philosophy asserts) and if the use of a term does not refer to a thing, there are no clear references to fixed identities. Then, the term, “Self”, doesn’t refer either. Nor is there even the comfort of self-identity. The “me” is anchored elsewhere, floatingly, and that’s what keeps the ship from foundering. Consequently, if there be no literal self, there can be no self-improvement or self-knowledge (only improvement and knowledge as such) and all self-revelation merely adds to the culture’s delusions of psychological grandeur rather than to the culture itself.

Yet, simply by pronouncing the term we are seized by the inflating belief that there is such a thing, a Self, which transcends any limitations that might be imposed upon it. And so it can never really be “wrong.” Self can be defined only from within itself by its own representations. Principal among these are the irrefutable truth of personal experience and the inflating feelings of personal significance. Utterly self-referent, it knows no God greater than itself. Now, most psychology takes this quite literally, so that behind psychology’s devotion to the personal stands neither humanism nor individualism, but rather a literalism of Self like a non-existant God absolutely believed in. Absolute belief is either fundamentalism, delusion, or literalism — or all of the Above. Perhaps, it’s then right to say there is no greater literalism in psychology than its idea of Self, a literalism that converts our supposedly investigative field into a branch of mystic fundamentalism. This leads me further to think that our culture’s omnipotent and omniscient Godhead who supposedly replaced the mutually limiting pagan beings of myth is none other than a Titan returned from Tartaros to a too high place, and worse, all alone.

He could not be more direct about the warnings inherent in calling the archetype of the sun a potential Beast.

I can include that in July of 1992 I suffered — those whom I love most as well suffered — first-hand Hillman’s concern. The Self, when not selfless, becomes truly titanic and tyrannous. It is what drove me into and through a shamanic mental illness. The wisdom that comes from the God-image within can be insightful and healing. As prestige intensifies, it burns with a terrible heat and light, very much like our ancestors warned. The temptation to cling to that inner power is much like the Lord of the Rings described the One Ring that binds all in darkness. My experience was of recurring mythologically-toned deaths and re-births that continued until I truly surrendered my knowing as an act of love. It’s just as John-Wier Perry wrote:

The renewal process begins with a predominance of images and feelings of prestige and power, many of which compensate for a debased self-image, a low opinion of oneself; these images reflect the idiom of the family subculture in which the person was raised, but the direction of the process is toward the stirring of motivations and capacities that lead to lovingness and compassion. This is the prime fruit of the spirit, its chief and crowning goal, and may be experienced both as warmth and intimacy in relationships and as a direct sense of oneness with all beings–not just as a belief or view of how things are, but as the actual realization of it. The outcome of the process has evolutionary implications; among the myth and ritual parallels in history, one can trace the rise of this human-hearted capacity into a cultural awareness and expression that displaces a previous predilection for dominance and violence.
[in Spiritual Emergency, Grofs ed.]

Soul being possessed by the Self appears Lord of the Rings and in Harry Potter as concerns the invincible power of the one ring or the one wand as a literalized Almighty controlling sovereign power. Have we had enough of suffering yet to put to rest the temptation of establishing a Monumentalist mono-culture of an literalized invincible sun upon the Earth through brute force?

What Our Lady Galadriel is doing can be imagined as moving through her Savior/Messiah complex. She has loved and learned enough in her life and she honors her own life enough to pass this initiatory ordeal where she became The Chosen One. This is the dark side of the Christ Energy and this is why the Savior/Messiah person needs both a Betrayer and a Beloved — just in case the influx of the Harmony of the Sun becomes too much. Actor, Cate Blanchett, portrays a woman who passes through a state of Self-possession, with the capital“S”. It’s possible to see through her performance to become aware of persons who are the followers of a Great Leader.


There are versions of the love story of Rumi and Shams where it was Rumi’s own followers who murdered Shams out of jealousy. I’ve felt this same kind of internal jealousy myself on three sides of it; as the jealous person, as the person who is the target of jealous members of a group following a leader, and within my own circles of students where, sadly, my own students competed with jealousy.

They, too, are Self-possessed, but in a form of tyranny where the flames of emotion are directed towards ‘outsiders’ or ‘illegal aliens.’ Turn the sound off and watch her portrayal to note the behavior. Then, watch persons who are followers of someone who they consider a Great Leader.

There are persons who become the lightning rods and channel the voice of their People. It is a prophetic person who has a big heart that can hold everyone. While this person can be Beloved of all, in the event of a sequence of triggering events, the same individual can become a tyrant or establish a fascism of personality.

In those times, what was once a gentle sun over a lush planet transforms to a brutal fiery destruction, ashes and cinders. We keep forgetting that the tyrants of the 20th century were often beloved of their people during their rise to power.

Even after having spent time with this One Power, the cultural carrier of it never quite gets over it. Here, again from Lord of the Rings, is the character Bilbo who is still possessed by this collective Self:

Western culture is littered with tragic redeemers and their people, the planet, really. To be Self-possessed as a leader of Self-possessed followers is a human complex, a Messiah Complex, which when not ritually contained takes on the guise of an institutionalized Military-Industrial Complex, something you can observe in the character Darth Vader and his Empire. His name was a hint that this is the dark side of the Father, I’ve heard George Lucas say in interviews.

Mao’s leadership in the Four Pests Campaign, where he encouraged his people to kill all sparrows by any means necessary, created an imbalance in his country’s ecosystem. Without the sparrows to hold them in check, locusts and other insects devoured the nation’s fields. Numbers vary, and there is also denial about this event, but Chinese citizens in the millions starved to death.


However, we are invited to take heart and remember that in our own tradition, the sun is only one among many. There appears a compassionate message that if the sense of “I” can be harmonized at all levels, human flourishing occurs. (Fideler, 1993) This, second, harmonized “I”, which the Greeks called, The Harmony of the Sun, is very difficult to achieve, but easy to recognize by the impact on the world for such a person is a peace-maker who can see Christ in all others, even the most rejected. The compassionate, illuminated person is an archetype found in all traditions, where in the depths of the inner, there is a felt relationship with all the life of the planet, even the cosmos.


The West can recover the very difficult and disciplined process of soul transformation of identity into a Florry Christ, Stephen Christ, Zoe Christ, Bloom Christ, Kitty Christ, Lynch Christ, (your name here) Christ. If understood within Western context of a birthchart, our curriculum has always been a lot like the operation of the sun from the Hermetic tradition. The operation appears on the Emerald Tablet.


This is Issac Newton’s translation, circa 1680.

1) Tis true without lying, certain & most true.
2) That wch is below is like that wch is above & that wch is above is like yt wch is below to do ye miracles of one only thing.
3) And as all things have been & arose from one by ye mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
4) The Sun is its father, the moon its mother,
5) the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nourse.
6) The father of all perfection in ye whole world is here.
7) Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
7a) Seperate thou ye earth from ye fire, ye subtile from the gross sweetly wth great indoustry.
8) It ascends from ye earth to ye heaven & again it desends to ye earth and receives ye force of things superior & inferior.
9) By this means you shall have ye glory of ye whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.
10) Its force is above all force. for it vanquishes every subtile thing & penetrates every solid thing.
11a) So was ye world created.
12) From this are & do come admirable adaptaions whereof ye means (Or process) is here in this.
13) Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of ye philosophy of ye whole world.
14) That wch I have said of ye operation of ye Sun is accomplished & ended.

Knowledge of how the Emerald Tablet was a secret teaching that used the sun (identity in a birth chart) reserved for only a Chosen few makes for a convincing case as to why the Greeks would incorporate the Christ Pattern the way they did. It was an integration of an already existing, but hidden archetype that was at that moment openly available to all persons. Archetypal ecology stresses that this Christ pattern draws its evolutionary wisdom from Earth, so, it rightly belongs to a way for human beings to learn to see each other as the full flowering of their unique bioregions. Mahpiya ekta na maka sitimni is the Harmony of the Sun and so on.

As far as solving the psychological state of a God-man, God-woman, Super-man, Super-woman, Chosen Ones, Church Triumphant, in the human story, our learning curve seems embarrassingly slow. Yeshua and Magdalene’s message was about being saved from humanity’s collective Messiah complex itself – a biological necessity, if we are to return to Earth-based consciousness in relationship with all that is.


The ego-driven, willful tyrant who thinks He or She is God, is the meaning of 666 in this system. It is the sum of all the numbers of the magic square of the sun added together. It’s meaning is the literal, physical sun. This is how the ancients warned about fundamentalist literalisms and Self-possession that could destroy planets.



Yes, there are many Christian teachings about being the Light of the World, but this is to steal the Sun out of its mesocosmic context. If we follow the rhetoric that Christianity as we know it comes to us through the Greek tradition, then to truly understand it requires all of the celestial archetypes of their cultural mesocosm that accompany the Sun. What we now call the poetic basis of mind are 12 archetypes, psychologically immanent forces to become made conscious.

Christianity, then, requires the astrological birth chart as a psychological mirror to be more deeply apprehended because that was the mesocosmic place where all the archetypes were gathered and hopefully integrated in order to bring wisdom to an individual life.

It also requires bringing back the idea of this new revelation as The Harmony of the Sun. where 2 or more are gathered. It takes Loving another, the gaze and embrace of the Beloved for there to be Christos. Was this not the open secret of the Grail? Be the Beloveds. The message appears in relationship and is relational – of the soul.


The same relational wisdom teaching is present in the Islamic mysticism of Rumi and Shams, of Hafez, and mystical poets like him where the Beloved merges with and is present in the loving between human beings.

Come to the orchard in Spring.
There is light and wine, and sweethearts
in the pomegranate flowers.

If you do not come, these do not matter.
If you do come, these do not matter.

It’s in the Song of Solomon and it is one of the many fundamental teachings of the Sacred Pipe as a mutually beneficial union and rhythm of all that is.


Because of witnessing the suicides of the broken-hearted and because of my own experiences of the piercing of my heart, I know that inhabiting a celestial human life requires the celestial archetype of Earth. A celestial body is lived awareness that all the chakras are sacred and meant to be deeply experienced. Without the Earth-root, the passage the Beloveds is a soul-trap that makes for a potentially brutal economy of loving that must be always balanced.


The 2015 Yorgos Lanthimos film, The Lobster, played on this theme. Throughout the film, couples strive to be exactly like each other, in giving and in suffering. So, in order to marry a woman with nosebleeds, a character repeatedly smashes his own face so he bleeds like her. At the same time, persons who refuse this game play out the opposite extreme of being completely isolated from each other. The tragic turn at the end leaves you with the expectation that the lead character is going to blind himself with a restaurant knife so he will be blind just like the woman he loves.

There is a Lakota tradition of the Turtle and the Salamander/Lizard that opens the way through this second chakra – lobster dilemma. Both Turtle and Salamander are Lakota constellations with their wisdom, songs, stories, etc. When a girl child is born, her umbilical cord is placed inside a turtle pouch. A boy’s umbilical is placed within a salamander.

salamander Salamander, (photo by John Sumerlin)

turtle Turtle, (photo by John Sumerlin)

In the stories I know, those umbilical cords are taken by the young adult child to be buried in the Earth in the place where they sit for a vision quest. This action symbolizes a psychic break from the birth-mother and a deep rooted connection with Earth-Mother.

Though I came to this only in my 50’s, I can share that the experiential difference this makes is subtle, but vital to love relationship. Before I had such a root, (mine came in a vision quest, but it did not require my own umbilical, just intention) synchronistic events that occurred during times when my heart was pieced by my Beloved seemed to carry both of us along. We were both nourished inside an all-encompassing universe full of meaning and Beauty. However, as we deepened, this set up a dynamic similar to what was darkly shown in The Lobster.

After my first, and then many experiences of being held and loved by the Earth – which felt at first like Silence and Presence, then by the Powers of the Thunders, there were 2 layers of synchronicities around being in love. Some of them were for message-bearing for both my Beloved and me. However, some synchronicities were just for me. The latter experiences were more rooted into the Thunders and deeper still, in the Silence and Presence of Grandmother.

This awareness has made a huge difference in my human loving. In the Grail cycle, this important Root appears in some versions where, after Perceval obtains the Grail, he must find and deliver back to the Goddess her Sacred Stag.


Offering the Goddess her proper recognition never appears in Joseph Campbell’s tellings, or even Robert Bly’s tellings of the Grail Cycle. I know that it needs to be included and recommend it. The Stag for a man in Western culture is the Salamander/Lizard for the Lakota.


Natalie Weaver coined the term, mandalic praxis in our workshops at Ursuline College in 2017. Learning to walk the Earth via the labyrinth is an example of mandalic praxis. In its simplest form, mandalic praxis is to employ the mandala as Jung did, but in such a way that it is always in proper relationship with the ecological life and health of all the persons, All Our Relations, with whom we share own ecosystem.

It is a Western life-raft from our sinking titanic culture that invites us to direct knowing of the sacred of Earth and Sky, the ability to live wisely the bipolar and seasonal rhythm of the year and of lives. Rites of passage from each season of life are expected because each season of life is itself a Direction, an archetype with its constellated behaviors, attitudes, and pathologizings.

In the West, without some form of mandalic praxis, it is Lovers who initiate each other into adulthood, no matter the genders of the Beloveds. It’s the power of a sacred erotic wholeness that initiates.

The down side to this way of culture is that lacking Earth, the shadow side is death-bringing. Jurgen Kremer (2013) has called this condition, normative dissociation. Apollinaire in the calligramme below, entitled, La Colombe Poignardee et Le Jet d’Eau (The Stabbed (bleeding) Dove and the Fountain)


It’s difficult to read, but at the bottom, the poem closes with the following:

Ceux qui sont partis à la guerre au nord se battent maintenant
Le soir tombe Ô sanglante mer
Jardins où saigne abondamment le laurier rose fleur guerrière

(Those who left for the war in the North are fighting now
Night falls O! blood-dreched sea
Gardens where bled in abandon
the laurel rose flower of war)

A similar juxtaposition of Rose, Beloved, and Dying Heroically for a Great Cause is in the lyrics to the song, Red and Black, in Les Miserables:

What’s the price you might pay?
Is it simply a game
For rich young boys to play?
The colors of the world
Are changing
Day by day…
Red – the blood of angry men!
Black – the dark of ages past!
Red – a world about to dawn!
Black – the night that ends at last!


I feel my soul on fire!


My world if she’s not there…


The color of desire!


The color of despair!




Consider the scepter we receive as the blessing of our own inherited Western tradition as we step into the participatory world view. It is a personal Axis Mundi. No longer subjects, nor servants, but sovereign in soul. On one hand, this implies freedom, on the other, a new sense of personal worth and empowerment where you are called to bless Creation, the collective soul, and to bring forth what is in you. Your agency is also betrothed to the land where you live. You are Called to the deep reverence for all other human beings, all beings, with the knowledge that this same sacredness lives in and through the world.

At the forgiveness ceremony at Standing Rock, Leonard Fools Crow said, We belong to the land. This means that Western culture, in order to empty out of the past, needs to take collective responsibility for the Earth of the future generations. We are each responsible for the Holy Land right where we are, for all the persons in it.

sidereuspleiades Galileo’s sidereal asterism of the Pleiades

Consider Galileo’s sidereal asterism of the Pleiades as the crown we receive. This implies you are aware in mind to see through, psychologize, magnify, at all times. Your sovereign gift is mirrored by the mirror of the cosmos that reminds you of who you are each night. For our now sidereal constellations and asterisms mirror the COEX constellations of our beings. This mental awareness what was named master of the three worlds, in the past.

Jung wrote that what we do not become conscious of we live out as fate — in other words, without consciousness of the unconscious we tend to be chronic victims/perpetrators of the accidents and dramas of our time on Earth. To become conscious means to have freedom of choice at key moments, to be awake – woke, we say now, no longer so compelled by the dynamic forces behind our emotional and psychosomatic symptoms, difficulties in relationships with other people, and irrational behaviors.

This is to know from experience how our typical COEX constellations reach even further than our autobiography and their deepest roots consist of various forms of transpersonal elements, such as past-life experiences, Jungian archetypes, conscious identification with various animals and others.

The sidereal Pleiades remind us that COEX systems play a crucial role in our psychological life, influencing the way we perceive ourselves, other people, the world, and how we feel and act. They are the dynamic forces behind our emotional and psychosomatic symptoms, difficulties in relationhsips with other people, and irrational behaviors.

In the past, the 3 worlds were heaven above, Earth and underworld below. On a planet, Earth’s orbit, axis and atmosphere make understanding the 3 worlds necessarily psychological. For us, the 3 worlds are consciousness, individual unconsciousness and collective unconsciousness.


I was with my friend, Victor, in July of 1992 at the Festival of Archetypal Psychology in South Bend, Indiana. Those were days of psychological storms for me. It was my time of spiritual emergency and awakening. The temptation of power and prestige that John Wier-Perry described in his essay on the Renewal Process was a reality. It made me lusty. I’ll always be grateful to Victor for getting after me about my too-hungry stare at a beautiful woman who was near us. He scolded me and lamented

You used to be like a green garden to be with, but now you are like a burnt-out cinder!

I was cut to the quick. I did my best through will-power to try to shut down the intense light and heat that was burning out of control in my solar plexus. I was powerless. If there ever was a time that I felt that my soul had always been pre-ordained to the road to perdition, that was it.

It was only by going outside in the summer evening, taking off my shoes, then walking barefoot on the dew-covered grass. At first, it all seemed like a waste, but over time, the ashes of my burning cooled and my whole being as well. Rabbits began appearing around us. They are here for us, Victor claimed. I was not so sure. It felt more like I was the person who had the honor of being with them. It was Earth that helped me make the important passage through my titanism.


The mandala was a major recovery on Jung’s part. Yet, we set ourselves up for madness if we remain Jungians.


That knowing came forth with the mandalas that filled his Red Book:

When I began drawing the mandalas, however, I saw that everything, all the paths I have been following, all the steps I had taken were leading me back to a single point — namely, to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation… I knew that by finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone knows more but not I. [Memories, Dreams, Reflections, trans. R & C Winston, London, 1967, p. 222]

It is this very Self that Hillman fought so hard to see through with archetypal psychology. What saved me was not the Gods or Goddesses, but Gaia, Earth and Ouranos, Sky. In native myths, Rabbit is often the friend to Coyote who gets into all kinds of trouble. Each time Coyote dies, Rabbit brings him back to life by jumping over his corpse. Looking back over my keyboard now, I can see some care and a warning in the appearance of those long-eared friends.

From my experience, there is now a very necessary need to include all the life of the ecosystems of Earth in our imagination and experience of the Great Mystery. Beyond the mandala of the self within is the healing, balancing, Mystery of Earth. That Earth and Sky are sacred and within The Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka, is what Christian architecture has been saying for 3 decades now — in other words, Mitakuye OyasinAll my Relatives.

Mandala within, Mandala upon the celestial mandala planet in mandala system, its galactic mandala, its infinite mandala spaces.



So, to update the Indigenous Wisdom of the West. Get your birthchart with the idea that your identity is symbolically carried by the sun:

1) Tis true without lying, certain & most true.
2) That wch is below is like that wch is above & that wch is above is like yt wch is below to do ye miracles of one only thing.
3) And as all things have been & arose from one by ye mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
4) The Sun is its father, the moon its mother,
5) the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nourse.
6) The father of all perfection in ye whole world is here.
7) Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
7a) Seperate thou ye earth from ye fire, ye subtile from the gross sweetly wth great indoustry.
8) It ascends from ye earth to ye heaven & again it desends to ye earth and receives ye force of things superior & inferior.
9) By this means you shall have ye glory of ye whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.
10) Its force is above all force. ffor it vanquishes every subtile thing & penetrates every solid thing.
11a) So was ye world created.
12) From this are & do come admirable adaptaions whereof ye means (Or process) is here in this.
13) Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of ye philosophy of ye whole world.

14) That wch I have said of ye operation of ye Sun is accomplished & ended* –

* The End is to awaken to a Way through which we live in right relationship with the Dream and dreams, the Voice and voices of the Earth and participate in the trillions of years of evolutionary flourishing that is our Gift of Life.

Our Way is a cultural goal at this time is to become aware that we are galactic beings who have always been living in a solar family system. Our more enduring family system is living a lifetime measured in galactic years – A galactic year is 226 million Earth years. We are planetary beings of immense endurance of biology and consciousness. We are called to deeper rooted-ness and delight in being that is a gift for which all that has lived before bequeathed us. We are uniquely called to the cultivation of a sense of the wholeness that guides our being.

In Christian mythology, this is a passage through the possessive effects of the Messiah complex into an awareness that resonates with the compassion Earth has towards all beings – past, present and future.

All beings are unique and complex Messiahs.

The Way in:

notredame5 labyrinth-of-chartres

Is the Way Out:


Thus, you too will wear the crown, bear the scepter and taste the fruit, become royal, sovereign in soul. In this way, unify a feeling mind and thinking sensuality through relational, heart intelligence.

With this COEX constellation union of your heart, listen, see, taste, speak, feel, smell, sense, with all you are, use your intuition.

Become psychological with archetypal wisdom and see through by psychologizing. All you experience is symbolic. In the past, the 3 worlds were heaven above, Earth below, and Underworld deeper below. On a planet, Earth’s orbit, axis and atmosphere make understanding the 3 worlds necessarily psychological. The three worlds are conscious, individual unconscious, and collective unconscious.

Through this wholeness and special relationship with your own death, it will be revealed, so, walk again into a Celestial Earth.


Here again is the outdoor labyrinth at Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath Township, Ohio. It is a working sacred site. When you walk it, you can feel the healing energy of the Earth rising in and through you. This feels like warm tingles or chills. It is synchronistic as regards the movement of animals, birds, insects, the wind and weather. There are many labyrinths like this now. The inside has come outside.

I have placed next to it one of the teaching images from the Western hermeticism. It is the symbol for the Anima Mundi – Monde = World. Next to that, my sidereal constellation, The Dreaming Gourd, reminds us how ever dream the way ahead into the next galactic years, decades, centuries, millennia, when we help each other, keep close to the celestial Earth and live with courage, strength, wisdom, love, truth, honesty, respect, humility, sanity and happiness.