How to Teach and Pray with Laudato Si’

How to Teach and Pray with LAUDATO SI’
F. Christopher Reynolds, M.Ed.



*decolonizing education and the creation of ethical space
*medicine wheel and the bi-polar, seasonal affective order of Earth, (sin = imbalance)
*a simple fire ceremony for restoration of balance
*invitation to prayer for the future generations

2. What is Happening to Our Common Home (chapter 1)

*Sophia, the Holy and Grandmother Earth as Gaia
*The Dream of Earth and Dreaming
*a simple talking circle to share dreams

3. The Gospel of Creation (chapter 2)

*synchronicity and learning to read the book of Earth
*walking the medicine wheel
*the mandalas of the labyrinth at Crown Point and the Grandfather Teachings
*invitation to prayer for the future generations

4. The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis (chapter 3)
*water is life, honoring the sacred of women and the feminine
*axis mundi and anima mundi, separating masculinity from patriarchy
*a simple water ceremony
*invitation to prayer for the future generations


5. Integral Ecology (chapter 4)
*rites of passage and right relationship with death
*naming ceremonies and healing
*caring for the morphogenic field of your work and Gaia
*invitation to prayer for the future generations

6. Lines of Approach and Action (chapter 5)
*work with the indigenous and activism through peace-making
*how to wage creativity, healing and sacred space, no man’s land
*how to pray in a sweat lodge
*invitation to prayer for the future generations

7. Ecological Education and Spirituality (chapter 6)
*how to honor our bioregion, ancestors and elders
*how to honor sacred experience, The Pipe and Christ.
*how to approach psychological suffering in soul, “Our soul is in our symptoms”
*invitation to prayer for the future generations

8. Closing Ceremony and Next Right Step
*Students and teacher will co-create this ceremony.
* What did your learn? Did you love? Did you become yourself?
*invitation to prayer for the future generations


Suggested Texts:
Black Elk Speaks, John Neihardt
Decolonizing Education: Nurturing the Learning Spirit, Marie Battiste
Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home, Pope Francis
The Dream and the Underworld, James Hillman
The Dream of the Earth, Thomas Berry
The Living Classroom: Teaching and Collective Consciousness, Chris Bache
The Healing Wisdom of Africa, Malidoma Patrice Some
The Pipe and Christ, Fr. John Stolzman